[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M



*until one day,I don’t need to humble myself in front of you**
what can this mean?
and he just said that to mr like am some cheap vegetables…
I gasped as I turned,I didn’t see anybody,I picked the remaining candles and headed for home.
Akuna’s p.o.v
I got crazily worried as I couldn’t sleep,I got sad as well whenever i remember how prince lotanna spoke to me in the presence of my friends; worst still in the presence of my Adeife.
I felt like throwing up.
A maid knocked at my door.
“if it is drugs then am giving it away”
I said…
“but my princess,you need to take this drug” the maid still said.
“I told you—
I paused and stood up with my feet fitted onto my white room slippers as I strolled around my room,
my blue princess regalia flowed behind,
it was designed so sexily with strapless arms,my breasts could be felt from the exterior and there was a cut off from my waist downwards while my legs could be felt upwards.
“should I come in?” tiara said.
“get away” I said.
“okay ma’am” I heard.
I slammed my forehead as another knock came on the door,
the sound of it looks like another problem was added to my headache.
Jeeeex is this shit really happening?.
“who’s there??–
I had wanted to shout but I grouse when it turned out to be my mother- the queen.
I turned my back against her and hastily stroll back to the bed side where I fell into the pillow.
“mother,I think I made a mistake”
I said.I couldn’t really breath well.
“what happened again?” she asked.
“prince lotanna was mad at me because i…..
I didn’t even beat the girl” I said.
“Akuna common, when will you over grow this” she said.
“but I didn’t even bear her up, I was only cautioning her to stay on her own…” I said.
“why will you caution a maid from another kingdom like it is your father’s kingdom… lotanna’s mother mustn’t even know about this”
she said.
I huffed ad I stood up.”Seriously,you are taking the poor tramp side… good lord what type of mother have I gotten…so I can’t caution her.
what is she ??
who is she???
mother…a common maid,someone I can buy over with my one month savings…name it,any price”
I huffed.
“don’t Akuna mee mother! Prince Jedioku have always been princess Adaeze dream man but that daughter of a bitch—.
“ohh my goodness,when did you become like this? back then at the days,you were always wiping people tears or either fighting Xara and co to stop bullying…I cant believe you are the master mind” she said and I groused.
“this character of yours is very bad, something that your father is doing that people are seeing ad bad,you want to take over it” she said.
“gosh,I might have to leave this place* I said and walked out.
Adeife’s p.o.v
I gasped as he carried me like a baby, I closed my eyes tight and opened it….I can’t believe he is carrying me,
what am I?
what is he even in love with when we do not have a single hope of being together in the nearest future.
the queen must not even know we are together,she might kill me.
am only following him so that he will be fine and I promise you,Lotanna,
I will be there till you find a better girl,
someone whose life and beginning is not as rough as mine,
someone with a sweet beginning,
a person who isn’t a stark illiterate like me……
I pray you come across such,
someone that will be your long lasting royalty..
Although as for me,I already accept my fate,just that I haven’t still learnt how to say goodbye…
I just hope by then,I would be in happiness….and if I find out my mother isn’t alive,I will still accept fate cos I have fight enough,
now I have no more strength to fight again….
I jolted out of my thoughts when he sent his hands underneath my thighs and lift me well,it was just sweet each time he lift me to balance.
my wrapper,I hope it doesn’t pull out.
He carried me out of the car.
Soon we arrived.
I felt like I was in heaven,the place was a total definition of an empire,
hmmm soo he is this rich??
how many mansions do you have?
securities came out of different angles as we arrived in the house and lotanna rushed in.
“kindly follow me” a lady said to me.
her ascent was too fast but I was able to catch up.
I nodded as I followed her.
I still looked around.
with all these achievements and wealth,am more scared to say yes to what you wrote to me in that paper…
am scared of being your royalty and am also scared of you being my crown!!!
we are two lives,
we are two different worlds!.
I followed the lady in…
“firstly,you need to bath” she opened a door.I got in shyly and got lost in the washroom.
The lady came in also..
wait,will she watch me bath??
no need I can—
she helped me with water and went out…
“madam use the jacuzzi”.
she said from the outside.
eeeeeh,what is jacuzzi!!!
I saw a bucket and filled it with water, I saw a new sponge and used it after which I wrapped a towel on and she opened the door.
I still followed her as she strolled around in the room.
we got to a section where there were so many things and it looked like “mall” a place aunty Tracy once room me too.
