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12th Dîsciplê Episode 23

12th Dîsciplê Episode 23
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
Bitna’s attitude had left me completely speechless, making me think it was a crime to be intelligent in school. Although, I was also surprised i was the only one that had passed the questions, but it doesn’t mean she’d have to threaten me for it.
I found my way to the cafeteria and bought some snacks before heading to my usual spot, the same quiet place I had made use of the previous day.
It seems students didn’t like to make use of it and I guess that was the reason I loved it more.
I took my seat and opened the snacks I bought, and to blend it in, I decided to read a book.
For a long while, I was alone and quiet, but not until I heard a voice:
“How did you do it?”
Huh? It was a question from an unfamiliar voice.
I lifted my head to see a young pretty lady, standing beside me. She was putting on the uniform and was obviously a student there. But she didn’t look familiar.
I stared quietly at her, surprised and confused. How do i what?
“How were you able to answer a question even Bitna failed?” She completed her question as she turned around and came to sit in front of me.
Oh! Seriously??? There we go again.
I looked down at my snack and had a quick thought: “should I reply her? Or just ignore?
“Is it….impossible?” I finally looked at her and asked, my voice coming out calm.
“Well…Its actually the first time something like that has happened in our grade” she shrugged and my eyes beamed. Huh? For real??
“Bitna has always been like the Queen of the class” she futher saod and. “She actually won the best student of the session. During a test, assignment or whatsoever, its either she passes alongside some other students, or the entire class fails, or she’s the only one that gets it right. There’s never been an incidence where Bitna fails, and somebody else gets it right. So, that’s the reason I’m surprised”.
Wow! The story actually left me speechless. Was that how brilliant she was? Too bad she’s a spoilt brat.
I bit my lip and stared down at my book again.
“So, how did you do it, huh?” She asked again and I sighed.
“I didn’t do anything special. All I did was study” I said with a light smile.
“Hmm. Really? Then, I must recommend you for that. You’re indeed, a brilliant one”. She said and I flushed at it.
“Thanks miss”, I hushed.
Before looking back at my book, my eyes caught the sight of the bangle on her wrist. It looked really classy and I didn’t need anyone to tell me she was one of those rich kids.
“My name is Jee” she said after a little pause.
“I’m Bitna”,I said with a warm smile and she was about saying something when the presence of a strange guy, interrupted the moment.
We both paused and looked up at him. He wasn’t putting on a uniform and didn’t seem to be a student.
“Hey;” he called when he stood in front door us, but his eyes were on me. “Miss Danica, I’d like you to come with me for a minute, please”.
I looked at Jee and she seemed surprised as well. Who’s he?
“Uh…is there a problem?” I asked and he shook his head and answered:
“Not at all, miss. My prince would just like to have a word with you.
My heart leapt at the mention of the prince. Wait….whaaat??? The prince??
I looked at the Jee lady and she also had a blank look on her face.
“What….what prince?” I asked, my eyes beaming flashes.
“Its prince Eric. Please, come with me. He’s waiting in the car”.
Oh God!! Prince Eric?? The one who I heard was a flirt? Why would he be calling for me? Why me?
No; I couldn’t think of seeing him. I couldn’t.
I gulped nervously and stood up with my bag and book.
“I’m….I’m really, sir. But I don’t think I can see him. Please,don’t be offended”.
And with that, I scurried off.
Geez! Like what the heck??? Prince Eric?? Calling for me?? How does he even know me in the first place? We’ve never met before.
Although, I was so much curious and wished to know why he was calling for me, but I was so scared as well. I didn’t want to get into trouble with any member of the royal family. Besides, grandma’s instructions….
Aside that, I still felt scared going close to someone like Prince Eric – not after what I’ve heard about him.
The tension suddenly made me pressed and I decided to make use of the restroom.
Using the school map I had with me, I followed the directions and arrived at the female restroom. Gosh! I felt so nervous. Prince Eric – calling for me?? Why on earth would he call for me? What have I done when I haven’t even met him??
Holy Molly!!
I ran into an empty room and took in a deep break as soon as I was seated on the toilet seat. Oh my…..
That was so relieving. I couldn’t believe something could make this nervous to the point of almost peeing on my pants.
I ran my fingers into my hair and took in several deep breaths.
“It’s fine, Danica” I reassured myself.
Maybe it was a mistake. Maybe the prince actually sent for someone else and the guard mistook it to be me.
No; he had mentioned my name as well. Gosh! What am I even thinking??
I blew air to my face with my palm and after a long while, I left the seat, fixing my pants on.
I took in one deeper breath and left the room with my bag, looking left and right for a washbasin.
Oh! Found it!
I walked over to it, turned on the water and washed my hands and when I was done, I took my bag and started walking away.
But suddenly, I felt something drop from my hand to the floor. I quickly stopped to have a look and gasped when I discovered it was my bracelet.
Whaaat??? How did it get loosed???
My eyes widened in shock as I quickly bent to pick it up. I looked around, beady eyed, and thankfully, there was nobody around.
Oh…Good lord!! Thank the stars, no one saw it.
I fixed it carefully in my bag, and taking one last look around, I walked away.
Mabel’s Pov:
“Seriously Nathan, you’re being so unserious with school these days” I queried on the phone as I sat on the toilet seat.
“Yesterday, you told me you were coming to school as soon as you were done with your appointment, but after your meeting with the principal, you left. Today, you didn’t show up entirely. I thought you said you were gonna change?”
“Oh! Please Mabel. Give me a break. Stop acting like, mother okay?” He said peskily on the phone, making me scoff.
“Anyway, I’ve been really busy. But I’ll try my best to be there tomorrow” he added.
“Oops! Gotta call, Mab. I’ll call you later” and he hurriedly ended the call.
Geez?? Seriously??
I huffed and dropped the phone on my laps, placing my hands on my chin afterwards. Nathan is so unserious with school and I really don’t know why.
Handsome, but a jerk.
I was about standing up from the seat when all of a sudden, I saw a bracelet drop on the floor.Huh?
I could see it clearly from the little space beneath the door.
They seemed to had fallen off someone’s wrist because there were footsteps as well.
But, having a close at it, it looked so familiar. Sooo familiar.
My brows arched as I saw a hand picking it up and immediately, I gasped when the thought dawned on me.
Hah!!!! It was the bracelet!!!
The same bracelet Nathan had!!!
My eyes widened in shock as I felt my head spin.
I stood up from the toilet immediately and wore my pants on.


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