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*June’s pov*
That night while my grandma left with Auggie leaving
Erick to stay with me because Erick insisted, well I
don’t mind cause I find myself growing on him even
more, he’s been with me all day, I get that he’s my
boyfriend and he, well its what he’s supposed to do.
But then again to me it’s like he’s a stranger trying to
win my heart by doing all this.
And well he is progressing.
“So now that your grandma is gone you better fall
asleep” Erick said.
“Why? If you’re sleepy just say so, don’t use me as an
excuse.” I scoffed with a smile.
He turned to me. “That was supposed to come out way
nicer and composed than you imagine, I know you
must be tired riding the bicycle wheelchair thingy, so
I’m insisting you sleep you’ve done enough for today”
Erick said and I nodded.
Now I understand what he means.
“So, I was going to wait for you to regain your
memory, but do you know that you’re only a rookie
artist but honestly you’re blowing up different type of
records” Erick said leaning closer to my bed and
resting his elbow on the bed and his chin on his palm.
“I am?” I smiled.
“You definitely are!” he smiled and I grinned happily.
“Tell me… What am I like on stage!” I asked.
I don’t know how I am, but I know I won’t be
anywhere if I wasn’t poised confident on stage, but still
I’d like to hear it from Erick.
“Okay, on stage you’re dazzling!” Erick smiled.
I rolled my eyes with a smile. “I didn’t mean how I
am… Thanks for the compliment though, but how am
I? Do I look bashful or…
“No” Erick interrupted shaking his head.
“On stage, you’re the most poised and most confident
woman on stage, on stage you seem at your brightest,
you hold up this aura, you’re like a divinity, and I
noticed how you look down at your audience and how
your face lits up in the most joyous way I have ever
seen!” Erick let’s out a small smile.
” Well sounds like you watch me more than I feel
myself on stage ” I shrugged.
“You have no idea, every performance is a different
outfit leaving you drop dead gorgeous and I’m just
like… Wow I’m actually dating this girl” Erick stated
and I laughed.
Erick breathed out and leaned closer to me.
“I’ve missed this” He said slowly before locking our
lips together.
Part of me wants to hesitate, a lesser side of me
though, cause in my head I wanted to hesitate, but I
was already reciprocating to the kiss, our breaths
matched and my heart pounded so hard that i feared it
was going to break my ribcage.
Seeing how my hands moved on it’s own to Erick’s
neck made me wonder what kind of effect he had on
me. I mean I don’t the kind of person he is. I lost my
memories of when I met him and now to me he’s a
complete stranger to me, because whatever we had
before this incident is gone in my head, but yet again
I’m finding myself getting swayed by him, whatever he
did to make me fall for him the first, I think it’s
happening again. I’m falling for him for the second
We both broke the kiss and with my heated abd
flustered cheeks I looked away.
“I have to go to bed now” my voice was low.
“Yeah you do” Erick gave a smile.
I laid on my right side on the bed backing Erick.”Good night” I heard his voice.
“Good night” I said almost in a whisper.
I shut my eyes and I could still hear as my heartbeat
sounded like a drum. I mean were both in a
relationship we do this like every time. Shouldn’t my
body be used to it.
Goodness I don’t even understand anymore.
That night I was fast asleep and lost in thoughts, lost in
the stories about me that I’ve heard from Annie, Erick
and well my grandma. Stories about me achieving my
dream in such a small amount of time and at a young
age, it was hard to believe. It all felt like a fairytale, it
was too good to be true.
I heard my name being called from different places, I
had to look here and there to know who was calling me
but where I turned to every single place was blur and I
couldn’t identify who was actually yelling out my
I turned to my right and suddenly I saw Erick, and
then an older man who looked a lot like Erick. Who is
I heard laughing behind me and I turned to see myself
in a dance studio, I saw shylock and Travis and a girl
with blonde curly hair. “Ugh I’m tired” a girl said
behind me and I turned to see someone I’ve never seen
before too.
“Don’t be lazy guys” I heard another voice and turned
to see another man who I’ve barely seen before.
Who are these people?
“Can we at least take a five minutes break” shylock
“Yeah Justin please!” the blonde hair girl said.
“I’ll agree with Cassie, grace and June seems tired too”
Travis said.
Suddenly I wasn’t at studio anymore but In a fine
looking home, it had great furnishing and it was warm
and cozy, the bed was amazing and I saw my picture
on the wall. The door opened and Annie walked in. We
both sat on the bed and we talked about prom. All
these memories.
Suddenly faces I’ve never seen before started pile up
in front of me all calling out to me, places I’ve never
been before, things I’ve never said before all piled up
in front of my face, it was too much to take in. I
couldn’t bare it, I shut my eyes to not see them but
immediately I shut my eyes it became worse.
|[]| ERICK’S POV |[]|
I was fast asleep when I started to feel some
movements, I woke up and realised it wasn’t just
morning but I fell asleep with my head beside June and
she’s seriously jerking in her sleeps.
