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[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M



Akuna wiped her fake tears again and looked at her other princesses; Xara,shadia,Adaeze and two other that I don’t know their names.
Lotanna scoffed.”what’s this right now? is this who you are?” he asked.
he looked so surprised and confused
akuna got more speechless.
“baby,I can’t explain…listen..I…lotan she is nothing but a trouble maker she disrespected me” Akuna lied.
Ngozi gasped from where she stood with Ebere.
“my prince…..” ngo wanted to speak.
“would you shut up.don’t you have respect for the royals,we are talking you want to talk” Akuna shot ngozi a deadly glare.
I hastily stood up from where i was kneeling.
Lotanna got more shocked when he saw a tear rolling down my eyes.
Jesus,was I crying? I wiped it hurriedly.
Akuna rushed to him and tried touching him. “Lotanna,I didn’t do anything wrong am just correcting…”
she came back to where I stood and tried touching me on my shoulders.
“Adeife tell him am not wrong,I was correcting you” she said.
I already wiped my tears out completely,I smiled out.Am not doing this because of Akuna,I will just do this for the sake of her relationship.
Ngozi shot me a glare to say the real thing likewise Ebere.
I smiled again.”umm sir,I hope you forgive me for getting into another trouble” I said and shifted away from princess Akuna.
Lotanna rolled his eyeballs.
“so you are this senseless”lotanna asked me.
He dragged me out of where Akuna stood and kept me at his right hand.
Akuna swallowed into nothing forcefully, her fellow princess watched in amusement, they looked down avoiding lotanna’s gaze.
is it because of his handsomeness?
or did they realize how shameless they have been?
lotanna just watched them in surprise most especially Akuna…
“my prince,she always do it..
she always maltreat Ife for no reason, she gave her that mark on her shoulders” ngozi said from where she stood.
I opened my mouth and tried covering the mark but he saw it already.
He got more shocked.
“Akuna I don’t understand what am seeing and what I just witnessed earlier….have you suddenly lost it?” he asked.
“obim(heartbeat), I didn’t….
“but back then when we were younger you weren’t a bully.You were either wiping the poors tears and you always sympathize with any bully victim. .I couldn’t even believe you’ve graduated with a degree in being so fucking fake” he said.
“Lotanna,don’t think it that way,
Just wait,I can explain” she said.
“Now,I think i understand it all.
You broke her pot and cut her bead that day at the stream,even that day at the kitchen it was all you…I found it hard to believe until that day in the yacht when she fell into the ocean…
It was you who push her but yet you still switched everything on her and blamed her instantly” lotanna said.
“lotanna she didn’t” Xara wanted to defend Akuna,
lotanna raised his hand and signalled her to remain silent.
He just look at Akuna in surprise.
“Akuna I regret that our families are close friends…
gosh what my mother fell is a lie,
what else was a lie with us huhn..
why are you souless??? he said.
Ngozi gasped.
“so they are not even dating,chai see lie…Akuna your father left yansh there” ngozi mocked.
Akuna turned and ran away.
I got myself the moment she was out of sight with her fellow crews.
I faced Lotanna who was still holding me,he wanted to say something but I stopped him.
“people are watching” I said.
“remind me to flog you when we are alone” he said and left me.
Gosh,that was a narrow escape.
I left and went to where ngozi and Ebere were standing.
“so after all Akuna isn’t in a relationship with any of our prince and yet she always control us like the world is in her feet…
well it is a good thing I witnessed this,I swear I won’t respect her from today….
if she wants to control anybody,let her do that in her kingdom”
Ngozi said..
Ebere laughed,I shook my head and followed them to the maids quarter.
@ Adesola golden stories.
Olamma’s p.o.v
I stood in the lovers spot and soon Akuna approached with her servants.
I got confused when I didn’t see Ife with her,the plan was to get her here and deal with her.
“you should see the way lotanna insulted me in the front of that tramp. It’s hightime I stop pitying Ife” she said….
I laughed.”someone that you ought fi eliminate since.The only thing am worried about is the royal feast that would take place next tomorrow since that’s when prince Jedinna will return….
the royal feast will be a huge one which means more princes” I said.
“and I think her virginity is the same thing that is drawing handsome guys to her…what if we make her look like us….it costs Nkem nothing to take it away or better still Arinze” she said.
“hmmm good idea,I think Arinze will be better,Nkem and lotanna are on good terms he might not want to do it…. I trust Arinze,he will do it without much stress” I said.
“but please be careful,I don’t want the queen to see me as a bad egg,she always thinks positive of me” Akuna said as we walked on.
finally I escorted her and turned back….. I just wish the spell didn’t go on her.
