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12th Dîsciplê Episode 3

12th Dîsciplê Episode 3
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
Sweats dripped from my face as I stared at him, his white dress bringing sparkles into my eyes due to the reflection of the sun.

Oh my! Was this for real??

Prince Nathan????

The second prince of the throne of Gaza!!

Oh my gee!

He just stood beside the opened door and gawped at me, like I’d done something wrong.

His eyes dazzled, beauty overwhelming.

He looked just like a Greek god and then, I understood why people said he was the most handsome amongst his brothers.

The second door opened and a lady walked out – it was the princess – his sister!!

She gasped and ran to me immediately.

“Hey! Were you hurt?” She asked as she squatted in front of me – I was still sitting on the floor.

Her eyes caught the scratch on my arm and she flinched.

“Oh my! You’re hurt. Why don’t we take you to a clinic, huh?” She proposed and held the arm.

“I’m….I’m fine. Thanks” I replied and stood on my feet.

“Mabel, come on. We shouldn’t be out here” prince Nathan said and returned to the car.


The princess turned to look at him, then back at me.

Gosh! She was so beautiful.

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Shiny skin, pretty face, cool hair. Everything about her screamed wealthy and royalty.

“I’m really sorry, okay? Take care of yourself” she rushed her words and hurried back to the car.

I stood gob smacked and undoubtedly shocked. I couldn’t believe I’d just encountered the royal family.

Oh! Damn!

But the prince….he seemed a little arrogant. He didn’t even act like I’d been hurt by his car.

Well, I heard that’s just their characters.

But….the princess seems really nice.


The car drove off immediately, going to the other side of the road – to the new store.

“Danica!” I suddenly heard my name from behind and recognized the voice to be grandma’s.

I turned and saw her walking towards me.

“Hey; is something wrong? Why are you just standing there?” She asked, looking around.

“Its nothing, grandma. I’m fine”.

She got to where I was and saw the scratch on my hand.

“Huh?? What happened to you??” She shrieked, holding the arm.

No; I couldn’t tell her of my encounter with the royal family. She might flare up.

“I…I accidentally scratched my arm, granny. Its nothing” I replied and sniffed and she stared at It for a while.

There was a little blood stain on it.

“Come on. We’ll get it treated at home” she said.


And we proceeded to board a cab.
Introducing the First Prince👑

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Duri’s Pov:
I pinned her to the wall, my hand around her neck, as she choked.

“Duri…” She struggled to say and free my hand from her hurting neck, but I didn’t let her.

“Now, listen to me, Ara and listen good”, I said angrily.
“If you wanna stay here with me, you’d have to do every single thing I say. My friends will be your friends, and my enemies, your enemies. The next time you disobey me again, you’re gonna really regret it. Do you understand?”

My voice was coming out cold and gruff as I spoke into her face and she nodded pathetically.

“Yes….please” she winced, signal for me to release her neck.

Hm. Women have always been weak.

There was already a red mark above her brows and it was probably enough for her.

“Good” I grumbled and finally let go of her neck and she coughed profusely.

I glared at her as she held her chest while coughing, adjusted my tie and walked out of the room.

I took the exit and busted out to the garage where one of my cars where parked.

The guards rushed up immediately,,so they could accompany me, but I stopped them.

“I’m going alone” I announced and they stepped back.

I entered the car, turned it on and took off.
Name – Prince Duri.
Position – First son and rightfully the heir to the throne

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But, father’s being so dumb and doesn’t want to announce me, probably because my mother is an accused murder.

My mum – she’s been missing for months now, after making an attempt on the life of the fourth Queen.

What she did was a grave mistake – yes. But the fourth queen had survived it and since then, mum had gone into hiding, unwilling to face the consequences.

You can say I’m cold hearted. Yes. Don’t have a single friend in the world.

I can’t call someone I know, a friend. We can be close and connect real good, but it doesn’t make you my friend. I’ve got no time for that crap.

Ara – she’s my fiancee.

And don’t think I love her, no. I don’t even know the definition of love cause it’s f**king useless to me.

Love is a bi*tch.

But, I’ve got so many plans for Ara.

Yes, she’s my gold

And an important key for me.

Don’t worry, you’ll find out what I mean – real soon.
What do you think?

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