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[] June’s pov []
After eating I took some shots and was given the IV
fluid again.
My grandma was fast asleep on chair. Me becoming
bored, I grabbed my phone and decided to go to the
internet and know more about my self over the year
and the headline I saw got me staring.
The word all time favorite celebrity, made my tummy
churn in a little bit of excitement.
I clicked on the headline and read the article

*The news broke out about June in the hospital five
hours after the incident, it was said that she got hit by a
car and unfortunately for June, though we don’t know
how she’s fairing in the hospital but it is said that she is
in a critical condition. And what seem shocking with
this news is what some fans are saying, so according to
a particular fan of June who decided to remain
anonymous while she shared this news, she said that
June’s accident wasn’t just your everyday incident, she
said someone actually hit June with a car on purpose,
and how did she know about this.? The place where
June incident happen was at Halmt Street in front of
the biggest grocery store in the city, this anonymous
lady testified that she was surprisingly at the scene
when it happen for she was one of the buyers at the
grocery store that night, she said she saw a red car
hitting a girl as she was about to step out of the store
and had no idea it was June, since the streetlight was
bright enough to display just silhoutte of faces but not
features. She also said that as the car smashed June’s
body close to a street fire hydrant, it went back and hit
her again and then stopped, she said she was perplexed
by the action and wondered if the driver was a
psychopath, strangely no one came out of the car like
she has expected but the car waited patiently like it
was waiting for June to wake up and give her another
smack. This anonymous lady said she was too scared
to go out and help since the car wouldn’t budge to
move, she just watched from the glass door of the
grocery store, so instead she took a picture and sadly
her picture didn’t help because it was dark. Our
anonymous lady said she didn’t know what to do so
instead she called 911 on the victim’s behalf not
knowing it was June. While waiting for 911 she
noticed a lady suddenly appeared on the crime scene
and starts to mourn for June and immediately the car lit
up exposing its bright red colour and then she took
another picture. The car left the scene and so did the
anonymous lady, so yesterday the anonymous lady
released the pictures of the car she took and despite the
fact that the car lights almost blinded the camera she
was able to get a great shot at the car and as she
released this picture a controversy started, some fans
started to compare the car to everyone’s favorite actress
Giselle, an argument started between Giselle fans and
June fans, it was a fan war on every social media
platform, first June fans took it as a joke saying it must
have been Giselle trying to kill June but then Giselle
fan fought back, not until another anonymous person
came out and started to point out and PROVE to
everyone that Giselle was the one who tried to murder
June, this anonymous person stated that he was sure of
it and released some pretty deep photos containing
Giselle in the car and exactly at the crime scene, he
said he works behind the cctv camera and found the
footage by accident in a trash can and since he wasn’t
allowed to release it, he had to release some photos at
least, and now fans are believing his every words while
some fans are saying they might have photo shopped
Giselle’s face in the car. This wasn’t just your hit and
run everyday accident but a murder… So dear reader
what’s your say in this….??*
I shook my head Negatively as my heart pounded
while I read this, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Why
would someone try to kill, what did I ever do to them. I moved down to the comments and start to read that
** The accident was clearly by Giselle no one should
tell me sh*t **
**obviously Giselle she has f**cking issues with June,
now poor June is in the hospital, I hope Giselle rots**
**Some fat ass pigs should stop running their
annoying mouths saying it was Giselle, it wasn’t
Giselle, June was just being a lazy ass b*itch while
crossing the street, just as she’s always been lazy on
stage to sing and dance**
**Everyone knows it’s frigging Giselle, that witch who
just hate June, I mean it’s obviously her, she drugged
June’s man, kissed him and now tried to kill June,
Giselle is actually a witch and has totally bewitched
the person who commented above me**
I breathed in and out heavily. Giselle who is Giselle
and why would she try to hurt me. So many things ran
through my head at that moment.
I get it, I’m a celebrity now but this Giselle girl, why
would she try to harm me and according to what I just
read, these comments they say this Giselle girl drugged
my man, does that mean she drugged Erick and kissed
**How is today my lucky day June**
The words and voice ringed in my head that I paused.
That voice, who said that? Is it from my memories?
The door suddenly open and Erick walked in, he
looked tired and immediately our eyes met he asked.
“Is there something you’d like to ask?”
How does he know? I have so much I want to ask, so
much he’ll get tired that he’ll probably feel like I’m an
I nodded and he walked up to my grandma and tapped
“Gran” he called and my grandma woke up.
“Oh Erick” she breathed out.
