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12th Dîsciplê Episode 21

12th Dîsciplê Episode 21
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
After spending enough time in an isolated area, I finally returned home and as hoped for, the bastard was already gone.
I went into the house, took my bath and changed and as soon as I was done, grandma returned.
“Danica, dear” she squealed happily and hugged me.
Huh?? What’s making her so excited??
“G…granny?” I called, surprised
I couldn’t recall the last time I had seen her this happy.
“Granny, what’s it? What happened?” I asked as soon as we pulled away from the hug, a smile crept into my face.
“Goodnews, Danica. Goodnews. Your mother will be out of jail in less than three days” she said and I felt my heart skip.
“Mum?” I called, like I needed another word for it.
“Yes, Danica. She’ll finally be out of jail – after 18 years! She’ll be free”.
I had a mixed feeling of happiness and sadness.
Happy because my mother would finally be out of jail, and sad because she doesn’t like me.
I felt downcasted, but decided to put up a smile so I don’t ruin grandma’s.
“That’s….that’s goodnews, granny. I can’t wait to have her at home” I smiled fauxly.
“Yes, Danica. Our family will be complete!”
Gosh! She was so happy and I wished I could as well.
Her daughter loves her, but hates me.
“Come on, dear. Let’s get dinner ready. Come with the guards” she started towards the direction of the kitchen and I took the bags sw was referring to and followed.
“So, how was school today…” She asked along the way….
I tried as much as possible to keep the conversation flowing in the kitchen as grandma and I prepared dinner.
I told her briefly about my day in school, excluding Bitna and the prince’s part, of course. I didn’t want to tell her about Bitna so she wouldn’t panic.
And the prince…well, you know why I can’t tell her.
I thought of telling her about Scott’s visit, but quickly changed my mind, not wanting to talk about the monster.
Grandma had no idea of what he did to me back then. And I couldn’t tell her about it cause she might feel disappointed toward me, getting to know I’d lost my virginity so cheaply. It was a thing of shame.
When we were done cooking, we ate together and afterwards, I went upstairs to my room.
I sat on the bed, my book in front of me, still, I was unable to concentrate.
I had to work on the organic chemistry assignment, but Scott’s stupid face wouldn’t let me think.
I leaned my head on the wall and couldn’t help thinking of the past, how he’d ruined me.
Back there, where grandma and I lived before, I was admired by a large number of boys who kept making advances on me.
They all tried one way or the other to have me, but being very careful, I turned every one of them down.
Scott had shown up out of the blues. He was so handsome, looked gentle and really friendly and I seriously have no idea, why I’d fallen for him.
He came to me as a friend, got so close to me and made me feel comfortable, mike I’d never felt with any other guy.
From being friends, a strong bond developed between us and we found ourselves head over heels for each other. He was my first love – the first guy that’d captured my heart.
He’d gotten at me soo deep, I gave him my dignity. Yes – we had sex and he was the first guy to ever do that to me. He deflowered me.
Little did I know it was all a bet. Yes, a stupid bet between himself and some of the boys that’d been making advances at me.
Because I’d been proving too hard to get, he made a bet, assuring them he’d be the one to pop my cherry. His friends doubted him, but when he came for me, he really succeeded. The bastard used and dumped me, and laughed about it with his friends.
And how I’d gotten to know was the day two of the boys teased me with it when we’d met along the road. Oh! I’d never forget that experience.
I sniffed and moved my head from the wall and that was when I realized I was already weeping.
Damn it.
And to think he had the guts to show up here today, asking for my forgiveness. If only I had known, I’d have given him more than a slap.
He was a monster and I was never going to forgive him.
I wiped that tears that stained my face and tried to focus on my assignment.
Next Morning
I’d woken up, bathed, ate with grandma and gotten ready for school, feeling more lively.
“Take care of yourself, Danica” grandma said as I i walked out the door after waving at her.
“I will, granny. Bye”. I replied.
Having some money with me, I walked to the road and boarded a cab to school and after a long ride, I was there.
I settled the cabby and continued the rest of the walk to the gate and nervously walking pass the umpteen number of students at the facade, I finally got to my class.
I walked in quietly and took my seat, having no one to talk to.
Then, I noticed they were submitting some books to a particular student and I figured it was the karate assignment.
I stood up with my bag and walked to the lady collecting the books.
“Hi” I tapped her lightly.
“Uh…sorry, but what book are they submitting?”
She looked at the shoulder I had touched and glared at me.
“The chemistry assignment”, she rolled her eyes and turned away.
I opened my bag and brought out my own book, then gave it to her.
“Thanks”, I muttered as she collected it. Then, I returned to my seat.
Most of the students in the class were all chatting and giggling, but I just brought out a book and started reading.
I read for a long time and was so engrossed in the book, I didn’t realize when the class became filled up and settled.
It was when the teacher walked in that I noticed and I quickly closed my book. Guess it was time for lectures and…oh! It was the chemistry teacher.
“Good morning, students” she greeted warmly, and just like yesterday, few of the students mumbled
“Good morning, Mrs Hayoon”.
She dropped the piles of books she held on the table in front of her and with the look of things, they seemed to be our assignment books.
“Before we commence classes today” she began.
“I must say I’m highly disappointed at the results of the assignment.
“Every single person solved it wrongly.
“Just one of you; one person – had been able to get it correctly”.
My brows arched in surprise.
Huh?? Just one?? Geez!
“I’m pretty sure it must be Bitna” one of the girls behind me mumbled.
“Yeah, of course. Who else would it be?”the second commented.
I narrowed my eyes to Bitna’s seat and found her there, her two friends seated close to me.
Well, I wouldn’t blame myself for getting it wrong as well. That bastard – Scott – had really done a great job in distracting me.
The nerves of him….
The lecturer sighed and looked down at the books.
Then, opening a book, which looked like mine, she called:
“Danica Williams”.
My heart gave a leap immediately as all eyes searched for me.
I stared at her, confused.
Isn’t that…my name?
“Please, stand” she added politely, her eyes on me and I thought I stopped breathing.

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