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[inter mission]

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I woke in the morning,I was naked.
I covered my body well with the duvet,I touched my side of the red bed,I didn’t feel him.

I didn’t see Desmond.
I smiled as I felt my baby kicked and I suddenly feel hungry.

Just then someone dropped a basket of fruit in front of me,
my eyes widened.
“thanks for last night”he said in a smile as he leaned on his palm and looked in my face.

“so our wedding will still take place” he said and lifted an apple to my mouth…
I smiled out tears and took it away from him.
“tracy I already booked an appointment for you with a doctor” he said,he gave me the banana.
I smiled happily and hugged him.

my phone rang,
Desmond turned and helped me with it.
“I thought you will be cutting out your work because of your condition” he says and I forced a banana in his mouth.He smiled and ate from my hand…
he wore a ring on my finger.
I smiled and kissed him before answering my calls.

“hello?”I asked
“barrister Tracy, we found him” they said.I nodded and quickly stood up.
“be careful”Desmond said.
I nodded and brought out my second phone.

now Adeife’s hand is in my hands,
the person that always kill lotanna’s girlfriend is back.
I quickly place a call,then I sent like twenty detectives to lotanna’s house in Dubai.
*this is banana island,they should get there within 4hours,the road is free”Desmond said.

I haven’t bath,
I rushed into the washroom and bath, Desmond already brought out clothes for me to wear.I wore the black pant,
the black bra which he hooked for me…
then a black trouser and a white top that cover my baby bump very well.
I rushed to the door,
I came back and kissed him,
he smiled.

I closed the room door and ran off.
his driver was waiting for me in the car,I entered and called inspector Jerry,

only him can give me the correct information…
soon, he sent the address,
I showed the the driver.

he nodded,
he followed the address and pulled an halt in front of a very beautiful house. I stepped out and walked to the gate,
i got there and met an old woman, who said she is the owner of the house.

my guards ransacked everywhere and didn’t find anything harmful. Until one of them showed me a content in a white nylon,
I checked it,it was cocaine

“did you take this?”I asked and lifted the bag that contain the hard drug.

“that’s a special stuff for a special customer, are you interested”she asked.

I pull out my gun from my waist belt and pointed it to her,I removed my mask… she saw my face,I fixed back my make..

“this isn’t toy gun am sure you don’t want to lose your body parts”I said and corked the gun.She’s now a crime suspect.
one of the detectives brought out a handcuffs.

“no,that’s not neccessary,I will tell you who he is,his name is Lineol but they are—“she paused.

“where does he stays?”I asked.
“I don’t know but he normally comes here once in a while”she said.
“where does he normally stays”
I asked and carried my gun.

📅 Dubai…
📅 Stars Estate…
📅 house 441…..

she called out address..
star estate…that’s one of lotanna’s estate.It would be easier to get the person since lotanna owns all of that place..
I smiled.

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“can the detectives leave me now?” she asked.
“take her”I said.
“you used me” she said.
“no…I have the right of detaining you for 24hours”I said. and walked into my car.
I quickly called Maltilda to be of help,
I can’t be moving up and down with my pregnancy.

maltilda….I called her,
she didn’t pick.

Jedinna’s p.o.v🔥🔥
I sat down protected by a black screen,I went through my phone and got a text from my source.
“Lineol”I said.
“boss”he said.
“everything is working as planned… Lotanna just arrived,note am keeping the lady….lotanna is the one to be killed” I said and look through the window,

lotanna actually owns this estate so I bought a house beside his own using a closed identity so I can monitor his movement.

💌 your sister I’d tracking me” he said.
“she can’t get any info on you,just deactivate your tracker”I said.
“let’s meet at dealers address”he said.

“okay”I said and hung up.
I still looked through my window to see for lotanna’s compound,
he just came in with Adeife in a white Lamborghini,

maids in white unform rushed out,
there were many guards too.
I smirks as he step out of his car…
Ife also came out.

I stared at her with so much desires, no matter how he secures her,I will take her away avd overtake his throne…

that’s why he mustn’t have a girlfriend not to talk of having a son.

