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[inter mission]

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Tracy’s p.o.v⏰⏰
I got crazily impatient, it has been 2hours now.
Desmond actually followed me to the prosecution scene and he had been the one calming me down while the detective rushed out.

“where is Matilda, we had 4mins less”inspector Daniel said.
I got scared as I tried Matilda’s number again,
she picked this time,I quickly connected it and everybody stood up with full concentration.

“Matilda”I said.
“Barrister”she said in a half breath.
“send your report”I said,just then a car drove into the prosecution scene.

a guard opened the door and someone pushed the lineol guy out and he fell down.
The detectives rushed maltida,
I covered my mouth in shock,
Matilda was bleeding from her arm.

“successful”she groaned.
the nurses rushed to her.

“maltilda where is lotanna–
the screen screaned and showed lotanna on a hospital bed,his head was bandaged and the white bandage his head was tied with was soaked in so many blood.

I turned,
everyone turned and focused on the screen in tears.
just then my phone rang…I checked it,it was “Jerry Arinze” the president and the one who unveiled lotanna as Mr Nigeria.

“I want the culprit arrested,set up two teams A and B” he said.
“noted, his Excellency” the sp said.
my tears stream down

“there is a girl,did you find her?”
I asked.
Another car drove in…
it was the queen mother’s.
“she’s gone,we couldn’t find Ife” Matilda said and Ife’s mom paused walking, the car key fell from her hand and she fell down in tears,
the guards rushed her.

“teeth are gone,laughter now becomes a difficult thing”she screamed.
“madam please calm down,we will–
“chimoooooo…I have served you enough,I don’t deserve this at all” queen chiamaka wept.

“my daughter ooooooo!!!!!
“Adeife mi!!!!!
“Adesimilade oko mi(my crown)!!
“Ifediokwu pada wa(come back)
“ina omo ti jó mì ooo(i finally got burnt with the death of a daughter)..
“aaaaahhhh sè eniyan lo sè èleyi!!!
“my child ooooo!!!

“mother calm down–
detective Hana calm them down but IFE’s mom was more difficult than I thought.

“I should calm down…my only hope my only child…if its that I have two children now I will calm down, but it’s only one I have…..
that person that took her should better show…..” ife’s mom paused and fainted..
nurses rushed her.
“queen chiamaka calm down,we don’t have much time,we need to rush to the hospital now to collect lotanna’s last memory,that is the only way the person — Lawyer Adams said we all entered our respective cars.
Matilda went for treatment and I suddenly pity Ife’s mom.

soon we arrived in the hospital.
lawyer Adams,IFE’s mom who just got revived and queen chiamaka where in.
I stood by the glass door and watched the sight clearly, I was in tears seeing my own brother covered in his own pool of blood.

he was already covered with white.
even his leg on the bed was dressed with a diamond stonned white foam slippers, then his king anklet laid on his left leg

his hair was with a white band and the av blew it all over cutely.

I looked at him fingers on the bed,it wasn’t moving,
his hand wore a diamond stonned watch and a diamond ring.
what a beautiful being?
but he looked lifeless!
his skin was as clear as diamonds.

Adeife where did you go,you left him alone,please come back so that you can give us a grandson.
in tears mother moved closer to him and held his cheeks.

“obim please one more chance” as she said,her tears fell on him.
“please my queen”doctor Dian said.

“his chance of survival is 2%…his whole system is so weak,giving him this injection won’t ascertain anything,it will only boost his memory so it wouldn’t wipe” the doctor said.
he gently took lotanna’s arm,
everyone watched him give lotanna eight different injections,
still no difference,
he didn’t talk.


Ife’s mom still cried,I understand her pains…

Lotanna’s hand monved,the machine beeped a weak red light meaning danger,that was when he gasped hardly.
He tried opening his mouth,
the doctor rushed out and held him down with respect,he injected something into lotanna’s side of neck, his body dropped on the bed.

“Your highness”the doctor said.
“Adeife wait!!!! lotanna gasped, the doctor injected him another thing,
he calmed down in half breath.

I dried my tears,Desmond came to me and consoled me.
“King lotanna”the doctor said,trying to remind him.
lawyers turned on the tape and started recording what he would say as evidence.

“your highness! the doctor said,the light on the machine got weaker.
“Jedinna don’t touch my!!!! lotanna said,he got weaker with each word he uttered.
“what’s happening?”he asked.

“he said Tracy had an accident.Me ife and my driver rushed out and the guy came out and shot my driver,ife his behind my back”Lotanna said,with each word he said,the machine light got weaker.

