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[inter mission]

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Lotanna’s p.o.v💛💛
she slept and slept,
all she felt was pain..
am so sorry…thank you so much.I promise to be always there for you like have always been,
I will never hurt you or make you cry.

I covered her well and just kissed her shoulder from behind,
I kissed her neck,she was still sleeping.I hugged her tight and she shifted away from my body.

I covered her well and went to bath agauny white top was stained with her blood again.
I walked out in another white,
she was still sleeping,I changed into a red room slippers and called the maids line to bring pepper soup for my queen.

I turned to look at her on the bed,
she already opened her eyes but covered it with a pillow.
“good morning your highness” I heard her say.
I nodded.

I hope nothing changes after what we did yesterday night.I have never enjoyed being with females but you drove me wild,I felt like eating you up.

deflowering you is one of the best thing that has ever happened to me and I count myself lucky.

I know you’re too beautiful for me,
your skin not even a blemish,
I enjoyed your moan deep in my soul and how you act shyly each time you enjoyed something.
have noticed it several times and whenever we are together.

you’re just too sweet and everything about you is worth watching so much that I see how much you want me alive.

I hope you won’t leave me.

I connected my calls to my earpuds and entered the bathroom to set her bath then I came back opening a box
I moved to her and remove the pillow she used to cover her face,
she smiled in little tears as she played with the gold duvet covering her nakedness,
the blood stains could be seen clearly.

“thank you for yesterday night” I said and brush my have into her back to carry her up,
“I’m happy it was you” she looked away in smiles.
“is this the height of your shyness” I said.

she hugged me tight.
“where did you go earlier?” she asked slowly.
“ummm I was sorting out money at the dinning”I said,she nodded.
I wrapped her carefully with the gold duvet and lifted her on my shoulder with one hand.

I took her down and set out a white shower slippers for her to wear,she fits her leg and I carried her again.
“baby I want to tell you something” she said.
“say it please”I requested.
we were already in the shower so I placed her down.

she still hugged me tight…
*you know kings used to have many wives…”she paused.
“okay”I said.
*we you also marry many wives” she asked.
I smiled and held her tight.

“is it funny”she said.I smiled out dimples and kissed her ears in an half biting manner.


“so you are going to marry more wives”she requested.
“have you ever seen me admiring any girl apart from Adeife”I asked.
“no I haven’t seen my husband but I don’t want what happened to me to repeat itself on my kids”she said.

“okay I won’t… I swear on everything we shared”I replied.
she hugged me tight.
“will you bath?*I asked.
she hastily removed the duvet.

Adeife’s p.o.v💋💋💋
I wonder what my life would have been if I didn’t meet lotanna.
hmmm onome,am finally free from u

I removed the duvet that was stained with blood so he would bath me,he also removed his diamond ring then placed the duvet in the washing machine.

He took the hand shower and sprayed it on my body,I smiled …..that felt so sweet and I really enjoyed last night.
The way he pressed me yesterday but I can’t forget the pains.

I smiled when he used the glove sponge to press my breast from behind,I turn to look at him,he applied soap on my face.

“honey my eyes”I said.His fingers was still trapped on my nipples.
I smiled.
he enjoys pressing a lot.
he sprayed me water thoroughly.

damn I was so clean.
I smiled at my skin…so fresh.
the sponge on my waist fell,I watch him lift his face down there,
he closed his eyes playfully as he bath me with water.

“Adeife”he said.I used my hand to wipe the water from my face so I can look at my husband and hdme hastily controlled his eyes and lock a new towel around me.

I felt him kiss my lips with my eyes closed.
I close my eyes tighter and kissed him back.

our kiss was so slow steady and intense…Lotanna mistakenly turned on the shower with his back,
I smiled happily as the water bath us, he made me then my back.

he traced his fingers on my shoulders leaving me with moans into the kiss, my towel fell,
we kissed again he playfully circled his thumbs on my nipples, making me moan like carelessly.

“it doesn’t look like I pressed you yesterday night”he whispered.
“why? you did and I enjoyed it” I replied.
“everything is still standing and curvy, it looks like we didn’t do anything”he said.I shivered in sweetness and unlocked from the kiss,I look in his face he gaze at e with love.

some respects…ife he is a king.
I smiled.”I took over my mom,did you see how she looks at 43”

We kissed,he pressed hardly.
“obim(my heart)”was what left my mouth.He smiled and carried me,he locked the shower,
it was so sweet as he sucked me slowly like he was really taking milk.

