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HER LAST WISH Chapter 14

HER LAST WISH Chapter 14


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Felia” Layla smiled.
“Hey Layla” Felia wave with a smile, before going to sit at a table.
“I should go take her order” Layla said to Aria who nod with a smile.

“How are you?” Felia ask Layla as she got to her table.
“I’m good Fel,excited to see you”
“Believe me, same here. Been dying to see you again since i left here on Saturday”
“Really?…well,if that’s to flatter me,you succeeded” Layla said and they both laugh.

“So,what’s up? What would you like to order?”
“Uhm.. Nothing, at least for now”
“Your aunt isn’t around,i guess” Fel peered around the cafeteria.
“Then sit with me” Felia smile.
“Uhm..You think if my aunt was around,i wouldn’t sit with you?”
“Yeah,after see how wide her eyes went when she saw you sitting with us the last time. ” Felia said and Layla laugh.
“That was because i was supposed to be working”

“Don’t your friends visit?” Or rather…you don’t sit with them when they do?” Felia ask.
“Well..i don’t have other friends asides you guys”
“Are you being serious?” Felia couldn’t hide her surprise.

“You’re in high school and you do not have friends until you met us? why? that’s pretty unusual.”
“Yeah..it is” Layla sigh.
“Did you decided not to have friends until you get to a certain age?” Felia asked, curious to know the reason. It was unusual for a teenager,a beautiful one at that .. not to have even one friend.
“Well..not everyone finds making African a friend a normal thing to do like you guys did..” Layla said and Felia raise a brow.
“You mean no one wants to be your friend because you are…” Felia trail off when Layla nodded.

“OH MY…WOW, the whole school turned against you? for being something you had no control over?”

“My classmates especially but it’s all good now, meeting you guys made up for all the years of loneliness for me” Layla smile happily.
“Oh no, don’t give me that pity look” She added with a chuckle, seeing how Felia looked at her.
“I keep trying to think how you survived for years in the midst of .. everything” Felia said, feeling sorry for Layla. It must have been so tough for her.
“My parents raised no weak girl” Layla says, wearing a small smile.
“Obviously,I’m glad we’re here for you now. Those pieces of shits do not deserve you anyway” Felia scowl.

“And thanks for the books! It’s been so long i read a book so old and rich in culture. I enjoyed it,just waiting for the two dickheads to be done with theirs so we can swap”
Layla chuckle.. “How’s Rylan?”
“He’s fine, being a pain in the head as always” Felia groan and Layla laugh.
“Say hi to him for me”
“I will” Fel nod. “They both actually didn’t know i’ll be coming here,they would have come with me”
“Oh,was wondering why you came alone too”

“Wow . . i should have just sat down” Layla said,realising how long she’s been standing.
“Told ya” Fel said, sticking out her tongue.
It made Layla laugh again.

“Gotta go, Layla” Fel glance at her wrist watch.
“I should get back to work too. I hope you come around soon again” Layla says with a smile.
“I will, bye” Fel kiss her cheeks and wave at Aria who wave back with a smile.


“Felia came around yesterday” Layla told Dan immediately they sat in class.
“Yeah” She smile.
“She didn’t tell me anything”
“She didn’t have to” Layla shrug.
“Uh” Dan raise his brows in a playful manner and Layla laugh.

He smile, he has realised he love seeing her laugh. She does it so heartily.

“You and Rylan do make her feel left out and now she’s found me!” Layla says gleefully.
“I knew Rylan and I were in trouble when i made you and Felia meet each other” Dan shakes his head,wearing a sour look and Layla laugh again.
He smile, watching her laugh.
“You laugh so beautifully and heartily” He had to say.
“Thank you” Layla smile, flushed. The compliment had taken her by surprise.

“Here we go again” Dan murmur as a teacher walked in.


“This is so chilled” Layla says as she sips her juice.
“I can tell from the cup” Dan says, eating almost hurriedly.
“I wonder why it seems like you’re in a hurry” Layla savors the taste of the chilled pineapple juice.
Anne recommended it to her when they met at the food counter and she didn’t regret changing her juice flavor today.

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“I am, i need to visit the library”
“Alone? You don’t want me to come with you?” Layla ask, she find herself wanting to go with him everywhere.
“I wasn’t sure you’d want to come and I don’t want to impose it on you”
“You didn’t even ask me..” She looks a bit pissed.
“I’m sorry” He says, looking as apologetic as he feels.
Layla nod… “It’s fine”

“So if I hadn’t asked, you would have gone off…”
“Nah… I wouldn’t do that” Dan interrupts. ” I was planning to tell you once I’m done eating”
“You do ask me to come with you every time and I do, I wonder why you think I wouldn’t want to come with you today” Layla say without humor.
Dan sigh…She seems pretty offended to have being left out in the plan to go to the library after lunch.

