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After Annie and I ate breakfast, she offered to do the dishes
but I said no. I did it all by myself. And came back to see
Annie on the phone.
She cut the call seeing me and turned to me.
“That was Erick.” she stated.
“Okay…” I replied.
“I was apologizing for doubting him” she stated.
“I understand!”.
I sighed and looked up at Annie.
“Annie.” I called
“Am I bad that I’m still doubting that article?” I asked bitting
my bottom lips.
Annie shook her head. “it’s not bad, yes you have every
right to still doubt the article and not trust Erick on getting
drugged, you’re doubting because you’re scared and thats
okay. I understand how you’re feeling” Annie said and I
** Erick’s p.o.v **
I walked back and forth sighing tiredly.
“You’ve been sighing for hours, just what is it this time.”
Charles asked.
I sighed.
“There we go again, look I’ve talked to a reporter and he’s
written everything in an article, and now the whole city is
questioning each other. Wether it was Giselle who drugged
you, so there’s nothing to worry about now” Charles stated.
“I know and obviously it was Giselle who drugged me and
there is June to worry about, but what I’m still thinking
about is how a paparazzo gets to take a picture of us and
have time for a Video.” I sighed.
“What are you talking about, paparazzi always seem to
make sure they sneak like foxes trailing you all around”
Charles stated.
“No” I shook my head Negatively. “We were at the director’s
villa, it was like a safe place, you should see the security
there it was very tight and the place we were wasn’t even
open for anyone to take pictures from outside” I expound
“So what are you trying to say?” Charles shrugged.
“I’m saying, a paparazzo didn’t take that video or photo of us
but someone with us at the party, and it feels like Giselle
was fully aware of the person taking the photo and Video” I
explained and Charles nodded, seems like he’s finally
understanding what I mean.
“And now what I don’t think I can ever know who the
paparazzo was unless I ask Giselle and no matter how many
times I call her, she’s just not picking up.” I said frustrated.
I brought out my phone and tried to call Giselle and
surprisingly she picked up.
Charles seemed thrilled as she picked and after placing the
call on record I placed the phone on my ear immediately. I
fixed the call on loud speaker so Charles could hear the
whole conversation.
“Hey Erick.” her voice sounded so cheerful.
“Giselle” just the pronunciations of her name made me boil.
“How are you?” she asked.
“Shattered because of you, are you happy with what’s going
on, thanks to you the whole world thinks I’m a cheat, not
knowing fully well that I would never kiss a snail like you” I
“Ouch. A snail, and yes you can’t, you love June so much, I
don’t get what you see in someone so stupid like her.”
Giselle scoffed.
“You’re mistaken, you’re the stupid one Giselle.” I was so
angry, I wished she was right here so I could just let her see
what angry Erick feels like.
“And are you happy now? Seeing how the internet is so
agasint me, saying I’m a slut and I drugged you” Giselle

“Aren’t you one?” I scoffed.
I heard her soft gasp and I know that hit her.
“and didn’t you drug me, don’t try to play victim” I said
through gritted me.
“Yes, I did, I did drug you, and it was for your own good,
you were busy fooling yourself with June, I watched you
guys concerts together and the two of you are a no go
together, how do people actually feel when they ship
powdered milk and cereals? It’s kind of weird, you actually
use liquid milk for cereals and that’s it, you and June don’t
go together, but with you and i, we’re such a perfect match”
Giselle said and gave a small laugh.
“Have you always been a psychopath? You’ve always been
putting on a facade, and now how do you feel now that
you’ve made June feel like this”
Giselle laughed. “I feel great actually, June is so naive,
thinking I want to be her friend and all, all I wanted from the
start was to get to you, I didn’t know it could be so easy, and
this is just the beginning, all I wanted was to stop hearing
Erick and June everywhere I went to, but suddenly I wanted
you too, but seeing how you were so obsessed with June. I
realized I couldn’t have you, so if I can’t have you, then June
couldn’t too, so right now, the only thing you should be
focused is me.” Giselle said and cut the call.
“Wow, never judge a book by its cover, look at me thinking
she was the nicest girl ever, but she’s just being a psycho”
Charles laughed bitterly.
“Well thanks to me, I recorded the whole call” I said.
“Really?” Charles said standing up.
“Yep” I nodded.
“Wow, you’re so smart Erick, now with this, the whole can
believe you’re actually the victim here” Charles said.
“Sure, but first, I did this thinking about June, I need her to
believe me first, cause now she doesn’t even want to look at
me in the face” I sighed.
“If she doesn’t want to look at you in the face, then how are
you going to make her listen to the call?” Charles asked.
“If I send it to her, she’ll ignore it, but I’ll send it to Annie
instead” I said and did immediately as I said.
I don’t care what the media says first, I just need to know
what my June says first.
[] June’s pov []
“Aren’t your parents going to complain for you still being
here, you’ve not been home since yesterday” I said to Annie,
it’s 3:pm and she’s still even bothering to leave.
“Do you want me to leave? If you want me to then I’m
leaving immediately!” Annie said standing up.
“No, I don’t mean you should leave… I’m just worried your
parents might scold you because of me” I said.
“They know where i am, they know I’m safe, so they’re not
going to do anything, if my mom tries to yell, I’ll just give
her a piece of my mind” Annie said and I smiled.
Thank God she’s not living.
She suddenly recieved a message and she picked her
bleeping phone.
“It’s from Erick” she said.
“He said I should make you listen to this, do you want to
listen to it?” Annie asked.
I shrugged. “I don’t know”
“You’ll listen to it anyways” Annie said and played the audio
Erick has suddenly sent to her.
“Wow” Annie scoffed. After we’ve both listened to the
recorded call Erick made with Giselle.
“So Giselle really did drug him and I doubted him” I said
and shut my eyes.
Now I feel so bad for Erick. I didn’t believe him.
“Giselle should better stay hidden as long as she can because
I am never letting this slide.”
My phone starts to ring and it was Erick who was calling.
“You’re not going to answer it?” Annie asked.
I shook my head Negatively.
“I don’t understand… Why?” Annie asked sitting up.
“I feel stupid Annie, I doubted Erick even when everyone
doubted him, even when the truth came out on the internet
some part of me believed and the other side of me didn’t, If
you look at it clearly, I am kind of a bad girlfriend” I sighed.

