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12th Dîsciplê Episode 12

12th Dîsciplê Episode 12
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
I felt my intestines become hot, my head spin.
What? Did I just hear her correctly?? Take some chips to prince Nathan’s room???
Prince Nathan??
Oh my God!
Not wanting her to repeat herself or get into trouble, I quickly left where I stood and reached for a plate.
I went to the bowl of chips and dished out some into the plate. And next, I placed it in a tray.
“Hurry up! The prince hates it when he’s delayed” she snapped and I found myself moving towards the door, the tray in my hands.
Oh God!
This is really happening?? I’d be going to prince Nathan’s room?
Holy Christ!
Suddenly, I stopped and looked at her.
“Um….sorry, ma’am but….I dont know the way to the prince’s room” I said hopefully.
She shot me a glance, then turned back to what she was doing.
“Come on. I’m headed that way”, she said briskly as she picked up the tray and started towards the door.
Holy Christ!! This woman is damn serious!!
I panicked as I followed her out of the room, keeping my head bowed.
What if the prince recognizes me?
No; that’s not possible. He didn’t see my face, right? No, he didn’t.
I kept consoling myself with it as I trialed behind the woman who walked like she was practicing for a race.
The woman and I burst to a magnificent place which was obviously the sitting room.
Holy sh*t! It was amazing.
Beautiful was a word too small to describe it.
Classic chairs, tables, sparkling floors.
It was so wide, it could contain 100 people.
I saw a lot of young girls in it, nattily dressed in uniform and I guessed they were the palace maids.
“Come on, girl. Hurry up”, the woman urged as we got to a set of very long stairs.
She started climbing them and of course, I followed. But I was damn careful with my steps, so I don’t trip.
It took us almost a minute before we could get to the end of the stairs and by then, my legs were already hurting.
Gosh! How do they manage?
“Here – take the right passage – the fifth room -that’s his room” she said and left in a brisk, going the opposite direction.
Oh boy!
This sh*t is real.
Now, I’m left alone to go to the prince’s room.
I took in a deep breath and started taking the direction the woman had given out.
I took the right quiet passage, walked gently on it. And when I got to the prince’s room, I knew because two guards were positioned outside the door.
Holy Molly!
“Uh…is this ..prince Nathan’s room?” I asked, my words almost a whisper.
“Yes. What do you want?”. One of the guards said, a little gruffly.
Geez! Obviously, it was his room.
On his door, there was a gold letter inscription of his name:
Wow! It was pure gold and glittered.
“He ordered some chips and..I’m here to give them to him” I replied, looking down at the floor.
The guards looked at me with scrutiny and finally,one of them opened the door for me.
Oh my gee!!
Now, I think I’m f**king nervous. Like, so nervous, I never thought I’d be.
But…hold on;
The room was a little noisy.
A dim light welcomed me as I walked in, it took a few seconds before my eyes could adjust to the dimness and a “wow” escaped my lips.
Holy crap!
Was this a room or a house on it’s own??
I stood muted at the door as I stared in awe.
The room was so big, so big, I felt it was bigger than my entire house.
The lights were gloom and made the room almost dark.
King sized bed,
A royal couch,
HD wallpapered floor,
Two big wardrobes,
A table of jewelries.
Holy Crap!
Words couldn’t describe what I saw.
“Who’s that?” I heard a feminine voice and that was when my mind registered the people on the bed.
It was a boy and a girl, and they had been playing, more like – romance playing – giggling.
I shook my head and that was when it occurred to me.
I knew the boy!!! He was a big time artist – one of the wealthiest musicians in the country.
Oh my gee!!
I was standing in front of a celebrity.
“Is she dumb?” The lady asked with a scoff, her eyes glowering at me.
She was probably his girlfriend or something cause his hands were resting on her exposed thighs.
I blinked rapidly and lowered my gaze to the floor.
“Uh…good evening. Actually….I was ordered to bring these to the prince” I said courtly, and that was when it occurred me.
Prince Nathan wasn’t in the room!!!
“Oh!” J-money exclaimed and tilted his head.
“Nathi!! Your chips are here;” he called out, looking at a particular direction.
“Oh! She can drop it and leave. I’ll be out in a minute” I heard his voice and my heart uncannily skipped.
Oh God! What’s wrong with me?
I felt a surge of adrenalin as his voice reminded me of the time in the woods together.
Oh my….
It seems he was in the bathroom.
“You heard him. You can drop it and leave” J-money turned to me and said and I gulped nervously.
