First KOINONIA for the Year 2020.

PS. 8;4-6
God is a God of times and seasons. He dwells in light but his dealings are fragmented into times and seasons. The power of God follows His word and not men. It looks assive it follows men but only men that follows his word. In every season there is something God is doing. Globally, there is what God is doing and territorially there is what God is doing. The program of God is based on Covenants.

What is Dominion?
1. Dominion means Sovereign Control.
2. Dominion means Influence.
3. Dominion means governance.
4. Dominion is a system of legislating the words of a King.

The Dominion of the saints on the earth is the only way Christ can be enforced in the earth and in territories.
A cry of Dominion is a cry to see the Glory of God on the earth.

4 Keys to see Dominion.

1. The restoration of the ordinances of priesthood on Earth.

A priest does not go round the city but controls the city. The foundation of Priesthood for the believers is Prayer, but that’s only a dimension. There are more.

2. Light. ( Job. 29:1-11, Jer. 33;3)

There are truths that are responsible for every results in the kingdom.

3. The Power of Results ( Productivity).

Results are the end of every argument. Results compels men. ( Ex. 31:1-5).

4. The Ministry of the Holy Spirit full of Power: Micah 3:8

There is no dominion without power and the Holy Spirit is the custodian of Power.
Many pray and do not know the Holy Spirit. Many even hear God and don’t know the Holy Spirit.

Seek the Holy Spirit for fellowship .

3 Things to note about the Holy Spirit.

1. Intimacy with the Holy Spirit is atmosphere dependent.

2. The HOLY SPIRIT walks with those that are ever Broken and of a contrite heart.

3. Prompt obedience to His voice and instructions.

4 Books to get and study as a roadmap to Dominion as unveiled by the Spirit.

1. The Final Quest by Rick Joyner.
2. The Call by Rick Joyner
3. Rediscovering the Kingdom by Myles Munroe.
4. Divine Revelation of the Spirit Realm by Mary Baxter.



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