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12th Dîsciplê Episode 13

12th Dîsciplê Episode 13
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Authoress Chi Pov✍️
Vivian – the senator’s daughter – walked along with the guards who led her through stranger corners.
The party was already on in the banquet hall and she didn’t understand why the Queen would want to see her privately.
“Where did you say the Queen was again?” She stopped walking and asked and the guards looked at her.
“We’re almost there, miss. Just a little patience, please” one of the guards replied politely and the walk continued.
Finally, they got to a room in a quiet passage and the door was pushed open for her to go in.
She hesitated a little, then walked in and immediately, the door was shut behind her.
She looked in front of her but couldn’t find anyone in the room. But shortly, she heard a familiar voice.
“Hello, Vivian”.
She turned swifty and was shocked to see the prince – Prince Eric – coming out from a corner, an unpredictable smirk on her face.
She blinked rapidly before calling out his name.
“Prince Eric?”
He only smiled at her.
“Hold on….is this a joke? The guards…the guards told me the queen was looking for me” she looked behind at the closed door and by the time she looked back at Eric, there was a gun pointed to her face.
“If you make as little as a cough, Vivian, i swear. I’ll blow off your brains” he growled lowly, and terror filled her eyes.
What? She couldn’t believe it.
“E…Eric?” She stuttered, a noticeable quiver in her voice.
“Wh….What’re you doing?”
“We’re in a quiet room,Vivian, which was quite far from the banquet hall. I can pull this trigger on you and no one would notice. No one at all”.
She was clearly trepified by his words.
“Now, slowly, get on the bed and take off your clothes” he gave the command, his finger around the trigger.
Tears filled her eyes instantly.
“What’re you doing, Eric? You cant….you cant possibly….”
“Stop – talking” he cocked the gun at her and she shook a little.
That was the first time she had a gun to her face.
Slowly, she started towards the bed, her legs shaking as she walked.
“Eric, please….you don’t have to do this” she whimpered.
“You don’t call me by my name, bitch” he snapped.
“I’m giving you just fifteen seconds to get rid of those clothes, Vivian. Else, i swear, you wouldn’t be alive to regret it” he threatened and in tears, she started undressing.
She took off her ball gown, then underthings and in no time, she was stark naked in front of him.
“Good” he mumbled, making a guttural sound.
“Now, lay on the bed and spread your legs apart” he instructed and she did just that.
Her tears meant nothing to him.
He walked towards her with the gun still in his possession. He didn’t have to undress, no. He just unhooked his belt and brought out his joystick.
“Please….you don’t have to do this…” She whimpered, tears rolling down to her neck as she laid upwards.
“I hate rejection, Vivian. I don’t take no for an answer. And now, you’d have to learn the hard way” and with that, he shoved his stick right into her, going so rough and deep.
“Arghh!!!!” She cried out, painfully.
“Keep it cool, b’tch. Else, ill use this on you” he gritted and she folded her lips to prevent her from screaming.
He moved out of her, then pushed in again – forcefully.
“No, please….!” She groaned helplessly.
The pains were excruciating.
Although, she wasn’t a virgin, she had no plans of giving her body out to just any guy.
With the gun in his hand and his finger on the trigger, he f^cked her brutally, making sure she didn’t moan out at the same time.
All she could do was release muffled cries.
His thrusts were so deep and rough, and they injured her badly.
He used her for close to twenty minutes before pulling out of her.
“Put on your clothes and get out of the bed, Vivian” he said sternly, as soon as he fixed his trousers.
Vivian whimpered helplessly as she felt so much pains there.
Slowly and agonizingly, she reached for her clothes and wore them on.
She thought that was all, but a bigger surprise was coming her way. And she discovered when Eric reached for a particular place and brought out a camera.
“Just so you know, Vivian” he said.
“I have everything recorded in this tape – your cute naked state and how I used you. So, if you ever think of exposing me, or telling a single soul of our ordeal in this room, I swear with my life, I’ll release this video all over the net. And the whole world would get to see your precious little thing.
