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[inter mission]

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Tracy’s p.o.v👇👇
is Desmond real or what?
this man knows how to get me on his shoes and am scared of him telling me more lies.

“Tracy hope am forgiven for not telling you this from the start?”he asked.
“Desmond! I called.
“anything,say it please”he said.

“ummm I know you are still mad at me and even if you won’t forgive me, can you permit me to always send you money”he said.

“and why would I accept that”I said.
“Tracy please at least for the sake of our baby–

“Desmond don’t!
I raised my hand in the air and step out of his car.
I entered mine,
the guards took Amanda to my penthouse so I had to drive to the prosecution.

I sat facing a file,
still a rape case,I can’t believe this.

According to the full report,Johnson was arrested because he commited sexual abuse with a maid’s daughter who came to visit her mom in her work place.

The rape case was critical as it was found out that Johnson does underage every night and the little girl was in his room for 3days.

I opened the next page
this Johnson us really cruel.
I called a lawyer.

“Celestine send me the full report on the Kemi girl who died 48years ago or so”I said

“okay” he replied.
soon hr called back and I checked my mail.so Desmond really said the truth.

I quickly file my evidence to the barrister in charge. Johnson there is no how you will escape this.

Olamma’s p.o.v👇
have been sitting there for close to 20hours now and no animal came for me.How long will my life be so pathetic or could it be that the animals are being chased away by my bad smell.

the smell keep increasing minutes by minutes.

I crawled on my my fours and made sounds with the rustling leaves,
well if no animal will come,I will have to take my life by myself.

soon I heard sounds of rustling leaves apart from the one I was making and I smiled sadly.An animal is around.

I still sighed.”if death is the redemption of my sins,then take my life but please Adeife should find it in her heart to forgive me….if not for anythinh but for the sake if the father’s blood we shared.

I heard a gun shot,
“my……..””I screamed lowly ad I heard the place where the bullet pierced through.

“it’s human”
“it’s not a game”
“ohh human being”
I heard voices.

I winced in so much pains as I watch my blood gushing out.
an old man came out alongside a young guy.
the man was with a cutlass
while the young guy was with a guy
he must have shot it….he is pretty but–

“umm what smells so bad like this,
papa cover your nose…arrrgggh so stinking.!.

I heard voices,
my vision started getting blured…so blurry that my eyes shut dead down.

Ngozi’s p.o.v💋🔥🔥
why is nkem so bothered about me.
umm no way.

“madam,house number what?”
my sales attendant asked.
“house 36″I replied.
the stocks were suppose to be delivered in that house.

soon we approached.
the house was just opposite IFE’s dad house,ife dad house is the most beautiful in this street.

I watched the house for a while like a movie…
no one heard from onome,
guess shame couldn’t make her stay and I also heard on one now smells so bad.
what a regretful turn.
I wish it was Akuna that smell and not olamma.


“please take records of the stocks,I need to see someone”I told my sales attendant and went to the place I know I can always see Arinze.
you know I love gossiping a lot,I would love to hear about Akuna and her friends.

I had not even reach where I was going when I spoted arinze inside a bar…by this time.
anyways he is a drunkard.

I entered the bar and pull out a chair in her presence without him telling me to.
“Mrs shapeless”he said.
‘”greet your grandmother Amoeba” I replied.He raised his cup of wine to have a sip.
perfect time.

“Arinze when last did you hear from your girlfriend?’I asked.
“girlfriend? which girlfriend did your forefathers give me”he said.

I rolled my eyeballs. “olamma of course”I said.
“well we ain’t an item,she just used me and am glad she met her waterloo”Arinze replied.

“waterloo,what waterloo? tell me more” I requested.
‘you really want to know”he said.
“if I didn’t, I wouldn’t come”I said.
“fine,I will tell you only if you can gulp down that quantity of wine’ he said

“no,I don’t drink that”I said.
“well I don’t blame you,you’ve always hate good things”he said.
“arinze”I called.
“ngozi”he called and filled a cup with wine to its brim.
“fine! I took the glass and gulp down everything.

“Now about olamma but before I start ,ngozi do you remember the day you told me that not only smokers are liable to die,people who don’t mind their business are liable to die” he said.

“are you….you….you…”
I started seeing double.
I was seeing four Arinze.
Arinze laughed.

“Ngozi this is a payback for all those insults”he said.
I stood up and staggered backwards.
“you’re a light drinker”he laughed.
he pulled me to sit and started pouring more wine for me to drink.
I couldn’t resist the sweet taste,
he laughed as I drank more.

Adeife”s p.o.v
Lotanna wasn’t around but I thought he said we are traveling to Dubai,
he wants to give me a special treat.

and why is he staying long?
we ought to be packing already.

I dropped the tele remote,I already get tired watching.I reduced the Ac in the room and went to bath again, I changed into something simple and catching.

I took my phone and called ngozi she wasn’t picking. A call entered my phone,it was my mom.
calling me when we are in the same building.I picked the calls,
she spoke to me for close to 40mins.. the call ended but she wasn’t done talking…the network is bad.

she sent me a voice message.
💌 that man you called a father is the palace right now,I guess it’s you he wants to see you” she sent.
I sighed, I don’t even know what to reply.

a knock came on my door,I answered it and it was Ugomma.
“my queen you would be leaving soon,I came to help you pack”she said.I nodded and step aside for her to move in,she bowed as she move in.

💌 should I see him?”I sent my mom
💌 I don’t know okay,he is your father but not my husband”she sent.
I click on the message to record instavoice but I don’t even know what to say.
until the maid called my name.

“queen ife,am done packing for you ma’am”she said and wheeled out two pink traveling bags.

“okay”I just replied.
Another message buzzed in from an unknown number. 💌you think you’ve won right???….
I ignored the message,its unknown I don’t need to bother over it.


