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[inter mission]

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my temperature increased,
my eyes too was teary as a result of coldness.

“am sorry my love”the queen said.
is this really happening,how did she know I came here.
my eyes caught a pot and I quickly got it.She came here to do the same prayer ritual for lotanna.

but that emike she called me,the thought of it made me sweet.

“thank you mother”I smiled quietly.
a maid brought a warm thick royal apparel, the queen took it and tied it around me like a baby.
never knew she is this sweet.

she took my hand to where her car was packed,a guard rushed to open the door,
she helped me in and entered.

the drive started.

“how do you feel? fever cold?”she asked.
I nodded in a smile.
now my life is getting better.

“come on my laps so you will get warm”she said. I hearing well.
I smiled and rested my head on her laps..

next she picked up her phone and made a call.
“this woman won’t pick when she knew her daughter is a professional liar”I heard her.

soon we arrived in the palace.
the day isn’t really cleared but the maids were seen working already.

“ifeee”dumebi whispered lowly immediately the queen helped me out of the car.
chioma rolled her eyeballs in a sigh.

“you go and call the physician”
she said to chioma,
chioma bowed and left.

we went into the palace,
surprisingly she took me to her suite.
the maids that saw her holding hand with me turned in full surprise.

nkem walked out too and coughed.
“Ife is that you?”he whispered.
finally we left for the queens empire, she took me in and closed the door.

“use the shower…warm water okay” she said and left to another section in her suite.

her suite was beautiful beyond description…
is this her suite..gosh,so modernized
what amaze me most is the phosphorescent lights..

I entered her washroom and tied a new towel,I already saw a female bathroom footwear.
soon I was done, I couldn’t be more than happy.

Chioma’s p.o.v💋💋💋💋
I dropped the watering can and went into the maid quarter after which I had called the physician..

ohh god is Ife pregnant already?.
is she?? its only pregnancy that can make the queen care for her like that and besides she will do it all for her grandson.
everyone knows how she detests Ife.

other maids walked in abd surround me like they would eat me up.

“didn’t you tell us Ife sneaked out of the palace to see her numerous boyfriends”Rhoda said.
“isn’t it obvious…or has the money she always gives to you block your thinking cap”I said.

Vicky shakes her head.”I can’t believe your desperability”.

“shut up,what do you even know. All the animals in the bush are coming out,snail like you wants to come out” I said to Vicky.

Mrs okafor came in and we stopped talking.
“go back to work”she said in a strict voice, we dispersed..
I went back to the garden
why has prince jedinna not spoken to me since yesterday?.

nkem approached and I quickly comport myself and pretend as if I was doing my work..
“hope what you’re thinking is not evil?”i heard him say.
“no sir—
I shakes my head.
“I will be watching you” he said and left.”finally”I breathed out and continued my work.

Lotanna’s p.o.v👇👇👇👇
I still have 13days left,
13more days to find ife’s mom,in the end of the 13days I will be crowned kings and she will be the queen and she said she wants her mother.

Its not even right if i don’t get her mother,tradition demands her mother before she can be my queen totally.
now,how do I go about that?
not like I even know the roads here.

📲when will you be back from Australia”I texts Tracy.
📲soon,I don’t want to see Desmond for now…the worst thing is that am pregnant for him”she reply.
📲 waaaaattt
📲 for now do not tell mother anything….I will just make sure am fine” she texts.
📲Lotanna understand my decision, I will be there to witness your coronation but no one must know am preggies”she sent.
📲does the idiot knows,he needs to be taught a lesson”I sent.
📲Just let him be…am a lawyer I know how to handle men like him” she sent.

📲we will talk midnight”I sent.

“your highness,she is the queens room”a guard reported.
I almost choked on my wine.
did I hear well? Ife is in my mom suites.

“back to the reality,where did you see Ife is?”I asked.
“the queen is taking care of her” he replied with a bow.
“are you serious”i smiled out dimples and dropped my gold paid phone on the couch,I took off my red eye contacts lens..and left to see for myself.

soon I arrived.
the guards opened the door.
no one was in the living room,I saw Ife’s purse on the white couch meaning she’s truly here.

I headed upstairs immediately.
did she–+ gosh,I seriously have a lot of questions.

I got to the door,I almost opened the door but I stopped when I heard voices from the inside.

“is that all I need to know about you?”.

“yes ma’am. Onome always find reasons to maltreat me,she’s part of the reasons my dad disowned me when I was barely 8…
so I always wish i have a mother too”

“it’s okay emike!.
“so is it true you have numerous boyfriends”

“umm no,I have not even known any man…if anyone comes to ask my hand in marriage,onome always lie to them that my dead mother cursed me that whosoever marries me will die untimely”.

