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12th Dîsciplê Episode 22

12th Dîsciplê Episode 22
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
“Please, stand” she added politely, her eyes on me and I thought I stopped breathing.
Huh? What have I done? Why does she want me to stand?
My heart beat heavily as I forced myself to stand. The entire class were staring at me.
“”Please, come forward” the woman further said and I gulped hard and left my seat, going out to meet her.
Oh God! I just hoped I wasn’t in any form of trouble.
I finally got to where she was, in front of the class and she signalled me to face the students, which I did.
“Miss Danica is a new student here”, the woman began.
“And its shocking to know she’s the only one that passed the assignment. How is it possible? I seriously wonder”.
Oh my God?
My breath hitched as I turned slightly to look at the woman. I was thinking only one that passed the assignment?? Me???
Is she sure?? Oh my God!
For no reason, I narrowed my eyes to Bitna and the expression on her face – it was pale. It was obvious she was confused.
“Good job, Danica” the woman held out my book to me.
‘You did a really excellent and impressive job. Nice one”.
I felt my cheeks become hot instantly. Oh my gee!!
I gulped hard and collected the book from her.
“Thank you, ma’am,” my voice shook a little.
She smiled at me and I turned and returned to my seat. Holy Molly!!
I was the only student that passed the assignment. Just me.
As I returned to my seat, I felt all eyes on me. Some mumbled, some smiled, while some glared. I noticed Bitna’s eyes were on me the whole time, till I had gotten to my seat.
Oh, boy..! I just hope I’m not in any kind of trouble.
“Wow! Congratulations” the lady next to me said and I turned to see her smiling at me.
Oh! So, she could actually sound nice?
“Thank you” I returned the smile and faced my book.
I opened to the last updated chapter and my eyes beamed when I confirmed the accuracy. I really did pass the assignment.
Eric’s Pov:
I sat in the car with my phone as they drove me to school.
The news about the lady Nathan was looking for was all over the net. Her bracelet was there.
But who the hell is she? And why was he looking for her, so restlessly. Hmph.
I looked at the bracelet closely, on it was written :DAN.
Dan. Could that be her name? But what connection does she have with Nathan?
“Sir” my guard at the front seat suddenly turned to look at me.
“About the lady you asked me to make inquiries on, I’ve gotten the details”.
I looked up at him, awaiting him to go on.
“Her name is Danica Williams”, he continued.
“She’s a new student here, commenced yesterday – under scholarship”
“Scholarship?” I asked and he nodded.
Hmph. That means shes a commoner.
“She’s in the Senior grade, science department. So far, there’s no record of her having a friend here in school”.
I nodded as he finished.
Hmm. Science department. So, we were in different departments?
And that also meant she was in the same class with Nathan. Hmph. That rude jerk that doesn’t come to school.
I placed a finger on my chin and thought for a while. She was a commoner,but so beautiful.
I guess she deserves my touch after all.
“Get ready” I said to him.
“I’ll be getting her today”.
Danica’s Pov:
We had three classes before lunch time and as soon as the last teacher left, the class became noisy and busy.
I arranged my books into my bag and stood up and just when I was about walking out, Bitna and her companions arrived.
Oh my!
They stood in front of me and threw loathful stares at me – especially Bitna. She acted like she wanted to eat me up. What did I do wrong?
Then, without saying a word, they walked away.
I looked around and discovered most of the students had been staring at us.
Gosh. I took my bag and quietly left the class.
Getting to the stairs, I bumped into them again – Bitna and her friends. huh? It was more like they had been waiting for me because they just stood, staring at my direction.
I lowered my head and continued walking anyway, and when I had gotten close to them, Bitna suddenly gripped my wrist.
“What do you think you’re trying to do, huh?” She snapped.
“How were you able to pass a question I failed?”
Her question mused me.
There were few students around, but she didn’t seem to care as she held me roughly.
“Miss, y…you’re hurting me” I grouse but she only tightened her grip more.
“Don’t try to play dumb with me, okay? Answer my question! What do you think you’re trying to do?” She said angrily and I winced.
“But, I didn’t…I didn’t do anything wrong. All I did was study” I replied and she scoffed.
“So, you’re trying to say I didn’t study, huh? Are you trying to insult me?”
I bit my lower lip and didn’t say a word. Then, she let go of my wrist.
“If you think you’re here to humiliate me, then I promise to kick you out of this school” she said scornfully and with that, she walked away with her crew.
I turned and watched them as they left, being really amused. I couldn’t believe she was acting this way simply because I passed and she failed. Is she the only one expected to be brilliant or impressive?
I shook my head and continued on my way. And as I did, I had no idea my bracelet was about to get loosed because of the way Bitna had held my wrist.

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