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How to stay away from negative peer pressure



How to stay away from negative peer pressure

The idea of staying away from negative peer pressure has been the thought of many responsible youths even parents don’t want their children to be influenced negatively . Everyone needs Peer group ,those they can do things together, think together and influence one another. The fear of not being influenced by negative persons is the reason why people stay away from negative peer pressure
Everyone in the world associate with one group or the other. Research had made it known that no one lives alone,although man comes to the world as an individual but we’re not created to live alone. Individual grows up to associate with people who they can share their problems and knowledge with.
As a child grows up, he learns to mingle with certain people who have the same social mind set, the same age and probably the same educational background who share Similar goals. Association with negative peer will never spur up one’s morale it rather influence one negatively, thus living below what they plan to be. Association with negative peers will never produce the best out of someone.

How to stay away from negative peer pressure

1. Be creative : extracting the creativity in you naturally brings about focus. Your creativity gives little change to negative influence that is because your focus limits you to dominion from peers. Be creative, make more research on your field devote yourself into it, You’ll derive self made joy

2. Believe in yourself : negative peer pressure has adverse effect on those who don’t believe in themselves and what they can be. Be confident believe the best can be produced from you. When you believe in yourself you’ll have less interest in negative influence,self confidence is that inner being that fights negative pressure coming from environs

3.Try to reduce your anger: if you’re the type that anger is easily seen on your face, peers will draw there attention to you. Peers of different categories will rise to console you, this gives great opportunity to negative peers,they come in a friendly manner, always there to calm you down,support you, fight for you by doing this,they secure importance in you and influence you.

4. Strong intimacy : keep a closer walk with God, know God, worship him, do his will negative peers will flee from you

5: Know when to say NO

6: Remind yourself that it’s always quality over quantity

7: Make sure that whatever you’re doing is your own choice and not due to someone else’s influence

8: Act cool when someone is pressuring you

9: Remember, you do not have the obligation to fulfil someone’s request

Negative peers destroys life,they lure you into so many distracting and perilous activities . You don’t need advice on how to mange them or endure the pressures that come from them,the best Way out is to avoid negative peers,be confident, be focused and the best will be produced from you

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7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed




7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

Even after you have gone on a lot of interviews than you’ll be able to count, job interviewing ne’er appears to induce any easier. With every employment interview, you’re meeting new individuals, merchandising yourself and your skills, and sometimes obtaining the interrogation concerning what you recognize or do not know. And, you would like to remain upbeat and eager through it all. this may be a challenge, particularly once you are interviewing for employment you’d like to get employed for.

That said, there are ways in which to form employment interview feel abundant less trying. simply a bit preparation time will go an extended approach. The longer you’re taking beforehand to induce prepared, the lighter you will feel throughout the particular interview. Remember, though, that employment interview isn’t Associate in Nursing exam: you don’t ought to study for hours on finish. Rather, you only ought to do due diligence in researching the corporate, perceive specifically what they’re searching for during a new rent, and make sure that you’re ready to discuss your expertise and what causes you to a good fit the work.

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

It is a decent plan to specialize in your communication skills specifically, thus you’ll be able to speak clearly and in short concerning the assets you’ll be able to supply the leader.

Ultimately, the key to effective interviewing is to project confidence, keep positive, and be ready to share samples of your geographic point skills and your qualifications for the work. Take the time to figure on your interview skills so you’ll be able to develop effective interview methods to use altogether of your interviews.

With some advance preparation, you will be ready to nail the interview and showcase the expertise that produces you the best candidate for the company’s next new worker.

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

1. follow and Prepare

Review the standard employment interview queries employers raise and follow your answers. robust answers ar those who ar specific however pithy, drawing on concrete examples that highlight your skills and duplicate your resume. Your answers ought to additionally emphasize the talents that ar most vital to the leader and relevant to the position. make sure to review the work listing, create a listing of the wants, and match them to your expertise.

Also, have a listing of your own inquiries to raise the leader prepared. In nearly each interview, you’ll be asked if you have got any queries for the querier. it’s necessary to own a minimum of one or 2 queries ready so as to demonstrate your interest within the organization. Otherwise, you would possibly bump into as apathetic, that could be a major turnoff for hiring managers.

2. Develop a reference to the querier

In addition to indicating what you recognize concerning the corporate, you must additionally attempt to develop a reference to your querier. understand the interviewer’s name, and use it throughout the work interview. (If you are not certain of the name, decision and raise before the interview. And, listen terribly rigorously throughout introductions. If you’re vulnerable to forgetting names, jot it down somewhere discreet, like in little letters at rock bottom of your pad of paper.)