“sorry,is there a market here” I asked.
she smiled and brought out a blue nighties, same brand of what lotanna had given me to wear..
is this coming from him???
I collected it from the lady.
it was just so exposed.
“this dress,I don’t like it.Can I get something more covered” I imagined myself saying…
but whoops,I should be grateful and not dictating..
I sighed and took it like that.
“this should be your size,you have nice hips” she said and brought out a black pant with white label.
Jesus! what type of pant is this? and why does it have a hole underneath..
No way,I won’t wear this…
I prefer cotton or lace pant.
“actually,this brand is called “catapult”…The hole under neath serves a very important role that during sex,you do not need to remove the pant…the hole is a space for the penis to fit into your honey pot” she explained.
“my goodness,am not a call girl”
I said and found a cotton pant in a seal…
do I even need a bra??
save me the stress…
thank you! I almost bowed as I rushed into the washroom where I changed.
the good thing is that it is not even transparent.
The only problem is my breast,
its just too lifted and pointed. I looked in the washroom mirror.
But what do people like in my body stature anyways..
why am I even worried?
it’s night,lotanna won’t see anything.
finally,I stepped out.
The lady smiled at me and showed me a room which she called mine.
the I followed her to the dinning.
She left.
I dished out what I wanted and started eating…
footsteps approached,I turned it was lotanna in a white long sleeve top, he used a red band to wedge his hair…
He looks so different,
simple and expensive….
Is this my village prince? he doesn’t look like one.
I turned again,he was watching me.
He stayed like that and watched me for a while,
I too was lost looking in his eyes,
then his lips…
my eyes have no control.
Lotanna suddenly look at me in a different way,
I remembered I was eating.
what was I thinking???
I faced my food,I couldn’t even continue…
I drank water and stood up.
He got a call.
“the confirmations have been cleared,Alvin paid in 8million today” ….
I think business.
He left for upstairs….
I stood up and also trailed up behind me to the room that lady called mine.
Lotanna ended his call,
he turned and had the chance to look at me very well.
About the paper,I hope he doesn’t bring it up….
hmmm what is he even looking??
I got crazily shy as i approached him, I would pass him to get to my room door.
“sir,goodnight” I said.
he nodded.
I smiled and moved my hair as I walked in front.
has he even eaten??
did he…..gosh..
I got to my door,
he was still watching me.
“sir” I said as I waved.
“come over” he said…
what does he want to talk about.
I went to him,again he took me by his right hand,I really can’t sleep alone.
I pray he allows me stay with him or better still with that lady.
If I stay alone,I will have bad nightmare.
“You can’t sleep alone,or else you might end up crying in sleep” he said
and I smiled like i just won Mrs Africa..
“thank you sir” I said.
we got to his door,it opened automatically and he slam the door.
“thank you sir” I said again and hastily went to his bed,
I used like four pillows to divide the bed…
“its all the same,nothing special”.
I heard him rolled his eyeballs as he laid carefully on a briefcase which was on his side of the bed…
he watched me as he chew his gums quietly.
“the paper,did you see it?” he asked.
I got heated up…
“I…I…didn’t see it sir,can you tell me what you wrote there?” I asked.
I actually want to hear from his mouth.
“Ummm..didn’t you see the paper”
he said again.
“I can’t read and write,I really can not interpret it” I said,deep inside me I was rejoicing.
“Can you just turn to face me then?”
he asked..
I turned shyly..but the demarcation was still the there.
And he still lay on the briefcase..
“Ifedimma,I really love you…
only you makes me loose control, would you stay with me today, tommorow and forever…?”
he asked….
I nodded negatively.
“am not ready sir?…I don’t mean to be rude but I will think about it”
I said,politely as I quickly turn to back him.
“I know am more than anyone’s dream boyfriend Ife,so do you still need to think about it?” he asked.
“hunnnnnh! I said and still nodded negatively.I smiled out tears,our love won’t work…but in as much,I would learn to stop seeing him as god, I need to start seeing him as human.
he is handsome,
he is wealthy,
he is sensible and kind…
who wouldn’t fall???
“what you have to say,I really want to hear it Ife” he said.
I stayed quiet.
hmmm is he drunk, waaaaaaattt
does he knows what he is saying?
He tapped me…I shivered.
being his girlfriend!!!!!!!!!!
“I really want to hear it” he says..
I smiled out tears as I couldn’t turn to look him not to talk of speaking.

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