[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M



looked at dubem,my little brother who doesn’t know we ain’t blood.
“ngozi” he tapped me,
I rolled on my bed and fake sleep.
“ngozi” he tapped me again,
I shrugged in sleep.
“ogini kwa nu(what is it)” I said.
“ngozi mummy said you should come and wash my bombom I just poopoo” four years old dubem said.
“aaah ahhh can’t you see am sleeping” I retorts.
“mummy said you should also change my cloths” he added.
“can’t you call me aunty hunn?”
I said and twisted his ears,dubem has no respect.
“Aiiiiiiissssss my ears” he screamed.
“dubem! dubem! mama shouted from the kitchen,I hastily left his ears.
“mama insect entered his ears that’s why he is screaming” I said and carried him to the backyard where I watched his buttocks.
I washed my hands and his own,
we went back inside..
Our food was ready,dubem rushed to it and opened it-
the aroma of the assorted ogbono filled our room.
“etiquette” I said.
he washed his hands again and we started eating in silence.
I shared the meat and purposely make one bigger than the other.The bigger one has lots of bone.
“I want the bigger one” he says.
I smiled and push it to him while I through the one with lots of flesh into my mouth.
“eeeh what’s this?” he asked.
“aunty there’s no meat here” he said with a pitiful expression.
“you said you want the big one” I said and washed my hands.
I carried a low stool and sat in our compound to receive fresh air.
Dubem joined me afterwards.I knew he wanted something the moment he come on my laps.
“as from today,I will call you aunty” he said.
“you’re a trouble maker, just tell me what you want” I said.
he wrapped his hands around me.
“folktales please” he said.
“the title of my story is “The lost beauty” I said.
“hmmm sounds interesting” he clapped his hands ryhmtically.
“once upon a time,there lived a girl named Ifedimma.She lives with her wicked stepmother who make her works all day and eat like an ant”
I said.
I checked dubem,he already slept.
I smiled and took him in,I made sure he slept well.That was when I realized I haven’t deliver the new stock to mama mmesoma.
I packed the clothes for sale and rushed to her house.
Mama mmesoma is onome’s close friend abs both are known as the best best gossip partner as their house isn’t far from each other.
I got to her house not quiet long and knocked on the door,she answered it few seconds later.
“good evening nne” I greeted.
“welcome..but why this time” she asked.
“I forgot” I replied and bite my nails in a forgetful manner.
I presented the cloth, she brought out lantern and examine it.
“#4,000 ma’am” I said.
“you’ve started again,I used to buy it #3,500″she bargained.
“aaaah mama this one is not like those rags other trader well, my mother traveled for two days to a far away kingdom just to get this stock brands” I said.
“do you even heard what happened?” she asked me.
“mama please pay me and let me go, it’s night already” I said.
this woman can gossip for Africa,
no wonder onome chose her ad best friend.
she paid me,I counted the money and left.I ran since it was night,
and I mistakenly jammed olamma.
“You daft,do you have loads on your eyes?” she flared up.
“and do you have problems with sight” I retorts.
“if fire is burning you,you better use it to burn the floor” she hissed and walk away.
“idiot,village prostitute…Ashawo..
na your family fire go burn”
I said and bent to pick my key,I saw a little bottle on the floor.
seriously,this must have fallen from olamma.I picked it up and stopped at where there was light.
I opened the bottle and smelt it,
the pungent and choking smell was as strong as hell.
this is bekwe poison!!! I hastily covered the bottle.
“what’s olamma doing with this… this is poison is deadly for those who have the sickness of fearing cold but for common people,it is nothing.
what can she be doing with it??
I ran home.
@Adesola golden stories.
Onome’s p.o.v
I made sure everyone slept,
and I brought out the black calabash I kept under my bed,the giant queen in the world of the immortal appeared.
she turned her back against me which is very unusual.
smokes emanates from the pot,I hastily covered it.
I opened it again.
the one who enslaves the land with war…
the great one who wear fansy pants to war to destroy thousands.
you carry we your children on your back to the war font….
chaos and war is nothing but a playful thing for you ..
the strongest rock who wouldn’t take insults with ease!
her image disappeared on the pot surface..I got scared.
Aaaah fire!!.
teeth are gone,laughter now becomes a difficult thing in my house
I covered my mouth and ran out.
I got to her grave and stood still,
soon I started clapping ryhmtically..
The floor started shaking with heavy sounds, I started seeing double.
and the shaking floor was replaced with smokes as my great grandmother appeared with visible furry in her eyes that already got blood shot,in her hand was an arrow.
“my priestess”
“my mother”
“my one and only supporter”
“the one who never fails”
I breathed out.
“isn’t it time to fulfill your promise..
look the third moon just elapse” she said,fire gush out.
“am trying my best mma” I said.
“your best isn’t enough” she cuts in rashly.
“I can’t hold this ugliness anymore” she added.
“ma’am hold it for a while” I said.
“then I want something in return” she said.
“anything,I shall give it to you” I said.
“Adeife’s voice!! once you shoot her with this arrow,it would be trapped”
she said.
“but you said her voice can never be seized again” I said.
“what I see you can’t” she said.
I took the bow and arrow and went back,I ran. But I stopped when I sighted Ife running and passing through shortcuts.
Aaaaaahhh isn’t my creator good?.
“Adeife” I called.
“ma’am” she answered and stopped running,she turned and froze when she saw me.
“what did I tell you about BELIEVE-
you don’t need to believe for you’re hopeless,now come to me” I said.
“no mama,I don’t want to come”
she shook her head and started running.
I ran after her as I set the arrow.
“you can’t run for long” I said and set the arrow..I set target on her leg,
she missed it.
I fired two together,it was almost meeting her but the two arrow intersect and drop on the floor.
“hmmm this is getting more tougher”
the giant queen spirit appeared.There was a candle in her hand, she dropped it and she took the bow and arrow and wanted to do it herself, someone dragged Ife.
He turned and gosh…. his sight was like the most handsome creature have ever seen,
he had tiny diamond earring on his ears….I couldn’t see his full face as he didn’t turn well.
only his diamond earring and bracelet glittered.
The light on the candle went off, the priestess suddenly got weak and disappeared.
what can be happening?
“Babe have been waiting since!
I heard his voice as he took Ife by his right hand.
what a golden voice, I might as well stay here to listen all days long.
but who is he????
he looks so rich and extensive for someone of his age.
“umm arrow,let’s leave here quickly”
I heard Ife saying… I couldn’t see so clearly cos it was night…next I saw the two hugging.
I fix in another arrow and set it on the unknown guy.
“who are you?” I shouted.
they disengaged.
” until one day,I don’t need to humble myself in front of you” he replied.

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