I walked carefully to a table, placed the tray on it, then bowed and turned towards the door.
“Wait” I suddenly heard the lady’s voice and turned back to look at her.
Ah! What now?
“Y…yes?” I stuttered, looking at her.
Gosh. She was so pretty:- had this blue bulgy eyes.
“Go with the empty glasses, we’re done with it” she pointed to two glasses on a table which had probably been used for drinks.
I took the tray of empty glasses, bowed and headed towards the door and on my way out, I heard a door open from behind.
I turned slightly to see it was the prince, coming out of the bathroom. And my heart gave a mighty leap.
Holy Christ!!
Due to how big the room was, the bathroom was very far from where I was. And without hesitation, I turned towards the door, opened it and left.
Oh my God! That was so scary;
so freaking scary.
As soon as I got out the door, I released the deep breath I’d been holding and even the guards looked at me with surprise.
Ah! If only they understood.
My hands were on my chest as I started walking away, holding the tray with one hand.
I was almost hyperventilating.
Gosh! Why do I have such nervous issues?
My hands were almost shaky as I climbed down the stairs. And unexpectedly, when I got to the last step, i didn’t realize a lady coming and we bumped into each other.
Holy Molly!!
The tray I held fell towards her and a little quantity of the juice from the almost empty glasses spilled on her sparkling dress.
Geez! Danica. I’m so dead. I’m dead.
“Whaaat???” She shrieked, the same time the tray and cups landed on the floor,
One of it broke.
I gasped and moved back a bit in shock, the lady was all maddened.
“What the hell is this???” She cried out, looking at her little stained dress.
The stain was just a little drop, but I guess it was still enough to get her mad.
“I’m….I’m so sorry, miss. I….”
“You blind oaf!!” She yelled.
“How dare you? How dare you act so clumsy towards me? How dare you stain a dress that could buy your entire life??”
Her words came with a little burn as I flinched and looked into her face.
“Hey, Bitna come on. That was harsh”
I suddenly heard s male voice and turned to see it was….
Prince Jimin. The fourth prince.
He was climbing down fr the stairs.
“Don’t tell me that,Jim. The bitch ruined my dress” the lady in front of me barked, seeming like she wanted to cry.
“Seriously Bitna, it isn’t ruined. Its just a little stain. You can easily get rid of it in the powder room”, his voice was so calm and gentle as he finally got to where we were.
Tears were already threatening to drop from my eyes.
“Whatever” the Bitna lady mumbled and walked away, making her anger so obvious.
I sniffed as I slowly crouched in front of the glasses and started picking it up.
“Hey; you might hurt yourself with that. Don’t worry, I’ll have one of the maids take care of it” prince Jimin said to my ultimate surprise, I rose my brows at him.
He held my hand and made me stand.
“You’re one of the cooks, right?” He asked and I nodded perfunctorily.
At that moment, I didn’t know what exactly was making me act dumb – Bitna’s reaction? Or the prince’s reaction?
“Don’t give a thought to what she said. She can be a brat sometimes” he chuckled, and I lowered my gaze to the floor.
Thank goodness I was able to fight back the tears.
“T….Thank you, my prince” I bent my head and said, feeling so shy
“It’s nothing. You should head back to the kitchen now”.
And he walked away, leaving me to stare at his back.
Good Lord.
Was he really a member of the royal family?
Bitna’s Pov:
I stood angrily in front of the mirror as I tried to get rid of the stain on my dress.
I fumed helplessly, wishing i had more opportunity to fix that clumsy maid in her place.
“Its not coming out!” I cried out when I tried all I could to ride the stain, but couldn’t.
Hana and Jeong were beside me.
Tears built up in my eyes as the dress suddenly seemed ugly to me. And the banquet had already started.
“But it isn’t that bad, Bitna. It’s not really noticeable” Hana said.
“Of course, it is! Take a look at it! It might get in the way of my plans” I shrieked, looking into the mirror.
“But why was the maid so clumsy, huh? Didn’t you slap her?” Jeong asked.
“Well, I couldn’t. Jimin had to interfere and stood up for her” I said loathfully.
“What?? Prince Jimin??” Hana shrieked.
“Why would he stand up for her?”
Hmph. Id almost forgotten she had a crazy crush on him.
I turned back to the mirror, my face burning with rage.
“What if my plan gets disrupted with this, girls?” I asked pathetically.
“Of course, it won’t. Come on, the party’s started already. We shouldn’t be here” Jeong said and started walking out.
Hana followed and I looked at myself in the mirror one last time before joining them.

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