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*June’s pov continues*
Suddenly I saw myself with Daniel we were both in a
pool, we were talking but I couldn’t hear or understand
our words.
My eyes slowly opened welcoming the broad day
light. Was that a memory?.
“Good morning” I heard and turned to my side to see
“What… Are you doing here.?” I asked sitting up.
“Uh, I came to pay a visit” he smiled.
“Where is Erick?” I asked.
“He left when I came, and I also persuaded him to
leave, cause he needs some rest too, he’s a busy man
you know” Daniel smiled and I nodded. “I
“And my grandma, is she here yet?” I asked.
“Well she came by this morning to drop this off., and
then left” Daniel explained.
I turned to the stuff Daniel pointed and it was my
toothbrush and a small bag on the cabinet.
“How am I supposed to brush my teeth with my
broken legs, I can’t stand needless to say head to the
bathroom myself, this is annoying…” I sighed.
“I can help you get to the bathroom” Daniel stated. “I
could help you stand and you can just quickly brush
your teeth and that’s that.” Daniel stated.
“But have you seen me stand? I’m no difference when
holding a dead person, or if I could just get a
disposable sealing bag where I can spit all my waste
then that would be no preferable.” I sighed.
“Well I can help with that” Daniel said and left the
room putting on a black face mask as he got to the
He came back later and thanks to him, just like having
breakfast in bed, I had to brush my teeth in bed.

[] Daniel’s pov []
June and I remained quiet, we both said nothing, and
it was weird how we both talked so much the first day.
And now it just feels like the old June and I here again.
I sighed.
Who am I kidding she’s still the same June, old or new
there’s no difference. She just need some time to
adjust. And it’s not just because we talked or anything
that I’m going to finally see myself with her. No, now
that’s just how stupid I am.
The door opened and Erick walked in with a smile.
Well he’s always so cheerful.
I turned to June and saw a hint of excitement in her
eyes as she saw Erick walking in.
“A great morning to you two” Erick said sitting down
on the chair at the other side of the bed.
June turned to him. “You’re in a good mood. Ate
anything funny?” she asked with an ornery tone.
“haven’t had breakfast yet, I just feel happy and you
should be glad”
“Glad? That you’re happy?!” June scoffed.
“Yeah, obviously” Erick smiled… “Anyways have you
had breakfast yet?” Erick asked her.
“Not yet” she shook her head.
“Want me to go grab something for you?” Erick asked
standing up but she pulled him back.
“It’s okay, and besides my grandma left to get me
food” she smiled and he nodded.
“So guess what?” Erick said to June”What?” June looked at him.
“The doctor said you’d be starting your walks today”
Erick replied and she groaned rolling her eyes…
“What’s wrong? It sounds exciting and before you
know it you’re on stage again” Erick smiled…
June laughed. “Okay, I know this sounds stupid but
how come I just want to lay down right here and make
everybody do everything for me”.
“Seriously June? That’s just an evil thought” Erick
“I know, that’s why I said it sounds stupid” June joined
the laugh…
Wow, always have been a third wheel and always will
Here I was alone with her and I couldn’t start one
stupid conversation or make her laugh. She hasn’t
recall her memories but with Erick she’s just still the
same around him, open free and happy, and look at me,
I’m such a joke, thinking her amnesia will actually be
an opportunity for me. I should be laughing at myself.
Nothing can actually break the two people in front of
I know that because I’m seeing it, to June right now
Erick is still a stranger to her and so am I. But then our
conversations were different. The way she spoke to us,
you’ll know she and Erick are so connected in so many
ways they don’t even know themselves. Wow. I sighed
when my head hit realization.
I started liking June when she and Erick started to go
out and their relationship was just the best, it was what
you’d wished for anytime anywhere, because my past
relationship suck, I wanted something like theirs, I
wanted someone to like me way more than I like them.
Not that Erick and June’s feelings for each other are
like that, i think they both love each other equally.
But with what Emilia did to me, I’ve always wanted a
relationship where I would be the one to like them less
or maybe share an equal likeness. And now I can’t
believe that I’m just realizing it now that the only
reason I started having feelings for June was because I
envied her relationship with Erick and I also looked up
to Erick and her wanting a relationship like theirs, not
knowing my looking up to them was actually letting
my self fantasize that the only person who can make
me have a stable relationship was June. I actually fell
for her while looking up to her and it was just
sympathetically stupid and pitiful of me. I actually
even tried to kiss her once, when it suddenly got into
my head that she’s already with my best friend. I
couldn’t believe my act and June wasn’t event Aware at
that moment, I’m glad I actually didn’t go too far and
stopped myself from doing an act I’ll regret forever. I
confronted Erick the little accident that I tried to kiss
June, he was hurt and he flared up, we both got over
that, with me making him believe I was over June, but
deep down I wasn’t. And now seeing them together
again like this, happy, comfortable around each other.
I’m not jealous… Maybe I am a little bit, but still I
never have had any thought of breaking these two up.
I sat there still and watched June and Erick laugh
happily. Yeah who would want to break this up.
But still i want to come clean.
|[]| June’s pov |[]|