Maltilda’s p.o.v👇👇
Tracy called me already,
I checked the address she sent to my team….house 441.
I got to the house,
I must get that Lineol arrested and he will tell me who the master mind of the killing is.

I packed my car few houses away and waited patiently,
finally a car drove out,
the glasses was tinted so I couldn’t see who was in the car,
I traced the car,
the car stopped,
I also stopped…..
next, the car ran…I trailed it but I soon lost track.

Adeife’s p.o.v🔥🔥🔥❤💋👑
we got to his house,
it was beyond description,so cool that I start imagining what life would look like here with my heart throb.

the maids helped me packed in SBD arranged everywhere.
they left and my phone beeped.

it was my mom,she sent me a text.
💌 the man you called father asked for your number,should I give him?” she sent.

💌 okay mom,give it to him”I sent.
soon my phone rang…the caller was unknown…
it must be my dad,
I remembered how he used to use cutlass to beat me in the past and got scared to pick his calls.
the Call ended and he sent me a text instead.

💌 its me,your father,
💌 Purity please pick! he sent.

he called again,that was when I picked.
*good….good….evening dad”I said.
“Akwaugo(my precious daughter)* he started, I paused.

“I promise to make up those bad days for you,please don’t disown me like I disowned you then”he said.
“okay papa,have forgiven you since” I replied.
“when you return from Dubai,I will see you” he said.
“good bye”I said and expected him to cut the call.
“your husband,does he treats you well?”he asked.
“umm yes…he loves me”I replied
“till then”he said.
he didn’t still cut,his he feeling bad now umm.
“good night papa”I said and hung up.
I changed my clothes into a red nightie since it was night.

I wore a red room slippers and headed for the kitchen.
Tomorrow is Tuesday,I better eat well this night so that I can fast and pray for my marriage and new family. I will start the fast 12pm.

I entered the kitchen where I met maids.
“madam do you need anything”they asked.
“umm you all can go to bed”I said they bowed and left.

I started cooking.
Rice,mackerel stew sauce,fried plantain and meat sauce,the aroma filled everywhere.
I ate mine sbf dishes out lotanna’s own which I took to his room,


he was working on a laptop and counting money.
he always like red room lights.
He turned back, I think he heard the aroma cos he suddenly lose focus in what he was doing..

“babe what’s that?” he asked abf appeared on my front like a flash. He uncovered the tray in my hand.
He smiled when he perceived the aroma very well.

“you cooked for me right?” he smiled and took the tray from my hand..
I kissed his cheeks.
he smiled and took my hand,
we got to the bed,he placed the tray in between us,

I took a spoon and fed him.
he smiled and took my left hand like a kid while I fed him with my right hand.

“Eat well okay,we are fasting tomorrow”I said.
“my love”he said…
“He gave him meat then allow him drink water fully..he ate everything, I packed the plates to the kitchen which I washed immediately.

I suddenly got happy,
he likes my food, I washed my hand and checked the time.

I cleaned my hand,
then I went back to his room, he already cleared the excess money on his bed…he actually poured them on the floor.

I crawled into the red bed and slept on one side.
Lotanna joined me soon and rolled to my side.Still on call,he hugged me from behind,

finally he dropped his call and kissed my finger where I wore the wedding ring.
we both laughed into nothing.

“you know we still haven’t given my mother what she wants”he said
“grandson”he said, we both laughed. He rolled to the other side ,I put a pillow between us.
We won’t do it this night because of tomorrow’s fasting.

“aishhh baby am missing you already” he said avd rest his head onthe pillow.
“shhh it’s for a day don’t let us defile our fast” I said,
he kissed my hand.

“lotanna or I should go to my room” I said.
“no baby stay here”he said.
we both stated into each other eyes and slept holding hands.

“ife waiiiiiitttt”lotanna screamed from sleep..
I sat up and hastily pushed the demarcation away.
“lotanna”I said

Lotanna was crying in sleep like a baby,my own tears dropped for no reasons as I wipe his tears.
he was shedding tears nonstop.
“lotanna” I called.