I didn’t know when I held him tight,
we landed on the bed,
he hastily came in between my legs after removing his king bracelet.
He widened my legs and lean in to kiss me deeply.
ohhh heavens🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Desmond’s p.o.v


I still haven’t heard anything from Tracy since.Yes she should be mad at me but it’s actually not really my fault.

she had blocked all the possible ways I can use to get her,even her friends told me she warned them not to disclose anything to me.

ever since she left,
I knew something left me…
I would get myself drunk each time I recollect the curse she placed on me that night.

isn’t my life ruined already?.
I know she won’t accept me but at least we need to sort out some things.

my driver packed into a nearby mall to get some things.I wore my mask and step out,I was actually on a call and the network was totally bad so I kept moving around with phone on my ear,that was when I realized how far I had walked.

there was a red car opposite me,
the door opened and a little girl which I recognize as Amarachi step out.

is she the one or am dreaming??
the second door opened although I didn’t see the face well until I saw a baby bump.Then two guards stepped out from the next door.

ohhh my gooooddd
Tracy…they entered a shopping complex.
I ran after Tracy,my phone fell.

she walked fast with that her sister in the complex

“Tracy”I shouted as I entered too..
she turned sharply and quickly remove a gun from one of the guards waist belt,she directed the gun to me
I smiled as I raised my hand innocently, her guards covered her.

“tracy why are you—

“Desmond you are a womanizer. Hundred percent.Now I already did a research on you”she raised her gun.

“tracy iiii….

“are you sure you’re seeing well, this is not a toy gun”she said.

“I know…but we need to talk…
I need to tell you something important even if I know I don’t deserve your forgiveness”I said..

“something important”she said. and followed me out.
we entered my car although her guards stood behind my car in case I want to play smart.

“Tracy,I wasn’t gonna beg you to accept me for the sake of the child but I want you to find it in your heart to forgi—

she rolled her eyeballs and wanted to open the door,I took her hands.
“Tracy look this is not the man I was..
Johnson Emime made me this way” I said my eyes become darker.

“Johnson Emime,what does he have to do with you,am currently fighting the man’s case”Tracy said.

“see am not lying.
He made me this way and he is my father and beast at the same time” I said.
“do you think am a fool,how can Johnson make you a womanizer…
no matter what you say,
we are never gonna go back to what we used to be”Tracy said.

“Johnson Emime murdered my mom, Kemi Emime 23years ago.Then I was just 8years and he also made me a womanizer”I told her.

“I hate you Johnson”Kemi yelled as she cried.
“I will teach you a bitter lesson bitch” Johnson shouted pulling Kemi into a spare room.

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8years old Desmond who was watching movie in the living room rushed upstairs.
“daddy leave mommy alone”he started crying.

Johnson looked at Desmond in disgust,he pushed Kemi and slapped Desmond.
“let go of my son”kemi yelled trying to hold her son who was already crying.

“listen carefully,I want it now” Johnson a mafia boss yelled.
“Johnson you’re Desmond’s father, you rapped me even when I told you to stop and then I got pregnant and you decide to hate us”Kemi said to Johnson while hugging Desmond.

“I told you I don’t love you and you expect me to believe he is our son” Johnson slapped kemi.
“fine you won’t accept desmon” ksmi said and carried Desmond.
*I only married you because it is a contract but then I found something interesting in between your legs and I have to get it because I get what I want”Johnson said evily.

“You devil”kemi cursed.
johndiny pushed keni to the bed and tore her clothes and even her psnties.

“leave mummy alone”little Desmond cried hitting Johnson with his little hand.

Johnson pushed him away and tied him to a chair.
“you little thing will seat right here and watch ms fuck your mother” Johnson punched kemi severally and unbuckled his belt.

“don’t do this…Johnson.…let my son go,he shouldn’t watch you do this, he is a small kid”Kemi begged weakly.
Right there in Desmond presence, his mother was fucked till she wasn’t breathing anymore by Johnson.

Johnson covered her with a cloth and called his maids to dispose her.
“did you enjoy this little show Desmond,that’s what you do to a woman”Johnson said.
“gimme my mommy!! little Desmond cried.
end of flashback🔥🔥🔥

“Tracy,Johnson made me a womanizers and each time I remember that scence am always triggered to have sex…..

although life with Tracy makes me incomplete but I know am not the fight person for you”I said.
Tracy looked at me.

“why didn’t you tell me this earlier?” she asked…
“will you still love me if I had told you from the beginning?? Anyways I didn’t say this for you to accept me back…

I know you’re fighting Johnson’s case and I badly want revenge bit Johnson always buy his way out.
You as a branaiac lawyer will put him in his rightful place and if you want done evidence, do not hesitate to meet me…

Lastly,take care of our child!!.
I said with a sigh.
until Tracy’s guard knocked on my window saying time up.

I looked at Tracy,
she also stare back blankly as I opened the door for her.

“Desmond why did you keep this away from me?”she asked.
“if I had, would you stay with me from the beginning?…



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