Ultimately, building rapport and creating a private reference to your querier will up your possibilities of obtaining employed. individuals tend to rent candidates they like and World Health Organization appears to be a decent fit the company’s culture.

3. analysis the corporate, and Show What you recognize

Do your schoolwork and analysis the leader and therefore the trade, thus you’re prepared for the interview question, “What does one fathom this company?” If this question isn’t asked, you must attempt to demonstrate what you recognize concerning the corporate on your own.

You can try this by attachment what you’ve learned concerning the corporate into your responses. for instance, you would possibly say, “I noticed that after you enforced a brand new package last year, your client satisfaction ratings improved dramatically. i’m well-versed within the latest technologies from my expertise with developing computer code at fundamentals, and appreciate a corporation World Health Organization strives to be a frontrunner in its trade.”

You should be ready to decide a great deal of data concerning the company’s history, mission and values, staff, culture, and up to date successes on its web site. If the corporate encompasses a web log and a social media presence, they will be helpful places to appear, too.

4. prepare prior Time

Don’t wait till the instant to select out Associate in Nursing interview outfit, print additional copies of your resume, or realize a pad of paper and pen. Have one smart interview outfit prepared, thus you’ll be able to interview on short notice while not having to stress concerning what to wear. after you have Associate in Nursing interview lined up, get everything prepared the night before.

Not solely can designing out everything (from what shoes you’ll wear, to however you’ll vogue your hair, to what time you’ll leave and the way you’ll get there) obtain you time within the morning, it will facilitate cut back job search anxiety, and it’ll additionally prevent from having to form choices, which suggests you’ll be able to use that brain power for your interview.

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

Make sure your interview apparel is neat, tidy, and acceptable for the sort of firm you’re interviewing with. Bring a pleasant portfolio with additional copies of your resume. embody a pen and paper for note-taking.

5. get on Time (That means that Early)

Be on time for the interview. On time means that 5 to 10 minutes early. If need be, drive to the interview location prior time thus you recognize specifically wherever you’re going and the way long it’ll go for get there. Take into consideration the time of your interview thus you’ll be able to alter for native traffic patterns at that point. provide yourself a couple of additional minutes to go to the privy, check your outfit, and calm your nerves.

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

6. try and keep Calm
During the duty interview, try and relax and keep as calm as potential. bear in mind that your visual communication says the maximum amount concerning you as your answers to the queries. correct preparation can enable you to exude confidence.

As you answer queries, maintain eye contact with the querier. make certain to concentrate to the question in order that you don’t forget it, and hear the whole question (using active listening) before you answer, therefore you recognize precisely what the querier is asking. Avoid separating the querier in the slightest degree prices, particularly once he or she is asking queries. If you wish to require an instant to place confidence in your answer, that’s completely fine, and could be a higher possibility than beginning out with multiple “ums” or “uhs.”

Check out the following tips on avoiding interview stress to assist keep your nerves calm. If the thought of employment interview puts you in panic mode, reviewing these interview tips for introverts are an excellent place to start out.

7. Follow-Up when the Interview
Always follow up with a thank-you note reiterating your interest within the position. you’ll additionally embody any details you will have forgotten to say throughout your interview. If you interview with multiple folks from a similar company, send all a private note. Send your thank-you email at intervals twenty four hours of your interview.

Watch Now: however Honest do you have to Be in associate Interview?
Bonus Tips
Avoid These Common Interview Mistakes
What should not area unit doing} once interviewing? Here are the foremost common interview mistakes, blunders, and errors a willdidate searching for employment can create. Take the time to review these mistakes before your interview, therefore you do not ought to stress out concerning blunders when it.

Successfully Handle Any style of Interview

Review tips about a way to handle interviews that area unit completely different from a typical one-on-one meeting. These embody tips for phone interviews, second interviews, lunch and dinner interviews, activity interviews, interviewing publically, and additional recommendation for interview success. additionally review these signs that your interview went well, therefore you’ll see what skills you will have to be compelled to brush up for next time.

7 Interview Tips which will Assist you Get employed

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No Mountain Is Insurmountable With God




No Mountain Is Insurmountable With God

A mountain by definition is a large mass of earth and rock above the common level of the earth and usually above 100feets in height. Figuratively speaking it means an exceedingly difficult task or challenge. This figurative meaning is what we are going to take a cursory look at today in relation to the topic at hand.

