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12th Dîsciplê Episode 11

12th Dîsciplê Episode 11
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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I unlocked the door as usual and walked in and this time around, I met mum in the sitting room, eating some pops.
She stood up as soon as she noticed my presence.
“Son!” She exclaimed and rushed to hug and I welcomed her, of course.
“Mum; how’re you doing?” I asked, stroking her hair.
“Well…can I ever get better? I’m stuck here – alone” she said with a feign smile.
I sighed and walked to the dining, while she followed.
“The banquet’s taking place today, right?” She asked and I nodded as I started bringing out the things I bought from my bag.
“How’s the King? Does he ever speak of me?” She asked again.
“You know he has nothing in mind but to punish you, mother;” my reply hurt her.
Her eyes dimmed and I felt a little guilt.
I sighed and placed my hand on hers.
“Don’t worry, mother. Very soon, you’ll be out of here. I’ll make sure you won’t have to continue hiding for the rest of your life” I told her and a gleam of hope shun in her eyes.
“How’s Ara? Is she still cooperating?” She asked.
“Yes. I’m forcing her to cooperate. She’s still on our side”
“Good” she nodded agreeably
“You need to hold her tight, Duri. She’s an important asset to us”
“I know”.
I opened one of the packages I brought and we started eating from it.
“What about….your step mothers? And siblings?” She asked and I suddenly felt irritated.
“They’re still breathing. Someone made an attempt on Nathan’s life two days ago” I told her and she gave me a beady look.
“Did you do it?” She asked.
“You know me, mother. If it were me, I’d make sure he doesn’t come back alive” I gritted angrily.
“Good. You need to relax, Duri. Our plan should come in steadily without suspicions. We need to follow the steps” she scrawled and I nodded after talking a deep breath.
‘Let’s quickly eat, mother. I need to leave for the banquet”.
“Of course” she mumbled and we continued eating, more silently now.
Eric’s Pov:
I sat under the shade as I sipped me from my bottle of Chapman while I fed my eyes with the nice view of sexy ladies swimming in the pool.
A smile touched my lips as I spotted her – Vivian.
She was outstanding.
Her shape was so perfect and well exposed in the pant and bra she wore, giving her a killer look.
Damn! Such beauty is definitely gonna be sweet in bed.
My phone started ringing immediately, snapping me out of my wild thoughts.
Oh..f*ck! Who is it??
I checked and discovered it was my sister – Odeya. And I groaned.
“What is it?” I asked as soon as I picked the call.
“Where are you, Eric? It’s almost time for the banquet” she said in her usual disrespectful tone.
“And what’re you now? My secretary?” I said with my left arm apart like she could see me.
“Its almost time and you’re out there, probably f**king some loose b*tches” she snapped.
“Watch your tongue, deya I’ve warned you countless times and won’t warn you again”.
“Fine. Whatever. Mum was the one who asked me to call, okay? So bye”.
And she ended the call.
Arrogant brat.
I exhaled as I dropped the phone on the table beside me and just then, Vivian stepped out of the pool.
Her hair was dripping wet, her waist shaking as she climbed out.
Damn! She was an awesome beauty and I couldn’t wait to get a taste of her.
I snapped my finger towards one of my guards and he rushed over.
“I want her” I whispered, my eyes on her.
“Who? The senator’s daughter?” He asked and I nodded.
“Yes,my prince” and he set out to work immediately.
I watched him as he walked over to her, stopped her and started delivering the message.
She turned to look at me and smiled a bit and that smile lit my heart. At least, that was leading to a green light.
She started walking towards my table with the guard, but he stopped far away so she could reach alone.
“My prince” she beamed as she finally got to where I was.
“What a pleasant surprise. I had no idea you were here”.
“Hi Vivian” I smiled at her.
“Catching some fun, I see?”
“Oh! Yes,my prince. The weather’s a little hot today. So, I just decided to take a swim” she replied.
“Yeah, yeah. True”.
I nodded and slipped from my drink.
She was still standing.
Well,when you’re with a member of the royal family, you don’t sit unless they tell you to.
“Um…shouldn’t you be at the palace, my prince? The banquet’s just a few hours from now” she said.
“Ah! That’s true” I sipped from my bottle again.
“Well…let’s say, I’ve been delayed by a disturbing sight”.
“And what could that be, my prince?” She asked and I grinned at her.
She probably noticed and blinked rapidly.
“Um…your guard said you wanted to see me. I hope there isn’t a problem, my prince?” She asked.
“Of course, not, Vivian. It’s just that…your sight has been very disturbing”. I told her and she squirmed her brows.
“How,my prince?”
I sighed and dropped the bottle on the table, then placed my hands on the table.
“I’ll go straight to the point, Vivian” I began.
“I like you. And I want you. Five minutes is enough for me. We can do it in my car”.
I could notice the awe look in her eyes as she scoffed and looked at me.
‘My prince…” She chuckled, but my face was damn serious.
And she stopped smiling.
“Hold on; are you serious?” She asked, looking surprised.
“I don’t joke with such issues, Vivian. You should’ve heard about me” I answered and she scoffed, licked her lips.
“Well..” She blinked rapidly.
“I’m sorry, my prince. But..I’m not as cheap as you think. I don’t just give my body out to any random guy I see”.