“what did the guy said?”the lawyer asked.

“is this how much you love your sister….

“I would have killed your girlfriend but he picked interest in her,
now tell your wife to come…
someone came,hit me with stick…

he took my wife…..” lotanna said.
he was in so much pain..

“Jedinna took my wife and and…..” he couldn’t continue,
he fell back since there wasn’t might on the machine.

everyone of us got dumbfounded.
Jedinna…..!!! I mean our own Jefinna.

Ife’s mom stood up,her hands on her head.”mogbe ooooo(I’m doomed)”.
I called Jedinna line,
the worst part is that he had deactivate every tracking device

The lawyers already got enough evidence and everyone cleared,
Lotanna fainted.
will lotanna ever wake up ever again?
2% out of 100%.

BeLieVe by adesola adeomowole.m.
08186209826❤❤ love uuui
Adeife’s p.o.v❤⏰😭

I feel like my world tore apart and each time I close my eyes,
I would see lotanna in whites,
I tried holding him but did not get to him,I tried following him….

I felt someone touch my hair,only that brought me to life,
it felt like lotanna,
the person took my hand like lotanna.
I opened my eyes,it was Jedinna.

my tears fell,he signalled his guards to leave…
He tried touching me again,I shift back until when he grabbed me forcefully.

“beautiful,you have mourn the death of your husband enough”.he said and threw me to the bed,
he also came on the bed and raised the duvet up, I shift back and tried crawling out of bed,

he dragged me back and touched the helm of my red nighties,
I wept,he dragged it and tore it to my hips region,
until I bite him deeply on the shoulders then I quickly crawled out of the bed and ran to the door which was already locked.

He still came to me and trapped my neck to the door,even my hand….
then he satisfied his eyes with my body all I did was to cry,he is too strong for me.

“Did he also teach you to be stubborn himmm”he said and tried kissing me, I shift my face and he kissed the door
He slapped me,I cried like a baby.
“Next time if you do that,I won’t forgive you”he said.

“Sir don’t do this to me,I am your brothers wife…your sister in law as at that,don’t allow the devil to use you.. kindly take me to see my husband” I said.
“well the devil used me since”he said
“now let’s get to bed,my dick is hard for you”he said..
I closed my eyes tight.
I suddenly shouted lotanna’s name.
“lotanna,I don’t want to hear you call that name”he said and pressed my shoulders like I am a slut.


“my bumb….Jedinna please!!!

“let me hear you say you want to see lotanna,the dead–“he said.
“my husband is not dead”I shouted.
he slapped my mouth and took me by my neck,I cried the more.
I thought he was calm but his calm looks overshadowed his brutality.

“you’ve got something sweet in between your legs..I admired you but you still want for him,is there something in my life that is pushing you away” he asked and took my legs

“I want to go and meet lotanna,
my husband’s needs me”I shouted.

“the dead!! Jedinna said,I hate the fact that I was wearing a nightie,I hate the fact that he won’t take his eyes off me.He kissed my shoulders.
“shall we get laid…your hips drove me crazy “he said then pushed me to the bed,I still rolled..

he caught me and trapped me to the bed.He suddenly took a rope and tied my hand to the bed then my legs with the help of two guards.

the guards left him.
“now tell me I won’t see that thing that always shake each time you work and besides I want to hear you mourn that your dead husband name as I sex you…”he said in full smile and took the rope of my nightie..

“Jedinna stop I think am pregnant for your brother already… please! I cried. he lose my nightie.I got weak.
he touched my thighs with his right hand,until somebody knocked.
he left me and went to answer the door.

it was a woman in white uniform.. I think a maid.
“Eliza,take care of her…let her be naked I will be back soon”Jedinna said and left.
The woman came to lose me,I got irritated and throw up on the bed.

“madam oga say make I make you ready for bed… chai you fine too” the woman said and tried touching me.
“don’t touch me!!! I yelled and slapped the woman who was old enough to be my mother.
“what if you daughter is in my shoes.. tell me do I look like a slut? can’t you see wedding ring on my finger!! I burst out into tears.
I got headache again,
what I needed was a phone.

Akuna’s p.o.v⏰⏰⏰
my mom got so perturbed immediately she called lotanna mom. Next she carried her bag and phone,I got worried for the first time.
“mother can I follow you?”I asked.
she didn’t reply and I followed her.
soon we arrived at Deerah kingdom, everywhere was so quiet,
not even a bird was seen outside.
it was when we got to the palace I knew what was happening..