“I’m sorry Layla, to be sincere…I deliberately didn’t ask you to come with me” Dan confesses.
“What? Why?” Layla stops eating her doughnut halfway.. blinking hard.

Did she offend him?

Will he stop being her friend?

She almost shudder at the thought, she has gotten so used to Dan,and to think she’s just realising that now. Wow.

“C’mon it’s nothing serious” Dan almost laugh, seeing how funny she looks.
“I just don’t want you to feel overwhelmed by our friendship. We’ve never been apart since we became friends except when we’re in our various houses. I don’t have a problem with it though but i feel you might want some breathing space,some minutes alone and you probably don’t know how to say it to me so…” Dan trail off.

“That’s not true, I don’t have a problem with it too. Why would I want some breathing space? You’re not suffocating me, you’ve never. You’re my best friend and I would never get tired of being around you. I’m disappointed you could think that way”…
“Don’t you know best friends stick to each other always” She adds with a pout, facing her now ‘less chilled’ pineapple juice.

She raise her head to Dan’s direction when he didn’t say anything for minutes and found him staring at her, unblinking.

Is he lost in thought?

This is so unusual of him.

She was about calling him when he sigh loudly.
“Are you okay?” She ask and he nod.

“I’m sorry for thinking that way Layla” He said.
“It’s fine.. Is that the reason you looked so lost in thought?”
“No..I was stunned by how highly you think of our friendship. With the way you spoke, one wouldn’t even know you’ve been without friends for years”
“Whoosh, I’m flattered” Layla said and they laugh.
“So.. Layla, would you come with me to the library” Dan ask.
“You don’t even have to ask,I’m coming with you anyway” Layla roll her eyes and Dan laugh.

“It was great seeing you upset though” Dan tease and Layla hit his arm playfully.
He laugh once more and continued rushing his meal.

“There’s actually a bo..” He was saying when he notice Layla’s attention was somewhere else.
Dylan was approaching their table and Layla’s gaze wouldn’t leave his face.
Her heart is probably in her throat already with how lost she looks.
Dan sigh, swallowing his meal.

He wonder what Dylan was coming to do at their table when Dylan who looked like he was going to stop at their table, walked past them with a smirk on his face.

Layla swallowed hard, returning her attention to Dan.
She smiled shyly at Dan, embarrassed.
She knew he had been watching her.

“There’s nothing to feel embarrassed for. Let’s go to the library” Dan said after gulping a glass cup filled with water.


“You and Rylan are so annoying!” Felia yelled, so Dan could hear her in the bathroom where he is presently freshening up.

She is sitting on his bed, waiting. She arrived shortly after Dan got back from school and got into his room to hear the shower running and then she knew he was still freshening up..
She’s pissed at him and Rylan for not finishing the books Layla gave them yet. Rylan hasn’t even started his… She’s done with hers, eager to swap with them but the assholes are delaying her.

“Fel, help me select fresh wears, I’m almost done” Dan shouted from the bathroom and Felia roll her eyes before getting up from his bed.
“Bitch, I know you just rolled your eyes” Dan shouted, like he was in the room with her when she did that.
They know each other so well that they could detect their next moves.

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“Wizard” Felia said to herself,laughing as she open his wardrobe.
Her eyes roam his wears for some seconds before she pulled out a pair of pale green linen shorts with a black sweatshirt.
She lay the wears on the bed and sit down.. sighing.

Dan finally stepped out of the bathroom with a grin on his face . . He knew what Felia was pissed at him and Rylan for. Rylan already called him to warn him before Felia arrived at his house and he had quickly ran to the bathroom when he heard her voice from the living room.

“Who are you to think your grin will subdue my anger, It’s actually annoying me more. Stop grinning like a fool or I’ll hit you with this pillow ” Fel said through gritted teeth and Dan started laughing.
She ended up hitting his wet body over and over with the pillow while Dan just kept laughing.

“I’m so pissed at you and and Rylan .. what’s taking you both so long? We do finish a book in a day or two.. it’s going to three days already and you guys aren’t done yet, delaying us from swapping. I’m tired of reading mine over and over again. It’s not fair! ” Fel complain.
“I’m sorry” Dan pouts. I’m actually almost done with mine … I swear. I’m gonna read the rest tonight and we’ll swap tomorrow . I promise”
“You should better do that” She bats her eyelashes as she drops the pillow back on the bed. She sat down and sigh deeply.

Dan figured immediately that she was bothered about something.

“Hey, what are you worried about?” He ask getting into the shorts she had selected for him. He drop his body towel on his dressing chair and sat beside her before putting on his sweatshirt.
Fel rarely get worked up over things or rather she rarely shows she’s worked up over something and whenever she makes it obvious,then it’s really bothering her.