As a matter of fact, life is full of challenges, no one living is excluded from challenges as you begin to face challenges right from birth. A young child after some few years from birth soon becomes aware life is not a bed of roses or a cake walk as you have to struggle your way and wade through life encountering and surmounting challenges. The devil our arch enemy is very determined to make this world uncomfortable for us humans, he sees this as his major preoccupation because he hates man very passionately.

At first glance most mountains seem insurmountable, until you try tenaciously, consistently and very determinedly to surmount them. There are mountains that sheer determination, will power, fortitude, courage and tenacity is enough to surmount them while there are some mountains that it takes the very special grace and intervention of God to overcome.

This is why it is foolhardy to be far from God, because in your journey through life you will surely encounter some though and very challenging situations that only God alone can help you with, even the atheist cannot deny this fact. They claim God is inexistent but in their closets or hearts of hearts they pray to God when they encounter unpalatable situations beyond their control.

God sometimes answers the prayers or request of sinners so as to show them His loving nature, kindness and mercy and ultimately draw them close to Him. Some sinners, especially atheists in their acute foolery when God answers their prayers, they now look for a scientific and supposedly rational, conceivable, thinkable and humanly comprehensible analysis to water down, suppress or outrightly deny the obvious fact that it was God who helped them surmount the challenge. Instead of giving glory to God, they instead take the glory for themselves.

The truth is you cannot wade successfully through life without the intervention of God. I put it to you very emphatically that there is no mountain, problem, trouble, obstacle, crisis, turbulence, disturbance or unfavourable situation you cannot surmount with the help of GOD.

A lot of factors will determine God’s quick response to you in time of trouble, one major determinant is how you have been relating with God in time past or prior to the problem. Our God is very merciful but His mercy must never be taken for granted.

Many people unfortunately take God for granted, as they only run to God when they are in terrible situations when prior to the problems they were very distant from God in thought, words and deeds. The measure of attention you give to God is the same He will give to you when you are in need of His help.

If you don’t take worship, service, reverence and obedience to God very seriously He will also in like manner not take intervention to your problems seriously when you beckon on Him in time of need. Only with God is no mountain insurmountable.

You also have to have the will and determination to overcome and do all within your capability to surmount the challenge then God will pave a way to victory for you. Some people call on God in time of need but are not ready to do what is humanly expected of them because of laziness, fear or unwillingness.

They complain day and night about their predicament but, do nothing to help themselves. For instance a lazy student who fails to read for an exam but is very quick to pray to God for help will most likely fail the exam because he or she has failed to make an effort. When God wants to help you surmount a challenge He simply crowns your effort with success, but first you must make an effort.

God bless you my Readership. (more…)

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A Dead Woman’s Secret




The woman had died without pain, quietly, as a woman should whose life had been blameless. Now she was resting in her bed, lying on her back, her eyes closed, her features calm, her long white hair carefully arranged as though she had done it up ten minutes before dying. The whole pale countenance of the dead woman was so collected, so calm, so resigned that one could feel what a sweet soul had lived in that body, what a quiet existence this old soul had led, how easy and pure the death of this parent had been.

Kneeling beside the bed, her son, a magistrate with inflexible principles, and her daughter, Marguerite, known as Sister Eulalie, were weeping as though their hearts would break. She had, from childhood up, armed them with a strict moral code, teaching them religion, without weakness, and duty, without compromise. He, the man, had become a judge and handled the law as a weapon with which he smote the weak ones without pity. She, the girl, influenced by the virtue which had bathed her in this austere family, had become the bride of the Church through her loathing for man.

They had hardly known their father, knowing only that he had made their mother most unhappy, without being told any other details.

The nun was wildly-kissing the dead woman’s hand, an ivory hand as white as the large crucifix lying across the bed. On the other side of the long body the other hand seemed still to be holding the sheet in the death grasp; and the sheet had preserved the little creases as a memory of those last movements which precede eternal immobility.

A few light taps on the door caused the two sobbing heads to look up, and the priest, who had just come from dinner, returned. He was red and out of breath from his interrupted digestion, for he had made himself a strong mixture of coffee and brandy in order to combat the fatigue of the last few nights and of the wake which was beginning.
He looked sad, with that assumed sadness of the priest for whom death is a bread winner. He crossed himself and approaching with his professional gesture: “Well, my poor children! I have come to help you pass these last sad hours.” But Sister Eulalie suddenly arose. “Thank you, “father, but my brother and I prefer to remain alone with her. This is our last chance to see her, and we wish to be together, all three of us, as we–we–used to be when we were small and our poor mo–mother—-”
Grief and tears stopped her; she could not continue.