“But Akuna–
anyway I don’t want to go back to the pasts,am sorry okay”.

“as from today I don’t want to see you with Akuna and her likes… did you hear me oma(beautiful)”.

I blushed silently from where I was eavesdropping.

“good but for now I would love you to give me a grandson” I heard.
can someone explain to me why she suddenly like Ife?.

the door opened,it was mother.
“since when have you been here?”she asked..
“no need i was looking for network” I took my lips in.I got a call that momment,she also got a call so she walked away.

I headed inside the spacious royal bedroom where I met Ife,three maids were helping her lose her hair.
they bowed and left immediately,
I locked the door.

Ife was already standing,
she had on a white cardigan which is as low as her hips.
always shy.

“honey”I said and pecked her forehead, then I pecked her lips.
it turned into a kiss.
“you fell hot,why?”I asked and kissed her again then sent my hand to her back then into her loose hair.

“is that why you loosed your hair?” I asked.

our tongues met,
our kiss got intense filled with uncontrollable desires..
she sent her hand to my back up to my shoulders from behind.

she reciprocated softly,and moaned happily as I kissed her neck down into her cleavages.
“I want to go and make my hair” she whispered.
“the stylist will come here right”I asked.
“hmm yes but I want to go to the saloon instead,it’s been long i walk around”she said.
“I will follow you,baby”I said.
“don’t say that, did you forget what you are” she covered my face cutely.
I removed it and kissed it.

I pray there won’t be meetings with governors tonight,not even ball parties again..
I want to spend romantic nights with Ife…
“okay,I love you… take guards along” I said..and kissed those yummy lips again.

“did you see the money I kept for you?”I asked.
“yes but I haven’t touched it..I haven’t used the last one”she replied.
the door opened,
I turned it was a maid.
“I’m sorry your highness…I don’t mean to intrude—

“it’s okay”I said and left Ife’s waist slowly, I peck her forehead again and left for the prince empire to see my twinnie.

I entered without knocking and left for his inner room where I started hearing voices.
“oh yeah!
“prince jedinna!!
“faster faster!!
“oh my god!!!!!!!!!!
“hit it harder!!!!!

I left his inner room door and stayed in the living room where I took many business calls… My manager had called me to minimize my endorsement deals. He said the money am making in a week is much.Not to even talk of what my companies pull in.

so I don’t even understand where my wealth is growing too..
“your highness!!!
I heard voices and turned.
it turn out to be two young maidens, one was dark the other is fair but not too light.

they look sweaty..
I guess Jedinna just used them.
“do you come here everyday?”I asked
*umm no,your highness please forgive—

Jedinna approached downstairs.
“why are you stopping my harlots! he asked..
the maidens ran out.
I rolled my eyeballs.
“actually I came here to tell you about some endorsements deals you might love to work on them”I said.

“I don’t need you to show me the paths to make money”he replied harshly.
“Just say you won’t be chanced”I replied.

“you don’t need to tell the deaf that war has begun”he said.
I looked at him in full surprise.
“hope you’re not referring to your brother with that proverb?”I asked.
he walked out…
I left angrily.

I branched ngozi’s house first.
her happiness knew no bounds when she saw me..
I spend more time in her place and told the guards to stay outside.

we were done talking,
she followed me to the saloon,we still chit chat on our way.
And when I told her the queen now likes me,her happiness went wild.

we approached my father’s house.
we always have to pass there before getting to the big saloon.

onome was seen outside talking to a woman..
*queen Adeife,hi* the woman said.

“good evening ma’am”I greeted humbly. I can’t recollect where I knew her from.

onome stared at me with that devilish eyes.
“good evening mama”I greeted so it won’t look like I snubbed her.

*who are you greeting?”olamma came out of the blues.

“do I look like your worthless mother, am not your mother I can never be..
next time you call me mama,I will make sure I slap all your teeth out of your mouth” my step mother rants.

“I’m sorry Onome”I replied.
“what did you just call me?”my step mother asked in amusement as her mouth hung open.

Ngozi cleared her throat.”you said she should not call you mama so she called you by your name… why are you suddenly shouting or do you want her to call you by your last name” ngozi responded in a smile.

onome got angry.
just then a car packed in front of the gate….
I recognized it immediately, it was my father.

I quickly look away then I took ngozi’s hand..
my father stepped out,
indeed he is a wealthy man,
he was on a call.Olamma rushed to collect the percel he was holding.
he didn’t even look in my direction, he walked into the compound.

Ngozi and I started leaving.
until olamma turned and shouted.

“Adeife am not scared and even if you are crowned the queen which i know you won’t find your mother,
you’re not even better than me……..
olamma shouted.

and my father turned back—
“who is Adeife and where is she?—-

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