Her reply stunned me.
“Now, if you wouldn’t mind, I’d like to take my leave” she bowed and turned around to leave.
“Nobody says no to me, Vivian” I halted her and she turned slightly to look at me.
“I’m not saying no, my prince. I’m just telling you I can’t”.
And with that, she walked away.
I felt my systems burn as she walked out on me.
The f**k!
How dare she??
My guards came running to me immediately.
“My prince” they bowed.
“Should we go after her?”
I stared angrily as she walked away, her pretty @ss
swaying left and right and it angered me to the bones that she said no to me.
Nobody says no to me. I hated rejection.
“Let her be” I said gruffly to the guards.
“She’ll definitely come to the banquet. And I’ll make her pay for it”.
Danica’s Pov:
I was a bit late to Nana’s house as her mother scolded me a bit for it.
I left with her immediately and she had taken me to her friend’s place who brought the connection for her.
So, her friend was the one I had left with.
We boarded a cab and after a very long ride, we arrived at the palace. Not at the gate, tho.
Ordinary cars weren’t allowed into the vicinity.
The woman and I had to step down from the cab and walk the remaining distance which was a very very long way.
“Your name is Danica, right?” She asked as we walked along.
“Yes, ma’am. Danica” I answered politely.
“Good. Danica, remember to put in your very best behavior, okay? There’d be a lot of guests, celebrities and people of great personalities. So, you need to be very careful around them.
“Don’t stare too much. When serving the meal or drinks, be extremely careful. No matter how rude they may seem, don’t talk back at them. These people are powerful and can easily punish you for the slightest mistake. Do you understand?” She enthused, making me cringe a little.
“Yes, ma’am. Thanks” I replied.
“Yes. And as soon as the banquet is over, you’ll get your full pay”.
“Okay ma’am. Thanks a lot”.
Thinking of the pay made me relieved. I badly needed money. At least, I could get buy some food items with it.
The road to the palace was so beautiful, different dazzling flowers planted on each side, giving it a beatific look.
I kept wowing at the place, impressed by the wonders.
After a very long walk, the woman and I finally got to the gate and we had to pass through some serious interrogations from the guards.
She showed them her card, indicating she was a chef. And that was when they granted her pass.
Thank goodness.
As soon as the woman and I walked pass the big gate, a “wow” escaped my lips.
Oh … My…. Gosh!!
Was this paradise???
Or truly the palace??
Holy Molly!!
My lips went open in shock and bewilderment as I looked around. What the hell???
Was this the palace?? How come it looked just like paradise?
Or was it looking this beautiful because of the banquet??
It was so big; so big words could not explain it.
It was actually a four storey building, big and round and painted in soft colors of white and royal blue.
There were three separate buildings aside that and only God knew what their purposes were.
The floors glittered like they were made of gold, and cars were running almost everywhere.
There was a big fountain at the facade, bringing out glowing lights as they flowed.
It was so amazing and incredible.
At the top part of the bigger building, a banner was hung there and it was boldly written:
“Careful, Danica!” The woman snapped me out of my imaginary world and that was when I realized I’d almost bumped into someone.
Holy crap!
‘Oh my! I’m so sorry. Please, forgive me” I apologized immediately and the lady I’d almost bumped into just nodded and walked on.
She seemed to be a maid.
“I told you, Danica. You need to be careful if you don’t wanna get into trouble” the woman cautioned and I bent my head in contrition.
I tried my best to control myself this time around and using a back route, the woman and I finally got to the kitchen.
Was this a kitchen or a house on it’s own??
This was bigger than our entire house!
“Ahh! Finally, you’re here. What took you so long, Chin-su?” A woman who should probably be in her late fourties asked as she moved with a tray.
“Forgive me, Nina. I got hooked up with something” the woman with me replied as we walked deeper into the kitchen.
There were so many ladies there – and a few women – and there were as busy as bees.
Different killing aromas filled the room.
“Is she the lady you said you were coming with?” The Nina woman asked and the woman with me nodded.
“Good morning, ma’am” I greeted with a bow.
“Yes. Put this on” she pulled out an apron and handed to me and u i quickly put it on.
Yep! Now, I look like a real chef.
“Come quickly. There’s so much to do” she further said and walked ahead while I followed.
Hours Later….
The kitchen was as busy as ever. But most of the foods were ready and some of the maids had started taking it to the banquet hall.
But since I arrived, I hadn’t left the kitchen.
Glancing through the window, I could tell the guests were arriving already as the palace became really busy and full..
Cars of different models could be seen all over. The palace guards were not left out, moving about to keep the place in order.
Gosh! This banquet was sure gonna be one in town.
“The prince needs some chips” a voice suddenly said and I turned to see it was the woman – Nina – as she walked in hastily.
“Quick! Get some chips to him. You over there! Do it” she said in her usual authoritative tune.
Hold on;
Did she just point at me??
I stood, gob smacked, staring and wondering who she was really referring to.
“Why are you still standing there? Put some chips into a plate and get them to me” she almost yelled and this time around, it became clear.
She was referring to me.
“M…me?” I still asked, pointing to myself
Gosh! I didn’t know what was wrong with me.
“Yes, you. Take them to prince Nathan’s room”.

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