“ma’am”the maid said.
“do you need anything”I asked.
“no ma’am I just want to tell you that prince Jedinna ask of youuu–” she said.
“okay”I nodded.

he asked after me…why??
we have never spoken before,even though I always greet him he doesn’t always answer.
ugomma left.I also left my room,I entered lotanna’s room,
he wasn’t inside plus he had his room light dimmed.
did he packed already??
I saw two bags on the bed,both are empty which means he hasn’t packed.

his red phone which was on the bed rang,I crawled into the bed and took it from under the pillow.
the name was coded in some difficult terms..guess it’s business,
the call ended by itself,
it rang again.

the room door opened and lotanna walked in.I cleared my throat and dropped his phone then I moved out of his bed.

He moved to one of his wardrobe and grabbed one of the empty bags,
he started filling the bag with money from his wardrobe.
his red phone rang again.
“who is that?”he asked.
“hunnn I don’t know”I replied and moved into the king sized bed.
“really..just bring it”he said.
I handed his phone to him which he collected…

📲 okay…
📲 sent them in…am on my way..
📲 bye” he said slowly in the phone and throw the phone back to the bed,
just the right spot.
After he was done filling the first bag with money,he filled the second one and zipped it.
he closed the wardrobe and wheeled out a single empty traveling bag.
he opened it in the bed and kept dome files inside.
“are you done packing?”he faced me.
“yes”I nodded.
“fine”he said and picked the red phone then came to hold my waist…
the guards moved in to take the bags to his car,
we walked out.

“baby are you carrying my son already?”he said and sent his hand to my tommy when we got to the hallway.
I laughed soundedly and shift away from him,
he rolled his eyeballs and held my hand romantically.

ohhh heavens,
when will I get the courage to look on his eyes anytime I want? he is now my husband right…
I cleared my throat,
he cleared his throat and chuckled too…we got to the dinning and sat opposite each other.

lotanna took an apple and some blue berries but I already ordered for pepper soup.
I steal glances on lotanna as he chewed in his apple slowly and work on his phone.

He coughed,I hastily stood up and got him a glass of water.He took water and drank from my hand while staring.
“mr drink water”I said.
he bashed his lashes and drank little, I checked time,
what can be delaying my pepper soup? Lotanna fed me with apple which I ate in relishment.

chioma’s p.o.v🔥🔥🔥
Adapuruche was preparing ife’s pepper soup as fast as posibble and besides with proper care and clean hands.Ebere,Rhoda Vicky and dumebi stopped working as maids the day ife became queen…
Ife personally told her mom to set business for them.
ife had wanted to help me too and tried to become friends and make peace with me that night she became queen but I told her I don’t need her help….

so should I say am the oldest maid here.. am waiting patiently for prince jedinna’s perfect time to strike.
very soon I will be a queen too.
“chioma,prince jedinna calls for you” darmah said.
I left the kitchen where I was watching plate and entered prince Jedinna’s suite…I just came back from traveling,he had traveled that night his brother became king.


I was about opening the door
when the door itself opened revealing him.
“good evening sir” I greeted.
he nodded,his face was soft.

“okay,I need you to put this substance into your queen food” he said and gave me a syrup…
a sealed syrup with white cap.

just little quantity…a drop too much of it will cause damage to the womb” he said,
I went through the content…since I can read.
“pills,sir what are you planning…
don’t you want her to give birth” I asked.
he wanted to talk but I quickly left.

I reasoned it as I entered the kitchen.
she shouldn’t give birth,
this syrup is a very powerful one.
I entered the kitchen,
Adapuruche was there.

I can’t apply this in her presence,I need to send her away.
“Ada” I said as I cleared my throat.
“yes,please don’t send me message. queen ife needs to eat pepper soup before traveling,
I need to do this as fast as—
she paused as she dished the pepper soup into a plate.

“prince jedinna calls for you…and besides I can help you deliver this to her”I said.She nodded and left.
I quickly opened the syrup,I didn’t pour little, I poured everything, stirr it together and coveted the royal tray.

I got to the king and queen empire and knocked, the guards opened the door and I entered.
what greeted me first was the cold air conditioner,I felt like I was in heaven already.

my first time entering here.
I comport myself when I spot them on the royal dinning.
ohh my goodness,king lotanna is worth dieing for.

He looks so ethereal,
at times I do wonder if ife charmed him cos they are not class.
I moved closer,
“your highness”I bowed as I placed the tray gently on the glassy dinning,
he didn’t look up,
just look into his phone as ife fed him apples.

“I brought your pepper soup…
it was Adapuruche that cooked it”I said and bowed gently to ife who already uncovered the peppersoup

king lotanna left her hand that he was holding…
ife took spoon that was when lotanna looked up,I quickly bowed.

what am I still looking for here?
I turned to leave.
“come back here”lotanna said with so much deaminor of superiority in his voice.

“your highness”I quickly turned.
“don’t you know what to do?”he said.
“I don’t sir…”I bowed that was when my eyes caught IFE’s footwear,
soo pretty.

“guess it’s your first time bringing food here…well you are gonna taste out of it first”king lotanna said and took spoon from ife.

he scooped out of the pepper soup into a common plate and a common spoon…
my heart beat increased.
“come and have this”he said.
“okay sir!! I said..
“but sir am fasting”I said.
“if you were truly fasting you wouldn’t go anywhere near the kitchen”lotanna said.

my mouth hung open in bewilderment.
“but I saw you eating when I took morning walk”ife said….
aaaahhh she just added petrol into my burning fire.

Lotanna looked at me,
I looked down.
“what are you still waiting for?” he said….
“sirrr!!!!! I starmmered.
“didn’t you hear well?”he said.

I took the spoon…



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