“Your sex video will go viral, Vivian. And you’ll be damned. Do you understand?” He asked, but she didn’t say a word.
He walked over to her and grabbed her roughly by the arm.
“I said. do. you. understand?” He gritted his teeth and she stared tearfully at him.
“You’re a monster” her voice shook and a smirk touched his lips.
“I’m glad you just noticed. Now, get out” he blurted and let go of her arm and she found her way out of the room, trying as much as possible to stop her tears.
Danica’s Pov:
“Hurry up!? The King’s on his way to the banquet hall. Get these trays there already!!” Ma’am Nina yelled as everyone moved around like bees in the kitchen.
I was included, and took one of the trays and together with the others, we left the kitchen, headed for the banquet hall.
It was a very long walk to the banquet hall and as soon as we got in, my eyes gleamed at the incredible sight in front of me.
Never have I seen a hall so beautiful.
At first, I was muted, but quickly got a grip of myself and blended with the others.
The sight was overwhelming, lots of celebrities and people of great personalities. .
A cool song was being played as most of the guests chit – chatted with drinks in their hands. They were so much and couldn’t be counted.
“I want the cakes” I heard someone say to me and I realized because I was the one with the cake.
I bowed and took my tray to her and she took one out of it.
I continued walking, straining my neck to see if I’d.. Perhaps, see prince Nathan again. But the hall was soo big with lots of guests. Hence, he could be anywhere. Maybe, very far from where I was.
I and the rest of the maids continued serving what we had and shortly, the presence of the King was announced.
Suspense filled the hall as everyone focused their eyes on the entrance and soon, he was spotted, climbing down the stairs, his three wives behind him.
He was arrayed in a long red robe, his crown on his head and mantle of leadership in his right hand.
Geez! He was so handsome and looked just like the king he was – a great king.
Smiles lingered on the lips of some of the guests as they watched him in admiration. And his wives behind him added to the beauty.
The music had gone off and the hall was so silent, except for the whispering remarks of some of the guests who talked about his gracefulness.
Finally, he got down from the stairs and climbed to what had been designed to look like a throne.
They couldn’t bring the main throne to the banquet hall.
“Long live the King” everyone said chorusly as soon as soon as he took his position.
The place was set high on the floor so everyone could look at him.
He waved his mantle of leadership at them, receiving their blessings.
“People of Gaza” he began, a triumphant echo in his voice.
His three wives stood beside him.
“Today, is a great day indeed for us all. And I want to appreciate every one of you for taking out time to honor my invitation.
“First, we make a toast”.
Everyone got hold of their glasses of drinks immediately, except we – the chefs.
Commoners weren’t allowed into the banquet. And because we were opportune to be among the cooks doesn’t mean we could participate.
In a few seconds, everyone was holding their glasses, ready for the toast.
“Today” the King continued, holding his high.
His voice was so deep and authoritative.
“We celebrate 50 years of my leadership, 50 years of fruitfulness, 50 years of happiness to the people of Gaza.
“And as the days continues to go by, we pray to our saviors to guide and favor us like they’ve always done.
“A toast to more life and prosperity” he lifted his glass up high and everyone did so, their faces beaming.
“More life and prosperity” they echoed.
I watched in bemusement.
Wow! This was actually my first time getting to attend a banquet and I never knew it could be so beautiful.
They lowered their glasses to their lips so they could sip and drink to the new toast and I stared hungrily.
Suddenly, something happened.
The King – he suddenly looked strange.
He looked pale and held his chest, he was yet to sip from his glass.
Everyone watched in surprise, beginning to notice there was something wrong. What’s wrong with him?
One of his wives held him.
“Your Highness?” Her lips produced the words.
His hand was still over his chest as he looked like he was about to have an attack. And suddenly, his glass fell from his hand, crashing to pieces on the floor
“Hahhh!!!” Everyone gasped.
His wives recoiled in fear.
“My King!!!” One of the screamed when the forbiddable happened – the unexpected.
He fell on the floor!!!
“Your Highness!!”
“My King!!”
Different screams filled the hall as the guards rushed to him.
The King!!
He’d collapsed.



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