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12th Dîsciplê Episode 30

12th Dîsciplê Episode 30
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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I swear, I thought my heart had stopped beating the moment I heard him. Did he just….did he just mention a stain??
A stain on my dress??
Oh My God! No.
My lashes batted heavily as I stared at him, dumbfounded.
“M…my..my prince?” I stuttered helplessly, everything in me screaming.
Then, he let go of my wrist.
“There’s a stain on your dress’ he repeated himself.
“And…it looks like a bloodstain”.
Oh my God! My heart jumped out of my chest at the mention of the word – blood.
It was….
Holy Molly? Could it be the cramps? Have I started bleeding already?
Goodness,,Danica! Why didn’t I notice?
Shame was an understatement for what I felt as I felt confused, not knowing what to do.
“Oh”,I muttered and fluttered my eyes on the floor.
I was stained!! Stained! What the hell do I do?? How do I walk out of here? How do I get home??
“You should…make use of the bathroom” prince Nathan suddenly said and I looked at him.
“I’ll get you some clothes” he added quickly, but my anxiety only increased.
Get me some clothes?? Would that be possible? How can the prince….I mean.
Gosh! I didn’t even know what to think…seriously.
But one thing was for sure, I couldn’t walk out like this. So, I guess I really needed the bathroom.
“Y…Yes, my prince. Thanks” I bowed my head and walked shyly to the bathroom, praying fervently I don’t trip because I was so nervous.
“I told you! This is a complete mess! We should’ve done it my way” I rasped to the oaf of a boy who stood in front of me across the table.
Why the hell did I have to be paired with such an unfortunate being??
“It isn’t my fault, Bitna. You added excess Chlorine to it” he tried defending his stupidity.
“Oh, please! Just shut up”,I snapped.
“We should’ve used the other method. Period!”
“You can’t tell me to shut up, Bitna. You’re not my mother, okay?” The idiot said and I scoffed.
“Well, of course. Its actually impossible to be a mother to a complete fool like you” I huffed and grabbed my bag from the chair.
“How dare you call me a fool? You completely lack manners, you spoilt brat”,he ranted, but I ignored hon and walked away.
Gosh! I felt like screaming…!!
I walked out of the God-forsaken house and stopped to take some air when I was outside. The nerves of that oaf.
I can’t believe I got paired with a blockhead, while the person I wish for is paired with a low life. Why does life have to be this crazy, huh?
I moved my hair backwards and walked towards my car, but just when I was about going in, someone showed up.
“Hey”, she called and I turned see her walking towards me.
It was a woman – a very young woman and she smiled sweetly at me. Huh? what does she want?
I stood beside the car and waited for her to get close and explain herself.
“Hi dear. Good evening” she greeted warmly, but I just stared at her.
She had a bunch of flowers with her.
“Can I help you?” I finally decided to ask.
“Oh! Not at all, dear. Not at all. I just…I just wanted to say hi. You’re beautiful” she complimented, but too bad, I didn’t even blush.
“Thank you” I mumbled anyway and turned to the car.
“Wait”, she called back my attention and I looked at her.
What the hell??
“I..want you to have this? Hope you like them?” She asked as she preferred the flowers out to me and I stared at them with scrutiny.
“Why’re you giving them to me?” I asked, crossing my hands.
“Nothing, dear. I just want you to have them. You’re so beautiful and they’d make a great fit on you” she replied, but it still didn’t freak me.
Hmm. Okay then.
“Thanks” i smiled lightly as I collected the flowers from her
They actually looked….cheap.
“My name is Kim” she further said and I just nodded.
“Thanks for the flowers. I need to go now” I told her and entered into the car and thank goodness, she didn’t try to stop me this time around
She remained standing there even as the car began moving. And well, I didn’t turn to check on her again.
When the car was far enough, I looked at the flowers and were disgusted at how local they were. Although, I appreciated the fact she admired me and gave them to me, I still couldn’t bring myself to accept such.
I lowered the glasses of the window and threw it out.
As soon as I got into the bathroom, I slammed the door shut and leaned my back on it.
Oh Danica! Damn it! Damn it!! What did I do??
I brushed my fingers into my hair and ruffled it. Gosh! I felt so embarrassed. The prince actually saw my stain…he saw me!! What do I do??
I turned the stained part of the skirt to the front so I could have a clear view of it and..damn! It was real!it really stained me big time. What the hell?
“Oh,damn you!” I cursed under my breath.
This had to be the perfect time to embarrass me, huh?
I sighed pathetically and looked round the bathroom. Okay; there was a towel, a bathtub, soap,,shower. I think it was complete. But I needed the clothes first – the clothes the prince had promised me. I couldn’t take off my clothes when I wasn’t having any clothes to change into.
Shortly, I heard a knock on the door, and shook.
“Wh…Who’s it?” I asked stupidly.
Who else would it be?
“Prince Nathan asked me to get these clothes to you,,ma’am”,to my surprise, I heard a female voice say.
Shouldn’t it be…
I quickly rushed and opened the door and…yeah. It was a maid.
But..I still spotted the prince fixing some things on the table.
“Thank you”, I muttered and took the bag from the maid.
Ahh! Thank goodness he was wise enough to send a maid.
I closed the door and opened the bag.
Oh. There was a black gown and a pack of sanitary pad.
But I cringed a lot, remembering it actually came from the prince. He bought me some pads!!?
Oh God! This isn’t funny.
My cheeks flushed as I dropped the bag on the floor and made to undress.
But…something gripped me when I heard some splashing sounds. Huh?
I looked out the window and to my greatest shock, it was raining!!!
“I’ve delivered them, my prince” the maid bowed to me as she returned from the bathroom.
“Okay, good” I mumbled, my eyes focused on the pipe with me.
She bowed again and left.
I kept the pipe on the table and tried clearing it up. I still couldn’t believe I saw a stain on her dress. That was actually the first time I was seeing such. Gross.
And to think of the look on her face..
Hmph. It was priceless.
I smirked and was about walking away from the table when my hand accidentally hit something, making it fall on the floor.
Oh! It was her bag.
Few of the contents poured from it and I quickly bent to pick it up. But I froze when I saw something familiar, lying right there beside the bag.
My brows furrowed in surprise as I picked it up to have a clearer view of it and my eyes beamed when I saw the name DAN clearly written on the bracelet – the same bracelet I’d been looking for.



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