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*Annie’s pov continues*
The door opened and June smiled. I turned back to see
if it was Erick but luckily for today not being my lucky
day, it was Daniel.
Suddenly I want to be the one with amnesia.
Daniel and I made eye contact and I gulped.
Get a grip Annie. I scolded myself on the inside.
Let’s just pretend none of this ever happened. Let’s
pretend that confession night never happened.
“HI” Daniel smiled at me and then turned to June.
“HI” he said to June.
What an awkward moment, I don’t know if it was
awkward to him but it was to me and it had to be
awkward to him because he confessed to June and he
got rejected and I confessed to him and well he didn’t
reject me. Not like I gave him a choice though I can’t
face rejection.
“Heard you regained your memories” Daniel said and
June nodded.
“Yeah I’m glad” June added.
“When the doctor was talking about your diagnosis he
made it seem as if you were never going to regain your
memory, or it was going to take longer than ever!” I
added and June smiled.
“Well the doctor said as long as it’s an episodic
memory loss, and not your normal retrograde amnesia,
it was determined that it was going to be a sooner
recovery” I shrugged.
“Let me guess he said that after your recovery?” i
asked and June nodded laughing afterwards.
“So this means you’re okay, you just need to recover
around your legs and you’re back.” Daniel said and
June nodded…
“Uh…” Daniel turned to me.
What now.!
“Annie can we talk… Outside, please, I called your line
but it couldn’t reach and its good you’re here. Please
let’s talk” Daniel said and I glanced at June.
“Are you going to be fine on uour own?” I asked June.
“Oh I’m perfect on my own” she said and gave me a
sneaky look.
Dang it June.
Daniel smiled hearing that and he immediately starts to
head towards the door.
“Make sure you don’t his words melt you” June said in
a whisper and I gave her a glare before trailing behind
Daniel. Oh great.
I sat under a shade of tree at the back of the hospital
and sighed when I saw Daniel coming towards me. He
said we should talk, just talk and now he suddenly
went to buy smoothies for both of us. I don’t like
talking over drinking, the conversation never feels
nice, I’ve seen that in movies a lot.
Let me guess I’m going to get rejected. I better bottle
myself up.
I slurped my smoothie very loudly, the moment was
awkward and I had no choice, after realizing my cup
had gone dry faster than ever I shook my head and
turned to him.
“So… What do you want to talk about?” I asked.
“So about last night” He replied.
Here we go.
“You know you can just forget about last night if you
want” I giggled nervously.
“But you confessed and you need an answer from me,
don’t you?” he sighed. His lashes thoughWell I don’t want to hear an answer cause it’s going to
be the negative one.
“Okay then what’s your answer?” I asked looking at
the small grass island in front of me.
I held my cup tightly as he began to speak.
“Well honestly I don’t know what to say” Daniel
“that means you’re rejecting me if you don’t know what
to say, I get it.” I rushed my words.
“No I’m not rejecting you!” Daniel said shaking his
“And you’re not accepting me either” I sighed.
So where do I stand.
“You’re not the one I like Annie, I’ve known you for
over a year now through June, but you know we’re not
that close, but at least I got to see the other side of you
these past few days and before June incident, I don’t
have feelings for you but according to the way I see
you, you’re very likeable…
“Where are you heading… Just go straight to the point,
if you want to reject me just do so.” I interrupted with
a sigh.
He’s going to reject me… In a nice way.
“No I said I’m not rejecting you, I’ve thought about it
and I decided to give US a chance.” Daniel said and I
looked up at him.
“us?” I repeated.
“Yeah… Like we should go out, I think for a month or
weeks and if we don’t match or don’t have anything in
common or nothing special grows between us then
we’ll have to break up and accept the fact that we’ve
both at least tried, but we’re not meant for each other”
Daniel explained and my heart pounced.
“And… And what if something grows between us?” I
asked, sometimes you have to think positive too.
“Then we stay like that!” Daniel smiled and I squeezed
my cup. Oh my God, I’m so happy I’m going to
“So..? What do you think of the idea?” Daniel asked.
Best idea ever.!
“it’s great” I gave a small smile.
“Okay then” Daniel glance at his wrist watch. “I have
to leave now” I stated.
“Okay” I smiled and we both stood up.
He gave me a very brief hug and before walking away.
My legs shook as I walked back into the hospital and
to June’s ward.
I opened the door and rolled my eyes seeing Erick and
June kissing.
“Get a room you two” I yelled and they both broke up
the kiss. I ran to the bed and sat down beside June.
“So how did the conversation go?” june asked.
“You wouldn’t believe it.” I shook my head.
“Well don’t leave me hanging tell me!” she smiled and
i nodded and narrated all what Daniel had say.
“What??? No way!!” June gasped.
“Wow, didn’t know Daniel was as smart as this, he
didn’t want to reject you and he gave himself and you a
chance” Erick added.
“Exactly, I thought he was going to reject me but I
spoke to soon and the four weeks we’ll be dating, I’ll
make him fall in love with me” I stated.
“Well don’t get all clingy!” June said tapping my
“No! She should! I get not all boys like the clingy type
but when it comes to Daniel, trust me, it’s like Annie is
perfect for him, you see Daniel is kind of getting sick
with the lonliness and stuff, he needs a clingy person
for that, and two based on what his ex left did to him, I
think he’d prefer his girlfriend liking him more than he
likes her. Look Daniel is a loyal person and his loyalty
is killing him, and Annie I think you’re perfect for him,
how do you guys tend to match each other so much”
Erick scoffed.