I got to the stream where I met Arinze swimming.He really love water.
I smiled seductively and retied my very short wrapper in a more tempting way….he got more interested as he clicked his lips..
I sat slowly and started throwing stones in the stream while giving him an inviting stare.
“olamma,I still don’t understand why you broke up with me…..
I was good and faithful to you and I always meet your demands” he said with a pained expression.
“well,am back to warm up your cold bed,you know it’s very bad for a woman to make the first attempt”
I said..
He swam out of the stream,I stood up and look around, no one was coming.
“if you don’t make the first attempt, how will I know how skillful you are” he says,I pressed my fingers on his chest and watched as the water drio down his well built chest.
He is really a handsome man….and of course from a wealthy background just that he got do unserious with alcohol.
He carried me up and took me deep in the bush…
I hastily remove my wrapper and laid it on the floor,he grabbed my butts roughly and started kissing me so roughly…
slowly he got his fingers trapped into my V and felt my opening.
I opened my legs wider and shut my eyes in a slow moan.He came up to my nipples and ate me so deeply,he took his dick in and moved in and out of me in a fast speed…
we moan in a rymth.
He took in my nipples in again and positioned me in another manner, his dick was still trapped in, I couldn’t believe I took in his full size…
his dick was the big type.
I got wild with desires as he slap his dick against my pussy…
“aaahhhh arinze!!!!! I moaned.
he then slide it up and down my pussy…
I throw my head backwards in sweetness as he slowly deep fucked me while rubbing my clit….
I was too weak to push him away.
“Arinze sssssss ahhhh” I moaned loudly like crazily.
he stopped.
It was my turn to stay on top.. I did and fix his dick in,I adjust to his size and rode him so damb hard.
I stopped and laid on him then in the bush.
“we should do this some other time” he said..
I breathed out. “only if you do what I say” I said.
Adeife’s p.o.v
I was done with my evening duties and I returned to the maids quarter to meet Ngozi since she said we should take the paper to “old Nana”.
We were about going when Ebere said she wants to follow us to were we are going.
hmmm this is a secret person,we don’t want a third party.
“that reminds me” Ebere brought out the jedioku prince topic..
we couldn’t just go again as we talked and talked and talked.
“Ife maybe next time” ngozi said and left…I sighed and stayed back.
I actually stayed in till it was night.
finally, it was time to sleep,Ebere slept on my bed..
I was about sleeping when someone knocked at the door,I went to answer it since I was the only one awake.
I opened the door,it turned out to be princess Amarachi- Lotanna and Jedinna’s younger brother.
by this time I bowed.
“aunty Ife where have you been, have been searching for you” she said.
I got confused.
wait,am I even hearing well.
“Aunty Ife”.
Anyways am older than her,she is fifteen while am just 20.
“my princess what can I do for you” I asked.
“my brother said I should give you this” she said and handed me a paper.I looked back, thank goodness they all slept.
I opened the paper.
“but my princess,I can’t read” I said.
“hmm okay,I will read it for you”
she pouted beautifully and look into the paper..
“aunty,according to what is in this paper,he said you should meet him at Akili road….he wants to take you along in his two days traveling to Banana island” amarachi said.
I smiled out tears and looked at the tatoo he drew on my palms.
“aunty what’s the secret to your beauty?” I heard her ask.
“hunnn!! did you say something”
I said.
“my brother loves you” she said.
I smiled, what does this little girl knows about love.
“isn’t the palace gate locked” I asked.
“I already get the key through Nkem” she said smartly.
I stayed quiet.
“aunty do you still want to go,my brother is waiting?” she asked.
“won’t my absense cause suspicion?” I asked.
“Mrs okafor travelled this night and would return also in the next two days,I will tell them you traveled with her” Amarachi said.
“okay am ready but please help me read this last paper” I brought out the first paper he gave me,that we want old nana to help us with.
she opened the paper.
“Be my royalty and I will be your crown together” she reads.
aaaaaw so sweet,so he actually ask me out….
I followed Amarachi out,we got to the back door,I collected the key from her and opened it.
I stepped out,not quiet Kong I heard the queens voice from upstairs.
“Amarachi what’s happening there?” I heard her voice.
I got scared.
“Aunty Ife please run,nothing must happen to my brother” she whispered since I was already out.
“okay thank you” I replied.
“Amarachi,I said whats happening there?” I heard the queens voice.
“maaa….” she answered and raised the paper up.
“nothing is happening,am searching for network” she replied.
“network in a paper,bring the paper let me see it” the queen said.
“Aaaaah,I swallowed it” Amarachi replied and threw the paper in her mouth…
I smiled as i ran


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