“please don’t go…don’t go away.”he said in his sleep, I dried his tears.
“lotanna”I tapped him..
*ifedimma where are you going to?” he asked.
“no am here,i didn’t leave you even for a seconds” I said.
“but you left?”he said
“to where…I never left! I said
“you left to the second world,a place I couldn’t feel you,I had this same bad dream when ever I lost my girlfriends on the past… Adeife tell me,how do I keep you so that you won’t die…
Ife you also left!!!
can’t I be loved??? I don’t feel you anymore,you already left”he said

I dried his tears and then moved into him from the back since he already stood up.
“I love you,I won’t go… it was only a nightmare, am here..
I will give you many children or don’t you BELIEVE am your heart’s crown” I said. he hugged me..

he still look moody,he suddenly kisdrf me…with tears in his eyes..
my fast just got broken..
what type of bad air is this, have never seen lotanna crying.

“baby let’s pray”I said and disengaged.
“will it work”he said
“well I BELIEVE in prayers”I said.
we knelt down on the edge of the bed facing each other…
we took each others hand.

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In Jesus name…
heavenly Father, the owner of my life
my creator,the one who create me and knows me,
I call you this moment to be with me and my husband..father lord be our sheild…..

i paused, lotanna didn’t say Amen and he didn’t close his eyes.
I caught him staring at me.
“baby close your eyes and say amen” I said.
he nodded and I start praying again.

Soon I ended the prayer and get him a glass of water.
He still looked moody.

just then he got a call from Jedinna.

📲 Lotanna!! Lotanna!!!! Lotanna!!
where are you????
It’s aunty Tracy!
it’s aunty Tracy, she had an accident!

we heard jedinna voice.
waaaattttttt— I covered my mouth.
“Accident where?” lotanna hastily stood up….
“send…the address am coming to the spot”lotanna quickly said.
be dropped his phone and rushed to the door,he ran back and took his phone then a car key.

“baby wait for me! I followed him.
he was already down stairs where he three his car key to a guard.
he entered the back seat,
I also entered.

“I pray she will be fine”I said
lotanna’s phone beeped, Jedinna sent the address already.
he showed the guards.

we got there the place was deserted,
no cars was passing, there was only a clifff…
but I thought Jedinna said Tracy had an accident.

“Your highness!!!! the guard shouted and fell on lotanna,he took a bullet for him…

“run… your highness run,
this is a trap!! the guard said…

“trap but—
Lotanna held me and we were about approaching the car when a guy walked out with a gun..

he clapped.
“waoow,I admire your love for your elder sister”the guy said.
I pointed his gun at lotanna.
“please don’t”I said.

“You came for my girlfriend right..” lotanna asked.

“Yes,I could have killed her from day one but she’s lucky he picked interest in her”the guy said

“Please don’t….”I said.
“I would have left your husband but” he said and removed his mask.

I cried like a baby,
Lotanna moved me to his back.I hold him tightly…
“okay just shoot me”lotanna said.
“not now,tell your wife to come” the guy said..

“sorry I didn’t introduce,am Lineol” he said…

“please don’t,kill me instead” I said..
Lotanna left me,he quickly took my hand again…
“I love lovers”lineol said.
“drop your—
lotanna didn’t finish his statement, someone hit him with a stick from behind on his head..

I covered my mouth as he fell lying in his own pool of blood.

I turned……
Jedinna…I went like I was not seeing well for a while.
I hastily bent down beside Lotanna.
He strained his eyes in pain..
“baby!!! I called…

“brother!! lotanna muttered lowly.. jedinna hit him harder with that sane stick on his head,
lotanna coughed out blood.
Next,Jedinna took off my husband’s kingship bracelet.

someone pulled me roughly by my hair…
it was the Lineol guy.

“his time is over okay”he said and dragged my hair the more.

“I love you!!!!!
“I love you soo much!! I wept..
Jedinna pushed me into a car..I tried moving out,he dragged me back and pressed into my shoulders roughly.


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