“Because we’re meant to be” I smiled and he rolled his
Of course I was happy for myself and June was happy
for me. It was like my dream finally came true.
✨ ♥ June’s pov ♥ ✨ Recalling everything made life more easier I wasn’t
living in the dark anymore. I wanted to file a report on
Giselle but seemed like Erick had taken care of her
ages ago. My career was still at the top and my album
spiraling at the top too, I gained a lot of recognition
from people who were not interested in my music after
the Giselle and I incident was announced on the news
one night and people just did a little research on me
and my followers on Nstagram boomed up
immediately and fans reaction on internet was just the
best. I felt sad for Giselle though even though Erick
said he doesn’t.
My music was everywhere but I couldn’t go back to
my career right away because of my legs. But all was
I spent three months in the hospital still getting
therapy for my legs and the day I was finally leaving
the hospital it was like a dream. I never thought I’d
leave that bed it was starting to sicken me.
Well my legs got better… Even more better and as I
got home, I was welcomed by Hannah my grandma
and Mr Dhousten. It was such an honour seeing how
you’re loved by everyone.
I got back into music and had my own concert, how I
was on my feet again and on stage felt like everything.
No more Giselle, nothing to cause any ruckus and it
was just lovely, it just seemed like something had to
come in between my career and I to make me see how
special it was for me.
I love how I performed that night and how much
energy I gave out I didn’t feel tired at all. And I was
ready to give in more in my career.
Annie and Daniel going crazy over each other didn’t
take less than a week. Daniel seemed to be slacking off
in his career a bit because of spending too much time
with Annie. But he didn’t seem to care about it. How
they’re so perfect for each other.
Words got out as Daniel and Annie are dating, he got
some haters on That and some supporters and that’s
just it in life. You tend to have both of those two.
Things just seemed to be going pretty fine we were all
happy and the days months and days that passed just
seemed like a day and concluding the happiness we
spent. It was like a never ending happy story.
June’s pov continues…
“A mother and child being born on the same day, how
lovely” Annie blurted out as she plopped down on the
“Yeah, I couldn’t contain my happiness when I realised
I gave birth on my birthday” I replied and Annie
“I hope the same thing happens to me” Annie said
rubbing her stomach.
“Uh, you’re just two weeks pregnant and besides
coincidence like this happens once in every decade” I
smirked and Annie rolled her eyes.
“some show off you are, I helped with the decorations
and all you have to say is thank you but no, you’re
boasting about your birthday and your son’s” Annie
“WELL You brought it up” i shrugged.
The living room looked dashing with the decorations.
It my birthday and my son’s birthday. How exciting.
Freya suddenly passed the living room with her
pigtails dangling on her hair.
“Fray… Yo Freya” Annie called and she paused and
turned to Annie.
“Where is Jace? I thought I saw you two playing
together a while ago” Annie asked.
“He’s with uncle Erick” Freya replied.
“Oh.” Annie nodded.
Freya’s Annie little sister. The one her mom got
pregnant with ten years ago. Well today is Jace and my
birthday, everyone is invited.
The door opened and Daniel walked in with two big
present causing Annie to jump.
“Don’t tell me the bigger present is for June” Annie
said as she helped her fiance carry the present.
“Well you got it the bigger one is for Jace and the
small one is for June.” Daniel grinned.
“How are you two so cruel” I sighed and left the both
of them to the kitchen to see Erick and jace both
having cake with Freya beside them.
“Having cake before the birthday” I gasped and Erick
and jace turned to me.
“mommy!” jace called happily with chocolate cake
smudge over his mouth.
“How disappointing of you Erick” I shook my head.
“Sorry” Erick chuckled.
I grabbed my son who’d be turning five today and let
him stand beside me.
“Erick, I’ve done enough with the decorations, now
you’ll be the one getting jace dressed” I stated.
“No problem with that” Erick shrugged grabbing jace
giving me a cheek on the cheeks.
“Happy birthday baby” he said.
“That’s the 30th time you’ll be telling me that” I
“Oh thats worth it” Erick said before walking out.
I heard a familiar voice from the living room and ran
there immediately.
“Auggie” I called happily.
“June” he smiled and walked up to me to give me a
“Darn it” I stated as we both disengaged the hug. “I
complained the last time you came here of how tall
you are, now you just added another inches
intimidating me. You head is almost touching my
ceiling” I crossed my arms.
“You and your exaggeration sis” Auggie shook his
I noticed a pretty girl behind him and luckily Auggie
shyly introduced her as his girlfriend Cindy.
Look at him being a college boy and having all those
pretty girlfriend.
The day was set and the birthday party started with
jace tearing his present open without caring.. A lot of
people from DH came. Erick and I were history now at
DH entertainment we both retired four years ago and
while Daniel retired six years ago to focus on his
relationship. And sadly my grandma died two years
ago after getting sick and couldn’t get through it.
Shylock and Travis couldn’t make it to my party as
they were in Australia. Luckily ERICK’S mom made it
and jace didn’t leave her side.
I recieved a lot of present and so did my baby jace.
The night didn’t seem to end and happiness filled the
whole place.
Well what can I call this, for this is far more bigger
than a dream.
🤧 🤧 🤧 🤧 🤧 🤧 Till then.
Thank you for reading.

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