Apostle John was banished on account of the testimony of Christ. While in heaven, he had access to many books of the revelations of heaven. He had access to the throne room where he saw the worship of the father and the lamb. He saw the end of times and things to come. In chapter twenty he goes to the throne room again and saw books in heaven.. The book of life was only one of the books.

It is because of the power of memory that we are able to preserve knowledge. Memory is a system of retention given to man by God. God is not only a giver but a keeper . There is a system that keeps the prayers of the Saints. One of the things that can also be kept is the activities of the Saints. It is called the book of remembrance.. Not because God forgets, but it’s one way to administer justice to the Saints.

There are books in the law court used by the judge to make reference to while judging a case. There are people who look guilty until the book proves otherwise. The Bible makes us know that there is the all seeing eye of God.

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God dwells in a realm which itself is an eye. It’s called the tea of inapproachable light. No possibility of darkness which means nothing is hidden before him.

What men cannot vindicate you for, God sees all things so that gives you hope. God is ominispresent, omniscient and omnipotent.. Man does not have these attributes so God is in a class of his own.

The Bible records that every once in a while, God has a system which he goes back in time and deals with issues men think had been long forgotten and he begins to reward the Saints for them.

Men can forget. There are people who don’t have a job today because their helpers forgot.

Genesis 41…
The Bible tells us how Joseph was accused and put in prison. He met the buckler and wine presser and interpreted their dreams.
Joseph begged the wine presser to remember him when he leaves prison.

It’s amazing how good things can make you forget where you come from and forget others that you need to help too.

The wine presser forgot Joseph for two years. The memory of his helper kept him bound for extra two years.
The Bible says when God was ready to bring him to remembrance by himself,
Genesis 41
God gave Pharaoh a dream and the chief butler remembered Joseph.


The information was in that man ‘s memory but obviously something stopped it.
The butler narrated the story after he remembered and Joseph was sent for hastily. That means speed was a viable for Joseph but because his helper forgot him, he experienced delay, but when God remembered his case, Joseph was lifted to a high position and given a wife.

Notice, everyone who came to buy grains to survive only came because one man was remembered. The world was at the mercy of one man’s memory. Then there is something we need to know about the power of remembrance.

Isaiah 38
Hezekiah was sick and about to die and Isaiah was sent by God to tell him that he will die. Remember, Isaiah was not a false prophet.. But Hezekiah pleaded with God to remember how he walked before him..

He made demands upon the archives of God ‘s records. Even though there was a verdict upon his head of death, he prayed for a remembers..


When God remembers a person, this is how he acts… God sent Isaiah back to Hezekiah to tell him that he had opened the book of remembrance for him.

Hezekiah refused to die.. He insisted his book of remembrance be opened to him..

Book of remembrance

Prayer points:

1. Father wake everyone sleeping who should be awake to remember me
2. Let the book of remembrance in heaven and earth concerning me, let it be open, in Jesus name Amen
3. Every good thing that should come into my life as a result of my remembrance, I receive it by faith, in Jesus name Amen
4. Every blessing that have been delayed, by the mystery of remembrance, I come into it in Jesus name Amen
5. Everything that has been lost, on account of the book of remembrance being open, there shall be sudden restoration. In Jesus name Amen




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