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12th Dîsciplê Episode 20

12th Dîsciplê Episode 20
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
For the first time in a long time, I felt an old scar reopen. I felt hurt.
My hands became weak as I prayed silently it was a dream. What’s he doing here?
“Danica” he finally called, a stun smile on his face.
I remained frozen on the spot where I stood as he started walking towards me, his dark eyes not leaving my face.
“I’ve been waiting for a long time” he said, now standing in front of me.
“The door was locked.
I stared at him, so many questions to ask:
What’re you doing here? How did you know my current location? What do you want?
I was tempted to scream the numerous questions at him, but I just took in a deep breath and asked simply;
“What’re you doing here?”
Heaven knows I was trying so hard to control my anger.
“Really?” He scoffed.
“That’s the first thing you can say to me after so long?”
“Don’t play games with me, Scott. What the hell are you doing here?? What do you want?? And….how did you know I was here??” I was almost yelling at him.
He sighed and spoke more calmly.
“I’ve been looking for you, Danica” his voice was a little low and pathetic.
“For months now. I had gone to your formal place but they told me….”
“Cut the crap, Scott. I’m not interested. What do you want?” I asked irascibly and he sighed again and dipped his hand back into his trouser pockets.
“Danica….” He called again, a glint of remorse in his eyes.
“I know I’ve hurt you so much; So much, its beyond forgiveness. But I want you to know I’m truly sorry, Danica, for everything I did.
“For the past few years, I’ve not been myself – remembering…what happened between us. I’m truly sorry, Danica. I was so stupid and foolish back then. But I want you to know I’ve changed. And I’m here for good now”.
Immediately, I slapped him. An angry stingy slap, making sure it was hard enough.
He tilted his face to the side, then looked back at me – slowly.
“You’ve changed?” I asked, trying as much as possible to prevent my voice from quivering.
“Seriously, Scott. You’ve changed?” I scoffed and shook my head.
“And how does your present change, change the past, Scott? How???
How does it fix all the damages you’ve caused??”
“You used me and dumped me, all in the name of a worthless bet!!” I yelled at him, unable to hold the tears anymore.
“You made me a laughing stock, turned me into a fool, Scott!! You ruined me!!!”.
“Danica, please….”
“I trusted you, Scott!” I cried out.
“I gave you my dignity!! But in the end, what did you do?? You rubbed it in my face and made me look cheap!! You’re a monster!!!”
Tears streaked my face as I never thought I could yell this way.
The memories….they hurt so bad. So bad.
I bent my head and wept profusely, and he was silent – probably eaten up by guilt.
“Danica…” He cooed and tried touching me, but I slapped his hand away.
“Don’t ever touch me, Scott”,I said sternly, my eyes already red.
“No matter what, I’ll never forgive you. So, just stay away from me”. And with that, I ran away, going far from the house to cry more.
Duri’s Pov:
“Is the King getting any better?” Mother asked as we sat together at the dining, eating bliasfully.
I had come to pay her a visit as usual in her secret house.
“He’s not, mother. It’s almost getting hurt” I replied lowly, taking some wine
She sighed pathetically.
“Of course, it would” she mumbled and I arched a brow at her.
“The 12th disciple is the only cure he could get at the moment. And I wish I had a single idea where she could be’.
‘But….isn’t there a little hint? Anything at all that could help?” I asked and she stared down at the table for a while, in thought.
“Well, one sure fact is this – each disciple had a mark on their waists according to their numbers. So, definitely, the 12th disciple would also have a mark on her waist – with the number 12” she said and I nodded in acknowledgement.
She continued:
“The 12th disciple….”
She squirked her brows.
“I’m trying to figure out the little I can remember her. There has to be something….”
I sipped from my wine again while I watched her face keenly. And suddenly, she gasped, her eyes beaming at me.
‘Son” she called with, ecstatic.
“I think I know a way you can find the 12th disciple”.

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