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12th Dîsciplê Episode 6

12th Dîsciplê Episode 6
(His Royal Majesty)

By: Faith Lucky

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Danica’s Pov:
I felt my heart give a mighty leap as I gave out a light shriek and moved back, going away from his body.

Could this be a dream or what??

Prince Nathan?? Lying unconsciously in the woods??? What the hell happened??

I panicked and looked around, but still couldn’t find a trace of anyone – anyone at all.

So, how did he end up here?

Oh my! Could it be possible he was attacked? Attacked and dumped in the woods?


Gosh! I didn’t even know what to say.

I placed my hands on my chest and decided to take some brave steps close – to maybe, touch him.

I squatted slowly – really slowly – in front of him and touched his hand.

“My….My…My prince?” I called in fear, my voice wavering.

There was no response from him, not even a finger movement.
His hands were so stiff and his eyes closed.

Oh God! What the hell happened to him, huh? What happened to him?

Slowly and carefully, I touched his pockets to see if I could get a phone or something, but his pockets were empty. .

How do I contact someone to help him, huh? And he was bleeding real bad. I needed to do something.

I stayed muted for a while, just staring at him.

I couldn’t believe Prince Nathan was lying
in front of me. The Almighty prince Nathan.

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His skin was so flawless – face pure and cute.

Gosh! I couldn’t believe I was admiring him when he was bleeding profusely. What do I do???

I examined the wound and thought for a second; would I be able to use the first aid kit on him?

But what if….

No; there’s no way in taking him to the house.



I jumped on my feet and started running towards the house, as fast as I could, my long hair flying in the air.

Thank goodness granny had gone to work already.

I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and finally got to the little house.

I got in, ran to where granny usually kept the first aid kit, grabbed it and ran out of the house again.
Ara’s Pov:
(Fiancee of the first prince)

I walked out of the room, headed for the kitchen to find something to eat. I needed to get ready before Duri returned from wherever he must’ve gone to. I wouldn’t want him finding any fault in me again.

My head still hurt from the cut I’d received due to the beatings he’d given me the previous day and I didn’t want it to repeat itself.

On my way to the kitchen, I stopped when I overheard Eric making a phone call from a room.

The first line had gripped my attention and I stopped to listen.

Well, the palace was one hell of a place and every single thing was suspicious.


“I hope you did a clean job?” I heard him ask.

“And I hope the cut wasn’t deep enough to kill him?

“Yeah, good. Cause I don’t want him dead.

“Alright. Bye”.

I arched my brows in surprise immediately.

What’s he talking about?
And who’s he referring to?
Danica’s Pov:
I ran back to the woods and thankfully, he was still there – safe but bleeding.

My breath hitched as I dropped the first aid box on the floor and squatted in front of him.

I placed my hand on his chest and he was still breathing.


Then, I opened the tip of his shirt to have a look at the damage.


A red bleeding spot appeared on the white flawless skin. Thank goodness, the cut didn’t look deep.

I lifted his shirt up to his chest so I could have easy access to the wound and as I did, I found it so hard to believe I was actually touching the royal prince.

what if I get caught?
Or what if he wakes up and misinterprets my good will? Maybe, thinks I’m the criminal or something?

I felt so nervous at the moment. How did the prince end up here, huh?
Obviously, someone made an attempt on his life.

But who?

Who could it be? And why?

I opened the first aid box and brought out the necessary tools.

First, I had to clean up the wound, using a wool soaked with spirit.

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Afterwards, I dressed it properly and in the process, I noticed his finger move.

I paused and stared into his face.

Gosh! He was so handsome; cuteness so perfect.

He had this baby lashes which rested beautifully as he slept.

His noise was a bit pointed, lips pink and tempting.

Royalty smelt all around him and I still thought it a dream finding him alone in the woods.

He was more like a god and I felt it was impossible to be with him – alone.

Whoever stabbed him….really took a risk. And I wondered why they just stabbed him and left him in the woods. Was their intentions to kill him? How could humans be so cruel, huh?

I shook my head as I rounded up the dressing of the wound and…yeah. It was perfect.

It closed up properly.

I guess….the pains must’ve reduced by now.

I started arranging the kits back into the box, slowly and ruminating.
And suddenly, I heard a light sound – like a grunt or something.

I flinched a bit. It wasn’t far, but had come from the body in front of me.
The prince.

I darted my eyes to his face and I gasped when I found his eyes open.

He was awake!!

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