“Glad you’re awake, Gran, you can go home from here,
you’re tired I can see that, you need a lot of rest so just
go home and get enough sleep and I’ll take it from
here.” Erick said and my grandma smiled at him.
“How are you such a blessing!” she smiled and stood
Picked up her bags and other stuffs and leaned down
to give me a kiss on my forehead. “Sleep tight dear,
Erick will be here all night” my grandma said and I
It’s nice she’s going home, she really need all the rest
she can get.
My grandma walked out of the room leaving Erick
and I.
Erick sighed and sat on the chair closer to the bed.
We both remained quiet and he turned to me.
“Thought you wanted to ask me something!” he
Oh I want to ask him about a lot of things but I don’t
even know where to start from so I just decided to drop
it. I’m confused and I still feel a bit scared that
someone wants to hurt me.
“Well I did… But…
“Next time!” I breathed out.
“Okay, fine by me”
He looked like he wanted to tell me something to but
just released it as a sigh.
I suddenly broke the silence that grew again.
“Why didn’t you tell me…” I breathed out.
“Tell you what?” he asked.
“That you and I were in a relationship!” I looked up at
him”I was going to tell you but then the doctor said we
shouldn’t like force your memories or stuff and if i
should talked to you about it, you might have tried to
recall how and when it happened, and I didn’t want you
to force your memories.” he said softly.
“Well thanks, but Annie juiced me out on most of the
things that has happened like over the year, about how
I’ve become so popular and look at me now, my
memories are still being stubborn!” I sighed and Erick
“Well then your memories are just like you”
“Indirectly calling me stubborn, well thanks.” I rolled
my eyes with an inner smile.
“So I heard I became a celebrity thanks to you” I said
looking at my fingers.
“I didn’t. I just help you get into the teens competition
at DH because my father owns the industry and yeah
you pretty much did the rest by yourself I literally did
nothing, you won the whole crowd with your own
talent” Erick said and I couldn’t help but smile.
I paused.
“Wait? Your father owns DH entertainment!” I gasped
and he smiled. “Wow your expression is exactly the
same, the first day you found that out about me.” Erick
said and let’s out a little chuckle.
“Loosing your memory is like waking up from the
dead, so mind you I am reliving this moment” I smiled
and he smiled with a nod too.
“Great then, react and gasp all you want, my father is
the founder and owner of DH entertainment and I am
his son the charming successor” Erick stated boastfully
and I scoffed.
“Wow, wow,… Wow” I laughed when I realised I’m
saying only wow.
“What’s with the wow?” Erick laughed.
“I just realised that I’m really dating a hot shot, I’m
actually shocked by that!” I said placing my hand
dramatically on my head.
“Nice impression of me. A hot shot” Erick winked and
I gave him a weird look.
“Oh so my wink doesn’t affect you anymore! You
usually go crazy when I wink.” Erick scoffed.
“Why do I feel like you’re lying?” I asked.
“Because you lost your memories!” Erick teased.
“Anyways don’t ever wink at me” I threatened and he
“I won’t” Erick said.
We both remained quiet and heard distance voices
from the wards afar.
I broke the silence again.
“So who confessed first?” I asked and Erick’s head
snapped up at me.
“Like… We didn’t just start dating and stuff, like we
had to do like a little confession, so who went first.
Cause I’m not good with expressing my thoughts and…
Feelings and..
“Don’t worry I went first and you don’t have to worry
cause I kept reminding you how I liked you every
single chance I had.” Erick smiled.
I didn’t know if it was the words he was saying, or if it
was the way he smiled with a bit of excitement in his
eyes or maybe it was his deep voice with a bit of
familiarity that swept up the whole room that made my
heart melt as I watch him speak.
I don’t know how I fell in love with him because I
knew the moment my memories left, the feelings I also
felt towards him and other people left me too
immediately. Cause like this I feel nothing for Erick,
but I shouldn’t just judge quickly cause now I can feel
just a little bit of what my full memory self fell for.
We both talked about a lot that night and I could say I
laughed too much my mouth started to hurt.
I fell asleep that night with little smiles dancing in my
head. There I was with Erick on stage singing and the crowd
went while chanting Erick June… Erick June…
Erick-J and June those couples makes me feel jealous.
Erick-J and June, just causes depression for the
They’re both so talented
I want to be just like them….
Suddenly I saw myself with Daniel we were both in a
pool, we were talking but I couldn’t hear or understand
our words.
My eyes slowly opened welcoming the broad day
light. Was that a memory?.
“Good morning” I heard and turned to my side to see
T. B. C

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