Lotanna just got flied back,
“but where is Ife? I asked my mom.
“I thought you hate her”she blasts me.I kept quiet as we entered the palace.

guards just keep running in different directions.Nkem walked in,he was holding hands with Ngozi.
He looked pain and he looked like someone who is lost.

“You came here again! ngozi left nkem and rushed to me.
“I came here for good…can we forget the past cos I came clean”I said.
“well if this is your new plan am sorry Ife will come back…her father won’t sit he will surely use his powers and control to look for his daughter…
happy loosing in advance for king lotanna is for Ife”ngozi said.
“I said I meant good”I said.
“Ngo am standing “nkem said. Ngozi scorned me and went to meet nkem.
they left.

“his highness just opened his eyes but he keeps shouting Queen Ife’s name” I heard.
I sighed and went to the upper floor where I met my mother and queen chiamaka.
I begged the guards to allow me enter the upper floor and they did.

it was the room lotanna was.
A lot of flowers filled there.

Amarachi looked in my direction and rolled her eyeballs.
Lotanna suddenly coughed.I was close so I took a glass of water to him.I tried helping him sit,
he lost consciousness halfly,


“will Ife ever be found? Jedinna is a devil! he said and cried like a kid.
I talked his shoulders,
I suddenly felt sad.
Ife where are you?

his bracelet fell down,I picked it and wanted to wear it for him.
“don’t”he said.
I moved back.
“by chance do you like me?”he asked
“me no….am so sorry for the past” I said.He didn’t want me to see his tears but I saw it.

Next day⏰⏰⏰⏰
Lotanna’s p.o.v❤
this is so painful..how can my blood do this to me…
Ife you killed me,
when it was sweeter he had to take you far from me worst still he is untraceable.

🎹 Believe I will come for you
🎹 one day,I will let us meet
🎹 I will let u wish forever more
🎹 I promise I won’t take long…

I smiled out heavy tears,I remembered her song,when we first met at the water fall.

🎹 with you my believe begins,
🎹 without you my believe ends,
🎹 believing is seeing..
🎹 let us stay and believe together..

“your highness”someone called happily…
“leave!! I shouted without turning.
the door burst open again I still didn’t turn…

“baby!! the voice called,sounds like Ife but I won’t get tricked again.

🎹 I will stay with you..
🎹 today tomorrow forevermore
🎹 I promise till death we part!!
the voice sang,I was forced to turned

“Adeife!!! I called.
she ran to me in tears.Her dad watch us like a movie,he actually brought her here.
The whole family rushed into the throne room.
“Adeife,who brought you? Ife mom asked she hugged her daughter in tears..
“Father brought me,Jedinna had been arrested”Ife said.
Ife’s mom looked at her husband in disdain.”you did well,I hope you won’t jeopardize her life for the second time If I forgive you” she said.
“Adesola”IFE’s dad called.
“Kelechi”Mrs Adesola called.
“we are cool”Ife”s mom said.
Everyone laughed,I hugged Ife again.
one month after❤
Adeife’s p.o.v
I was sitted beside my husband in the throne room and besides one month pregnant.

I wonder what lotanna will say as judgment to his twins brother…
the elders insist he doesn’t charge the case to court
wouldn’t this be difficult?

there was tension everywhere.
A guard fixed in a disc into the projector and Jedinna was brought in immediately… his hands was tied with chains,he had his head down and I felt pity for him.

the projector screened how Jedinna maltreated me and tried raping me in where he took me to and how my father had come to save me.
The crime he committed was much.

“Can someone tell me something you noticed in that video clip? I need answer before I finally passée my judgment?”Lotanna asked.

“may you live long your highness..
I noticed the use of right hand,
Jedinna had used his right hand to slap your woman in that clip, he also used that same hand to touch her sexually…he did many bad things to her with his right hand”Elder Okeke said.

“This is my judgment….”Lotanna paused and everyone turned to listen
“I want that right hand cut off…when my unborn son grow,he will continue the judgment from where I stopped” Lotanna spoke with so much authority, jedinna cried.
Lotanna left,
the elders dispersed…
Jedinna was dragged out.
I felt pity for him.
I walked to lotanna’s suite, he was facing the window.

I smiled and hugged him from the back. He turned and kissed the back of my palms.

“I promise till death we path” he said and gave out is palm.
“I BELIEVE and won’t stop BELIEVING” I replied and placed my hand in his.

the end❤

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