[you’re my heart’s crown ]

BY: Adesola Adeomowole.M




“well since I already sold her out as a maiden,you will need to provide the same amount for me to get her back” I said.
“that’s not even the problem,
but why did her late mother say she should not narry-
is there any consequences attached to that?” the prince asked.
I scratched my neck.
“the thing is that Adeife is a bad girl, a no go area as at that.There are many ill luck surrounding her birth, she cause nothing but trouble,so when her mother was dieing, she said Ife mustn’t marry” I lied.
“buy she is a good and hardworking girl.What do I do,I really like her”
he said in a hurried look.
I bite my lips- that brat.
“why not marry my daughter Olamma do you think Ife’s heart is as beautiful as her body,her curves are for deception” I said.
“I don’t understand what you mean by that.Compared to most people in this household,her heart is so much beautiful with very exception character alongside with the way she interact with her fellow humans”
the prince said.
I smiled but I wasn’t happy.
how can I push Ife to this prince?.
what will be my daughter’s fate?.
hmmm I will just use my sense to use him get Ife back and at the end, I won’t give Ife to him.
“so how much do you need” he asked.
I jolted from my thoughts,
then cleared my throat.
“I sold her for four million naira,
then I will need 100thousabd silver coin for the sacrifice so that she won’t be a standby to you” I said.
“if I provide all that,will I get the girl?” he asked.
“why not,sure” I replied..
aaaah scam!.
The prince stood,
some royal guard came in with so many stuffs,soon they left.
Olamma came out after wards,
her expression was so so pained.
“my daughter”
“my jewel”
“mama tell me the prince didn’t find me attractive enough” she said.
“mma calm down” I said.
“why are suitors not coming for me anymore?” she asked.
I said calm down!.
“I usually get up to ten suitors in a month why are they not coming again” she said.
“your pride stopped them from coming…You always reject them saying this one is too ugly, this one is not wealthy enough,this one is not handsome enough” someone said.
and we both turned.
“who said that!!! olamma shouted..
“ohh my goodness,I said it loud!
one if the maids said.
olamma moved closer and slapped her hardly.
“madam am sorry”
the girl pleaded.
“you this crown imbecile,go and get your punishment” sge kicked her again,
then she walked out.
Nkem’s p.o.v
I closed my door quietly.
“hey” someone called.
I turned in full surprise and it turn out to be one of the twin prince.
You see I can’t even differentiate them.They are so identical.
He approached.
“hi,lotanna” I said.
“am not lotanna” he moved his eyes in a roll.
“ohh pardon my manner of recognition” I smiled.
we both strolled downstairs.
“so gist me,what did I miss?”
he asked as we approached the garden.
“my prince you can’t go there now, they are sweeping it” ikechukwu said.
Jedinna looked at him,
ike quickly bowed.
“you actually stayed extra long.If not for the feast today,you wouldn’t have return” I said.
he turned to look me again.
“I didn’t stay long intentionally,
it was the endorsement I got that made me stayed extra time” he said.
we talked as we approached the garden.
Adeife was there with three other maids,they quickly knelt.
“long life to his highness” they choroused.
Ife was behind since she was the one watering the plants.
Jedinna didn’t even turn to look at them not to even talk of answering their greetings..
“long life to his highness”.
they greeted again.
He glared at them as he walked pass them..
“you can just continue your work”
I said instead.
“okay sir” they replied and stood up.
I turned,Adeife was looking so confused.
I hope she can differentiate between Jedinna and Lotanna.
Adeife’s p.o.v
I got confused,the other maids stared at his back view in surprise.
“he didn’t reply our greetings”
Ebere said.
“gosh,I felt embarrassed” said Rhoda
“see the way he threw me away like some cheap vegetables” dumebi said.
“he might be in his mood swings”
Ebere said.
“are you sure that’s prince lotanna?” Rhoda asked.
“yes,he is the one.Prince Jedinna just returned yesterday he must be resting in his suite” Vicky said.
I shakes my head.
“lotanna is not rude,he is so humble” I said.
Dumebi laughed.”see who is speaking? how do you know he isn’t rude.Rude people always appear to be humble in the outside” she said.
“it’s not him” I said.
“how do you know he is not the one? or are you close to him” dumebi said.
“you’re so senseless for paring a noble and a slave” I said.
Mrs okafor came,
we stopped talking and faced our work…
“hurry up,the guests are arriving” she said and put down two baskets of fruits.
“Ife and Ebere take this to Amarachi’s room” she said.
dumebi and i carried it.
soon we arrived and knocked gently.
the door was opened from the inside. We entered,
Aunty Tracy was seen packing Amarachi’s hair.
“good morning ma’am” we greeted.
Aunty Tracy smiled..
Her phone rang,she signed and picked.
Desmond why didn’t you pick my calls???.
43missed calls-
18 unreplied texts-
tell me is my offense too much.
Aunty Tracy rolled her eyeballs.
I looked at Ebere.
what are we still doing here,let’s drop this and leave!.
I don’t know what uncle Desmond say to aunty Tracy that make her laugh….
when will aunty Tracy find out uncle Desmond is not what she think he is?
honey, its work!
You know I love you,how about we go on a week vacation.You know your favorites!
I heard.
call me back in 5minutes time”
Aunty Tracy said.
Ebere and I dropped the baskets of fruits.We left but the good spirit in me wanted to tell Aunty Tracy about what her fiance wanted to do with me
“Ebere wait for me here”..
I said when we got to the corridor.
*okay” she replied and I went into Aunty Tracy’s place.
“aunty good morning ma’am”
I said.
She smiled.
“I want to tell you something” I said.
“okay,am listening” she said so humbly.
“Aunty Tracy you don’t need to trust too much, the person you love today might turn out to be your enemy.
You deserve someone better than Uncle Desmond.
Although you introduced him to me once but he he tried raping me that once,I know you won’t believe me but you deserve better.Thanks ma’am”
I imagined myself saying.
“Adeife,am listening now,
you’ve been standing without saying anything” Aunty Tracy said.
I breathed out.
“hmm i will tell you later” I said.
“is everything okay?” she asked.
I nodded and left.
I met Ebere and we both walked back.
“have you seen an incense staff before?” Ebere asked.
“no… but I heard it is only virgins that can touch it.If a female that is not a virgin touch it,she will get sick till death.That staff is very powerful, only the royals use it” I said.
“so who will hold the incense staff for today?” Ebere asked.
“come let me show you where the staff is” Ebere said and I followed her happily.
waoow.I gasped.
it was very little and in a glass box.
soo attractive,
the maids that passed also stopped to admire it.
“Is that your work as a maid”
we heard princess akuna stern voice,
she came with her fellow princess for the feast of course.
“I’m sorry ma’am”
“we are sorry”
“we will get to work”
some said.I just rolled my eyeballs.
The queen approached,
Aaah we better leave.
“Akuna kindly help me with the Incense staff,the priest needs it”
the queen said.
The twins prince were coming from opposite direction.
They look so identical.
“but only virgins can touch that staff”
Ebere whispered into my ears.
“are you a virgin?”
I whispered into her ears.
“hunn…nooo” she smiled.
“what about you” she whispered into my ears.
“waaaaaatt let’s not say that”
I smiled.
“Akuna the incense staff,the priest is waiting” the queen said.
someone coughed,
it was Amarachi.
“Akuna,why are you still standing-
get her that incense staff or are you not a virgin” Amarachi said.
“I’m…. a…
Akuna stammered,
all eyes on her.
Ebere laughed lowly.
how I wish ngozi is here?


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