“You’re not, look sometimes our frustrations puts a shield on
us, a shield that protects us from getting hurt again, you
didn’t believe him because you were afraid you’d only get
hurt again, you doubted him, but deep down inside you were
actually believing him, but your shield was working with
your frustrations and they both builded a doubt. It’s okay, I
understand, but Erick will understand even more, so pick the
call” Annie expound.
“Maybe later” I sighed and shut my phone off.
I’m not ready to face him now, he’ll be disappointed of how I
have no trust in him, God I can’t believe myself.
“Okay, but don’t leave him hanging for too long.”
Annie and I spent the whole day together and
finally she had to leave when the day started to get dark.
God I love her so much…
“Can’t you move in with me?” I said as I escorted her to my
“You’ll have marry me first, then my parents will agree”
annie joked and I laughed.
“Okay, but please come again soon” I said.
“Our prom is tomorrow night, we’ll be seeing each other
again, well that is. If my parents don’t ground me or house
arrest me! But no they can’t do that to their only child”
Annie said and smiled.
“Okay then, go home safely, vox will take you home
anyways” I said and Annie nodded and with one last wave
Annie left.
I walked back into the house and auggie appeared in front
of me.
“You said we were going to get Icecream after I came home
from school today” auggie said and I suddenly remembered
myself saying that.
“Oh, I wasn’t feeling a bit well and you slept immediately
you came back from school so it’s kind of both our faults,
but don’t worry, there’s still another day, like tomorrow, we’ll
go before I leave for prom” I smiled.
“Yes!” auggie said happily before walking away.
I walked to my room and as I got in, I grabbed my phone to
see it was dead, and I start to charge it. Thinking of what to
do, Annie suddenly popped on in my head and I smiled. I
grabbed my phone went online and ordered that dress she
was dying to wear to prom but couldn’t afford it.
Immediately after placing an order, putting in my location
and stuff, I heard a knock on the door.
The door wasn’t locked.
“Come in?” I said and the door opened and Erick walked in.
“Erick… I called softly.
“HI” he replied his voice was low, “I’ve been calling for
hours but your phone was switched off and so I had to come
here in person to see if anything was wrong” Erick said.
I slowly stood up.
“Well… E..everything is fine”. I didn’t know why I stuttered.
“Thank Goodness” he breathed out.
We both remained quiet. Until Erick blurted out.
“Did you listen to the audio I sent to Annie?”
I nodded “Yes”
“Okay, so do you believe now, I’ve did all this so you could
believe me, I’m sorry for being so careless June, I promise,
nothing like this would happen again. And I need you to
believe as I’m saying so” Erick expound.
“No… It’s okay, you weren’t careless, things like this
happens very often, people get their drinks spiked, I didn’t
you were actually the victim, I’m sorry for not believing
you” I said and Erick suddenly pulled me in a hug.
His scent.
How I have missed this.
“I love you June… So much” Erick sighed into my hair.
“I know, I’m so so sorry for not believing you, even if the
world doesn’t believe you, I was supposed to be the one who
believes you” I said and shut my eyes, I didn’t want to cry.
Erick hugged me tighter.
“It’s okay to not believe me, I understand, I totally
understand, you don’t fully have to trust me in everything.
But just make sure to stand by my side, and just love me,
that’s all” Erick said and I hugged him even more.
T. B. C

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