She was asleep but she was sweating profusely, her
hands gripped the blanket and her body rose and fall
back on the bed, while her head turned from side to
Is she having a nightmare? What ever is happening, it
doesn’t seem very nice.
“Oh shit” I stated not knowing how the word came out
of my mouth and ran out of the room immediately. I
got the doctor and he ran faster than me to June’s room.
June was calm now but her body was still sweaty.
The doctor placed back of his hand on her head and
shrieked. “Gracious goodness, her body is boiling, stay
with her I’ll be back” the doctor said and ran out of the
I touched June’s forehead and it was exactly as the
doctor had testify.
The doctor walked into the room again with a female
nurse behind him and with a tray of syringe in her
hand. After mixing some kind of medicine and letting
the needle suck it all up, it was then pushed into June’s
“I guarantee that she will be fine” the doctor breathed
out a sigh three seconds after her shot.
“Well I trust you!” I shrugged without a choice.
“What do you think might have made her that way, it
couldn’t possibly be a nightmare” I said to the doctor.
“It’s certainly wasn’t a nightmare, the shot she took
now was to bring her sudden fever down, but my two
main theory on what could have happen to her is either
the fever or she regained her memory, because that
seemed like it could be dangerous, you said she was
jerking in her sleep? Well if she is then it’s probably
because her head is being filled now! And it must have
caused a fever.” the doctor said with a shrug.
“Anyways don’t worry too much, she’ll be fine” the
doctor said and after a small tap on my shoulder he left
the room.
I breathed out a sigh and turned to June. I really hope
she’s okay.
Three hours has passed and June hasn’t wake up yet,
thankfully she was breathing fine, her fever had died
down and she seemed to be enjoying her sleep.
Her grandma walked in holding the bento box like
always and after sitting for a while she asked me why I
looked so solemn and I explained what happened to
Two more hours passed until June finally moved on
the bed, my head snapped at her immediately and she
got up from the bed and in a sitting position, she turned
to her grandma and breathed out a sigh.
“How are you?” her grandma asked walking up to her
and placing her hand on her cheeks.
“I’m fine…” June said and she suddenly got all teary.
“What’s wrong?” I suddenly asked standing up and
getting close to her.
She covered her face with her palm and breathed out a
“June” I placed my hand on her shoulder causing her to
hug me immediately.
“What’s wrong?” I asked again.
She sniffed and let’s go of me.
“It’s nothing, I remember everything” she said and my
eyes widen.
“Y…you do?” I stuttered.
She nodded happily and her grandma gasped.
“That… That is amazing? Okay so… Let’s test this out,
who is Ella?” her grandma asked.
Great question.
June smiled as she wiped her teary eyes “Ella’s Erick’s
dog who died and then he got another one to not make
Auggie feel sad” June replies and I smiled.
Her memory is back.
I Stormed into the June’s room and I went to give her
a little hug.
“Your memory’s back” I rejoiced happily.
“Wow how did you get on the news so fast?” June
“Erick wouldn’t dare leave something as big as this for
another hour away from me” I stated and Annie
“How you two love each other so much” June teased.
Of course she has her memory back.
“As if” I rolled my eyes.
The room was empty.
“Where’s, Erick? Your grandma?” I asked.
“Well Erick’s making a call outside and my grandma
left minutes ago” June said and I bit my bottom lip.
“How I am so happy” I said and she smiled.
“And now that it’s clear to me now, you did dye your
hair because of Daniel, didn’t you” June smirked and I
rolled my eyes.
“And I sadly found out that Daniels favourite colour is
orange” I shook my head and June laughed
Finally my one year added best friend is back. The
year when the juiciest moments happened.June smiled faded and she turned to me.
“Annie” she called and turned to me.
“Daniel actually confessed, yesterday that he…
“That he likes you!” I completed the sentence.
“How did you know.!” she gasped.
“Well last night, he was kind of feeling down about the
whom Confession thing and he invited me over. Cause
he needed someone to talk to. Well we talked, I got
emotional, pretty stupid of me, I left came back
confessed my feelings and finally leaving!” I rushed
my words and June brown eyes stared at me in
“I’m lost” she blinked.
“Well I confessed my feelings to Daniel” I replied
She gasped. “No way”
“Yes way”
“And what did he say?”
“He said nothing, because I gave him no chance to
speak and I left the house before he could utter another
word”. I smiled.
“Wow… But wow that’s a big step Annie” June smiled.
“Yeah, a big foolish step, I’ll probably just pass out if i
see Daniel again” I shook my head.
The door opened and June smiled. I turned back to see
if it was Erick but luckily for today not being my lucky
day, it was Daniel.
Suddenly I want to be the one with amnesia.
T. B. C
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