Once more serene, the priest bowed, thinking of his bed. “As you wish, my children.” He kneeled, crossed himself, prayed, arose and went out quietly, murmuring: “She was a saint!”

They remained alone, the dead woman and her children. The ticking of the clock, hidden in the shadow, could be heard distinctly, and through the open window drifted in the sweet smell of hay and of woods, together with the soft moonlight. No other noise could be heard over the land except the occasional croaking of the frog or the chirping of some belated insect. An infinite peace, a divine melancholy, a silent serenity surrounded this dead woman, seemed to be breathed out from her and to appease nature itself.

Then the judge, still kneeling, his head buried in the bed clothes, cried in a voice altered by grief and deadened by the sheets and blankets: “Mamma, mamma, mamma!” And his sister, frantically striking her forehead against the woodwork, convulsed, twitching and trembling as in an epileptic fit, moaned: “Jesus, Jesus, mamma, Jesus!” And both of them, shaken by a storm of grief, gasped and choked.

The crisis slowly calmed down and they began to weep quietly, just as on the sea when a calm follows a squall.

A rather long time passed and they arose and looked at their dead. And the memories, those distant memories, yesterday so dear, to-day so torturing, came to their minds with all the little forgotten details, those little intimate familiar details which bring back to life the one who has left. They recalled to each other circumstances, words, smiles, intonations of the mother who was no longer to speak to them. They saw her again happy and calm. They remembered things which she had said, and a little motion of the hand, like beating time, which she often used when emphasizing something important.

And they loved her as they never had loved her before. They measured the depth of their grief, and thus they discovered how lonely they would find themselves.

It was their prop, their guide, their whole youth, all the best part of their lives which was disappearing. It was their bond with life, their mother, their mamma, the connecting link with their forefathers which they would thenceforth miss. They now became solitary, lonely beings; they could no longer look back.

The nun said to her brother: “You remember how mamma used always to read her old letters; they are all there in that drawer. Let us, in turn, read them; let us live her whole life through tonight beside her! It would be like a road to the cross, like making the acquaintance of her mother, of our grandparents, whom we never knew, but whose letters are there and of whom she so often spoke, do you remember?”

Out of the drawer they took about ten little packages of yellow paper, tied with care and arranged one beside the other. They threw these relics on the bed and chose one of them on which the word “Father” was written. They opened and read it.

It was one of those old-fashioned letters which one finds in old family desk drawers, those epistles which smell of another century. The first one started: “My dear,” another one: “My beautiful little girl,” others: “My dear child,” or: “My dear (laughter.” And suddenly the nun began to read aloud, to read over to the dead woman her whole history, all her tender memories. The judge, resting his elbow on the bed, was listening with his eyes fastened on his mother. The motionless body seemed happy.

Sister Eulalie, interrupting herself, said suddenly:

“These ought to be put in the grave with her; they ought to be used as a shroud and she ought to be buried in it.” She took another package, on which no name was written. She began to read in a firm voice: “My adored one, I love you wildly. Since yesterday I have been suffering the tortures of the damned, haunted by our memory. I feel your lips against mine, your eyes in mine, your breast against mine. I love you, I love you! You have driven me mad. My arms open, I gasp, moved by a wild desire to hold you again. My whole soul and body cries out for you, wants you. I have kept in my mouth the taste of your kisses–”

The judge had straightened himself up. The nun stopped reading. He snatched the letter from her and looked for the signature. There was none, but only under the words, “The man who adores you,” the name “Henry.” Their father’s name was Rene. Therefore this was not from him. The son then quickly rummaged through the package of letters, took one out and read: “I can no longer live without your caresses.” Standing erect, severe as when sitting on the bench, he looked unmoved at the dead woman. The nun, straight as a statue, tears trembling in the corners of her eyes, was watching her brother, waiting. Then he crossed the room slowly, went to the window and stood there, gazing out into the dark night.

When he turned around again Sister Eulalie, her eyes dry now, was still standing near the bed, her head bent down.

He stepped forward, quickly picked up the letters and threw them pell-mell back into the drawer. Then he closed the curtains of the bed.

When daylight made the candles on the table turn pale the son slowly left his armchair, and without looking again at the mother upon whom he had passed sentence, severing the tie that united her to son and daughter, he said slowly: “Let us now retire, sister.”

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