[I know,you won’t stay ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M




I find my heart moving fast,
gosh was i being nervous because he asked me out..
Aaah this must be a joke or better still a dream; even if am beautiful with firm curves am still not his taste.
what is he falling in love with?
Adeife the daughter of who!.
I cluth the duvet tightly to myself as I felt lotanna from behind.I turned slightly and saw him taking the briefcase away fro his side of the bed.He lift it with little stress but it still fell…everything inside poured.
I swear,i almost got blinded with the way he handed money like paper.
will he even pack it back??
“Aissssh” I heard him say,
he removed the yellow bandana from his hair and tore another bubble gum nylon,he chewed in quietly as he packed everything to the briefcase back then he walked to a particular wardrobe that look like royalty,
he interloop the lock,
I shut my eyes as I didn’t want to look at his money.
ohh lord,I know am poor
but don’t let me die poor,help me take this little smile of mine to a better level in life…
I opened my eyes after the short prayer,he already closed the wardrobe he turned and I saw him in full.
he wore a white short,just 3-quartered,a red top and a red foam bed slippers.
he cat walked back to his side of the bed and moved very close to the demarcation so he would look me well.
I turned to shift away,
he took my hand then moved close into my ear.
“will you say yes?”
he whispered,sweetly.
our faces suddenly get close,
I look down to his lips and was tempted to say yes but I still kept quiet…
he looked me in a different way.
“do you know how difficult is it to confess love?”he asked.
I nodded negatively.
“just tell me,I won’t be angry if you don’t love me…I will understand nature do not want us to be and I won’t force you” he said.
I bashed my lashes.”it’s not…actually
..i want to think about it” I said.
he looked into the demarcation and looked up to me.
“I might be uncomfortable if I tell you yes now” I said.
“I will give you anything you want…
be it cars,house, estates..
you will also get educated,Just tell me anything you want I will do it for you” he said.
I sighed… is this the lotanna I love?
so he actually thinks i will get carried away by all that!
scam!!! I don’t even think he knows who my father is???
my father is a very wealthy man and of course a respectable icon in our village…if he had not disowned me because i was ugly then,I know where I should be by now.
“anything,I will give you.Am not even looking for someone to date, I want a life partner” he said.
“I don’t want sir,am okay like this….
and even if i will accept to be your girlfriend or your wife in the future, it won’t be because of your money,your achievement or because you’re a crowned prince…I would love you for who you are,not for all those things..
I might be angry next time if you beg me with wealth” I said..
he smiled to himself and took my hands.I smiled.
I felt so shy his eyes keeps looking down to my chest.I smiled and quickly turned.
I placed my hands there to tie the rope well
until I felt him take my hand.
I opened my eyes and shivered at his touch and he carefully turned me to face him.
“hunn!”.I said when he touched my robe…
“you still didn’t get this” he said and help me tie it completely.
no more words* I slept.
“when I saw you the first day honey, I fell in love with you and you smiled back because you knew it”
he muttered,
I smiled in sleep.
Lotanna’s p.o.v
what a girl…why didn’t she say yes immediately?..
did I suddenly get ugly!
I checked my phone mirror.
why won’t she say yes?.
I smiled as I dropped my phone,next I look into her face-
what I just did was simple,I compared Ife to my past girlfriends and she passed the test.
not only because she is decent but also because she is the one that loves me the most.If she had said yes instantly, I will have a believe that she likes me for just my wealth and popularity….I will give her all what money can buy but my love for her won’t last,
for I know she loves my money not me.
But she doesn’t even like me for my money,she is someone who valued herself…she kept herself very well and didn’t do nonsense despite her rough beginning,
I will fight to be with you
I promise to protect you with everything i have.
even if the killer comes,
I give you my words you won’t die, I will give you half of everything i have.
I want you to stop acting inferior each time I touch you or hold hands with you,I want to be yours so badly.
being with me is not really easy but I assure you safety.My mother will have no choice than to accept you since I still have a wish left out of the three wishes I do make every year.
my last wish for this year will be for you to be the jewel in my crown and you will never experience the pain of heart break from me..
I want to love you like crazily,
spoil you for myself,
build you till the world will hear your voice….
I covered her well,
my eyes got trapped in her lips which was beautifully shaped.
I was tempted to kiss it…
what I wanted right now was to kiss you but i can’t do something you don’t like and besides I have self control…I controlled that need and
placed my finger on it instead..
I laid well and watched her
her robe was now loosed and her cleavages were vissible,
I got tempted,
her fair skin was so clean without a single blemish, the only mark i saw was on her shoulder.
Akuna gave her that mark-bullying I guess.
I tried looking away but hell no,
my eyes have no control.
she rolled very close…
Aaaah a more clearer view.
Ife just kill me already.
I closed my eyes and sent my hands to her shoulders,she wasn’t even on bra…waooow.
I covered her,she opened her eyes and caught me staring.
“sir,what were you doing?” she asked
“I wasn’t even checking..and besides,i can’t see clearly in green lights.. color blindness” I lied.
she sighed.”You really can’t see in green lights” she said.
Adeife’s p.o.v .
I felt pressed and needed to urinate but I don’t even know where the restroom is….
god save your daughter!.
I couldn’t hold it anymore and I quickly turn to prince lotanna on the bed, he sat backing me on the bed and was counting money into three briefcases…
hope I won’t disturb him??.
gosh,I turned back and held the urine till I couldn’t hold it anymore.
“my prince,please where is the restroom” I asked,I already stood up.
He directed me,
I ran…I stopped halfway,
I already forgot where he described.
I ran back.
“I think I missed it” I said.
next he took his phone..
wait,is he following me????
he followed me,soon we cut across four different doors.
lotanna turned on the switch.
Jesus! when I thought i would die holding my urine.
“thank you sir” I rushed words and moved in..
I didn’t even lock the door.
I washed my hands afterwards and dried it with a towel.
I turned off the light and went out.. I didn’t know he was waiting few steps away…I bumped into him,
it happened so fast,I wanted to fall.
his hands roamed base of my buttocks and my cheeks where his lips mistakenly kissed…
And my breasts pressed into his body so tightly.Right now,my pointing nipples is an embarrassment to be…..
I got scared at the type of close contact and it was the first time a guy would touch me like this….
“sorry” he said and pulled away.
I ran away to the bedroom and touched where he touched on my body.
did I want to cry?.

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