MISSION STATEMENT: Seeking to help improve the overall quality of life of some of the most vulnerable people in our society & alleviate human suffering as best as we can by mobilizing the power of personal resources, volunteers and the generosity of donors.   VISION STATEMENT: A world devoid of human suffering where people…

  • Best of Buju vibes Hosted by DJ 2.1.2

    Best of Buju vibes Hosted by DJ 2.1.2

    Best of Buju vibes Hosted by DJ 2.1.2   Dj 212 is out with his latest mix titled BUJU VIBES. The mix is a compilation of jams by Buju, consciously selected and arranged to create an appropriate melody listeners can vibe to, from commander, outside, feelings,….🎶 Let’s be on this train of vibes as it’s…



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  • Alero’s hair 100% Human hair

    Alero’s hair 100% Human hair

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