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12th Dîsciplê Episode 14

12th Dîsciplê Episode 14
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
The banquet became a mess.
The hall became scattered and disorganized, as some people tried moving away, while some moved towards the King.
“My king!!!”
“Your Highness!!”
“Get out of the way!!”
“Step away!!!”
“Hold him carefully..!”
Different screams filled the air as they rushed to help the King up.
He was still unconscious and I could spot all the princes around him now. The hall was in confusion.
I strained my neck to see as they lifted the King up, holding him by his hands and legs, and taking him away.
Oh my God! What’s that??
As the King was taken away, we all stood and watched in amusement.
This was unbelievable. A king – collapsing at a royal banquet.
What happened to him?
All the cooks returned to the kitchen afterwards and for a long while, there was silence.
The banquet was ruined. Everything was ruined.
But why did this have to happen, huh? What happened to the King? Why did he just pass out in a time like that??
“As you all can see” Ma’am Nina later addressed up.
“The King is temporarily ill and is being treated. So unfortunately,, the banquet has to come to an end”.
A little murmur ran across the kitchen as everyone mumbled about it. It was tragic. The long awaited banquet just ruined in a few seconds.
“But you’ll be receiving your pay, anyway” she continued and taking up a bag, she paid everyone of us.
I smiled as I held my cash in my hand. Thank goodness. This would be enough to get some things at home.
Everyone started dispersing, but the woman I had stayed with said she was going to stay behind. So, I left alone.
The road to the gate was really crowded as some of the guests still hung around. Although, I felt bad and curious, I still felt happy I had collected my full payment. I had been scared we wouldn’t get paid or something. But, what could’ve happened to the king, huh? What could be wrong with him?
Walking with the rest of the cooks, I got to the roadside and boarded a cab home.
I made sure I held my bag firmly cause I didn’t want to lose my money for any reason at all. It meant a lot to me.
Soon, I knew the news of the King would go round and I wondered what people would say about it – King Caesar collapsed at the Royal banquet.
Gosh! Its definitely gonna be disastrous.
I wonder what happened to him. And I hope he’s going to be fine.
After a very long ride and walk, I finally got home and felt so relieved. It was so dark already and I couldn’t wait to just get into my room, shower and sleep. I was sooo tired.
Getting to the entrance, I opened the door and found grandma sitting at the dining.
I tried to put on a smile as I walked in, but I noticed something strange, she was looking….moody.
“Good evening granny”,I said and made to kiss her when I noticed she was holding something in her hand – something familiar.
Suddenly, she stood up and looked at me, her eyes sore.
“What’s this, Danica?” She asked angrily, and my heart skipped when I noticed it was the admission letter.
Oh my God!
How did she find It?
Authoress Chi Pov:
All the members of the royal family were present in the waiting room h – each child with his mother, except for Prince Duri who didn’t have a mother, so stayed with his fiancee.
The collapse of the King was more than a shock to them as they couldn’t comprehend why it had to happen. He didn’t show any sign of illness the previous day. He was so strong and they couldn’t understand why he had to collapse at such an important event.
They all waited impatiently and anxiously. All in all, they prayed and hoped he’d be fine.
After a while, they sighted the priest coming and everyone sprang on their feet, rushing to him.
“How’s he doctor?”
“What happened to him?”
“Is he going to be fine?”
“What happened to him, doctor?” Everyone threw numerous questions at him and he sighed, giving them enough space to pour out their anxiety.
He was the royal priest, but they still called him doctor because he was the only one who attended to the King.
They watched his face keenly, but the expression he had….it wasn’t encouraging at all and only meant one thing;
There was a problem.
“The King is in a critical condition”, he began and they all listened quietly.
Panic filled their faces.
“He’s developed a very rare illness, a very rare illness that comes once in 100 years”.
Their faces crumpled up in surprise.
“What illness is that, doctor?” The second queen demanded.
If only the sound of their heartbeats could be heard.
“It’s a rare illness that’d kill him slowly if a cure Is not provided. And unfortunately, there’s only one cure for it. One cure”.
He paused and looked into their faces.
“What cure?” Princess Mabel asked.
And in a low voice, he replied:
“The blood of a disciple”.


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