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12th Dîsciplê Episode 18

12th Dîsciplê Episode 18
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
“And this is your classroom” the young pretty lady said as we stood in front of a big room.
“Um…thank you, ma’am” I replied and gulped nervously.
Gosh! There were so many students in it. How do I go in?
“You’re welcome” the lady said and left.
Oh boy! She was really leaving me alone. Geez!
I stared anxiously. There were pretty boys and girls in the class, all chit chatting. And they looked so classic. How do I fit in, huh?
Maybe…coming to this school was a bad idea because I…don’t think I really fit in. I think my standards are too low.
Oh! Danica, what’s wrong with me?
“And why are you just standing there like a road block?” I suddenly heard a voice ask and my heart skipped as I turned to have a look.
Oh! They were three girls. But…the one in the middle.
Wait…she looked familiar.
“You??” She shrieked, wearing a crumpled look.
Oh. She’s obviously recognized me. But where have I seen her before?
“What’re you doing?” She scoffed.
“You know her, Bitna?” One of the girls with her asked.
Oh….!! Bitna!
Now, I recognize her. The rude lady at the banquet.
“Of course, I do. This was the clumsy maid that spilled drink on my dress at the banquet, girls. The one I told you about” she replied, so much hate in her eyes.
Oh, my! She schools here?
“What’s she doing here? And why does she have our uniform?” The third lady asked.
“Is she dumb?” Another snapped and I figured I had to say something.
“I’m….I’m sorry, ma’am. Sorry for what happened to your dress at the banquet” I said with my gaze low. And she scoffed.
“And you really think I need your pathetic sorry? Just what’re you doing here? You’re a maid, right? How is it possible you’re with the uniform?” She scrawled.
“I…I was only a chef at the banquet, ma’am. And about the uniform, I actually passed the scholarship exams. So, I….”.
“What??” One of her friends shriek.
“A commoner’s gonna be in the same class with us?”
Oh God!
I gulped hard and tried as much as possible not to stare at any of them. They were just too intimidating.
“We need to go in. The mistress is coming” the third lady whispered and I lifted my eyes to see a fat woman walking our way,some books in her hands.
I looked back at the Bitna and she was glaring at me.
Gosh! If only eyes could kill…
But what’s her problem anyway?
“Just be careful to stay as far away from me as possible” she snapped and finally walked in with her crew – majestically.
I let out a deep breath as they did and at that time, the fat woman had gotten to where I was.
“Hey; why are you just standing here?” She asked, her voice as grumpy as she looked.
“Sorry, ma’am” I bowed a little and proceeded into the room
I guess her presence motivated me because I don’t think I’d have been able to walk in on my own.
Half of the students in the class turned their eyes to me as I walked in, timidly.
I quickly searched for an empty locker and found one in the middle.
The lady beside it glared at me, but I ignored her and took it anyway. I just needed a place to sit.
“Good morning, students”
The fat woman who was already standing in front of the class said.
“Good morning, Mrs Hayoon” few of the students mumbled.
The lady beside me was operating her phone while chewing her gum uglily. And since she was close to me, I was able to have a peep and my heart skipped when I noticed she was having a look at my bracelet.
Not my current bracelet, but the missing one. – the one Prince Nathan had put up on media.
Oh my! I almost forgot I was still wanted by the prince.
I quickly looked at my wrist and discovered the one grandma had given this morning to me, was carefully covered by my long sleeve.
Ah! Thank goodness the uniform was long sleeve.
“I was made to understand there’s a new student in our midst today” the fat woman said and again, my heart skipped.
Oh…no. Don’t tell me she’s referring to me.
“Danica….Williams”” she called out, looking into one of the books in front of her.
My eyes jumped to my mouth as everyone stared at me, like they actually knew I was the new student. Well, of course, I was probably the newest face in class.
“Danica Williams, can you stand on your feet, please?” She was called again, and I forced myself to stand.
I was so scared she was gonna ask me out for a proper introduction, but thankfully, she didn’t.
“Okay. Welcome to Royal High. I wish you all the best and hope you enjoy your time here. You may have your seat” she spoke so matter – of – factly and I loved that.
“Thank you, ma’am” I bowed my head a little and took my seat.
Oops! That was so scary.
“So”, she continued and went over to the board with a marker.
And when she wrote the subject, that was when I realized she was the chemistry teacher.
“We’ll be going straight to Organic chemistry today. And about my test, it’ll be coming up in a few days from now.
“Like I’ve earlier said, you’ll be paired up with partners, people you’d have to meet up and work with, to provide results, cause that’s going to be part of the test. You….”
“I wish I get paired up with Chija” I heard a lady giggle from behind.
“Foolish girl. You can’t wish to get paired up with Prince Nathan. You’re wasting it up on a nobody” someone who was obviously her seat mate replied her.
They were almost whispering.
“Huh? Are you kidding me? The prince hardly attends classes. What makes you think he’d even get paired with anyone?” The first lady replied.
I listened with rapt attention, but they didn’t say any other thing and I focused on the teacher
“I’m already working on the list and it’ll be out in two days from now. So, get ready.
“And for today classes….”
She opened a big book in front of her.
“Bring out your Organic chemistry text book and turn to page 67”.
Everyone got busy as they started opening their bags.
I sighed and did same, grateful I had everything I needed in the school.
I brought out my text book and turned over to the instructed page and the woman commenced teaching.
The class was actually fun because organic chemistry was kind of my favorite.
I enjoyed every bit of it and when the woman was done, she rounded up with an assignment which was to be submitted the next morning.
We had two more classes after she left and when I checked the wall clock in the class,, it was few minutes to 11.
Oh. My text books.
I stood up immediately with my bag and left the class. I didn’t want to default in anyway on my first day in school.
I still recalled the way to the principal’s office. And taking the stairs, I finally arrived.
Oh! Thank goodness. He was actually in at the moment.
I knocked lightly on the door and his deep voice ushered me in.
I pushed it open and walked in.
“Good morning, sir” I greeted him, even if tho we’d already greeted some hours ago.
“Oh! Miss Danica. You’re here for the books, right?” He asked and I nodded with a light smile.
“Please, come take a seat”.
He was busy with his system as I walked in and took a seat, opposite him as usual.
His eyes didn’t leave the system until he was done and stood up.
“I’ll be right back. Need to get something important, alongside the book. Stay put” he said and walked away, before I’d even comprehend what he was saying.
Huh? He was leaving me all alone in the office? Gosh.
I sighed and fiddled with my nails as I waited.
Royal High.
Will I ever get to make a friend here? I mean….the students are too classy and…pompous. How do I blend in?
I thought silently for a long time after a while, I heard the door open from behind again.
Ahh!! Thank goodness , he was back.
But the walking steps were different,and I suspected it must’ve been someone else.
I swiftly turned to have a look and I swear, my heart stopped beating when I saw it was the prince.
My eyes drooped.
Oh my God!
Prince Nathan….!




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