After having breakfast in bed, my grandma Erick and
Daniel stayed with me for a while before I told my
grandma to go home cause she looked very tired. She’s
the best and always will be.
The doctor came minutes after my grandma left and
after giving me a shot, he said I would start practicing
on my legs an hour after my shot.
After sighing over the fact that a syringe was just in
my skin, I sighed and immediately started to get
sleepy. And I did fall asleep.

There I saw myself giving Auggie a piggy back ride
as we both climbed the never ending stairs to our
rooftop house. We were both tired and as we both
opened the door, I was shocked seeing… Erick with
just a towel around his waste… What in the world!.
I quickly covered Erick eyesSuddenly I wasn’t inside the rooftop house anymore
but outside and it was suddenly night, I turned to see
Erick sitting beside me, we both talking but I couldn’t
decipher what our conversation was about, I laughed
and so did he.
Again the scene changed and I saw myself inside a
nice looking room, where am I?
I turned to see Erick sitting on the bed and grabbing a
blue guitar, I couldn’t hear what we were saying either
but according to my understanding I think he’s
teaching me how to play a guitar I guess.
And again I wasn’t there anymore, the sound of
waterfall could be clearly heard, I saw myself with
Erick and suddenly we both kissed with the not so
might waterfall falling against our bodies.
I slowly opened my eyes to the familiar fluorescent
lights hanging at the corners of the hospital roof.
I sighed and turned to my side to see Daniel.
What I just saw. What was that? Is that a memory?
“Where’s Erick?” I asked Daniel.
“Oh he said he’d be right back he didn’t tell me where
he was going” Daniel shrugged.
If that was my memory then all I ever did, was it
always with Erick? Wow..
“So June” Daniel called making me turn to him.
“I have something to tell you” he stated.
“Okay uh… You can go on” I said and he sighed.
He shut his eyes and opened them back up.
He breathed out and stated. “I like you” he suddenly
blurted out.
I shrugged… “I don’t… I don’t un-
“Like… I have feelings for you!” he blurted.
I paused.
Oh… That is what he meant.
“Oh I didn’t… I didn’t realise” I stuttered.
“And I’m telling you not because I want to get you to
do anything about it, I’m telling you cause I think now
is the only chance I have to tell and having feelings for
you is like something you will wish for and never
have, and please don’t acknowledge my feelings
because it doesn’t need to be heard, I just told you this
to get it off my chest, it’s like carrying a burden that
will take you no where!” Daniel explained and I tilt my
head at him.
So he had feelings for me.
“I just found out now that I’m with Erick but you know
that before right?” I asked and he nodded.
I don’t mean to be rude, I appreciate that he likes me
but still he has to know.
“And you said you needed to tell about your feelings
for me because it feels like a burden to you. But then
you went and told me about it right away, and you
didn’t think it’ll be a burden to me?” I asked Daniel
looked up at me completely speechless.
He’s getting my point I think.
I sighed and in the calmest voice I stated. ” You know
I’m with Erick and you developed feelings for me and
decided to tell when you clearly know that you won’t
gain anything out of it, you know that you’ll be clearly
and rightfully rejected but still you went on and that
told me, taking away a burden on your shoulder. But
yet you don’t know that the burden will suddenly
appear on mine just because I didn’t return the feeling,
I know its not nice when you get rejected but have
people ever considered to listen to the hearts of the
people who are filing the rejection, we feel bad for
them for not being able to reciprocate what they have
for us even though we appreciate it, but what I’m a
little bit mad about is how you know you’ll clearly get
rejected but you still told me, you could have just keepit to yourself and get over me, that way I won’t feel
shitty for rejecting someone”.
Daniel nodded…
“I understand and I’m sorry.” he stated.
“It’s okay, if you understand then can we forget this
one conversation and act like it never happened.” I
“understood” Daniel said and gave out a force smile.
I know it hurts but he should consider where I’m
coming from too.
Loosing my memories I think I lost the feelings I had
for him…
But suddenly with him around I feel like I’ve known
him forever with just one conversation, now if that’s
not love I don’t what it was and with all this memories
I’m having and hoping it’s not my imagination. It’s
always with Erick in my head.
So sorry Daniel.
T. B. C

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