Dan drape his arm over her shoulders and pull her close . “Felia Summers, what’s bothering you?”
Felia smile, she does whenever Daniel calls her by her full name, no matter how bad her mood is.

“It’s nothing so serious..it’s just Jacques. He has been acting unusual. I feel he’s starting to avoid me” Fel shrug.
“Really? Have you tried talking to him about it?” Dan ask. Jacq is one of his numerous friends and Fel’s boyfriend at Prestige high school.
“I tried talking to him about it but he’s not giving me the chance to, he doesn’t want to talk to me, giving flimsy and irrelevant excuses. It’s so unlike him and it’s getting me really worried” Fel looked downcast.

Dan sigh, patting her back. “He might be going through something and doesn’t want to bother you about it”
“No, I don’t think that’s the case”
“It might be, it might not, we can’t be sure . Do you want me to talk to him about it?” Dan ask and Fel shook her head.

He sigh. “Are you sure?”
“If you keep looking this way, I won’t have any choice than to talk to him” Dan states.
“I think you might be right, he might be going through something and doesn’t want me worrying…or what else would make him turn that way. I should be patient, till whatever is nothing him stops” Fel says, consoling herself with those words, she looked a bit better.
“Good” Dan smile.
“But i really wish he can talk to me about it” She prodded.
“Good guys like us don’t always want to bother girls” Dan tease and laugh when Fel roll her eyes.

“Can’t believe Jacq could make you look that bothered for the first time in months, you rarely show your emotions Fel . . And this Jacq guy,you must really like him”
“Of course, I would never have dated someone I don’t like”
“We all know you like him. But never knew you liked him this much” Dan said, he was worried because he could tell deeply inside him that Jacq was close to breaking Fel’s heart .. It wouldn’t have been a problem if Fel didn’t like him this much. Looking this down just when he’s starting to avoid her shows how devastated she would feel when he breaks her heart. She would be so hurt and that really bother Dan.
“I like him so much now” She smile, shrugging.
Dan nodded, returning her smile and trying to keep his concern out of his face.

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“Jennie sent her greetings” Fel says and Dan didn’t know if it was hearing her name for the first time in days that made his heart beat faster or he still has feelings for her.
“Oh . . Say hi to her for me” He swallowed.
“Are you going to invite her for you parents Thanksgiving party?” Fel ask and Dan didn’t respond for seconds. He hadn’t even thought of sending an invite to her.
“Do you think I should?”
“Of course, you’ve always invited her. I know the both of you are over and all .. but not inviting her just because she broke up with you would make you seem petty and you’ll make her have the thought that ‘you’re yet to get over her ‘ C’mon Dan” She punch him lightly on the arm.

“Okay, gonna send an invite to her today. But, what if she doesn’t come?” He ask.
“That’s her problem, you shouldn’t be bothered by that. You’ve done your part by inviting her. Wait . . .” Fel suddenly pause, looking like she’s examining Dan closely.
“What?” He ask, wondering what she’s up to this time.
“Are you still yet to get over her?” Fel ask slowly and it seem as though she’s holding her breath while waiting for Dan’s answer.
“I don’t know” Dan says. He really do not know if he’s over Jennie.

Fel sigh.

“I really do not know . . . I swear, but when you mentioned her name . . my heart . . ” He pause, looking at Fel.
He knows she understands what he meant.

“Oh Dan” She says softly, almost in a whisper. They all knew how much he love Jennie, it’ll be so hard for him to get over her . What’s Fel’s just so pained about is that Jennie didn’t even seem to care, she’s still being her goofy self around the school with no single worry on her face since she broke up with him. Felia had almost thought Jennie was never in love with him to begin with. And here he is, finding it hard to get over her.
“Don’t give me that pity look, I’ll be fine” Dan assured.

“Daniel, I know it’s hard but you just have to get the fuck over Jennie, she clearly doesn’t care about you anymore, she hadn’t even seem affected by the break up, she’s going in with her life even with more enthusiasm ” Fel cleared and Dan wouldn’t lie he felt a bit hurt . Well . . He hadn’t expected her to brood over it when she had been the one who broke up with him.
She obviously hadn’t cared enough about him or she wouldn’t have broken his heart.

“I actually did not really think of her since I resumed Ocean High or rather I tried not to think of her .. Until now that you mentioned her, I had thought I was over her but clearly there are still some feelings left . . I’ll try to get rid of them ” Dan said and he knows it’s easier said than done. Even Fel knows that too.
“Good! This is the Daniel Keyes I’m familiar with” Felia grins, raising her palm for a ‘high-five’ Daniel smile as their palm collided.

“What of Layla? Have you invited her?” She ask and he almost smile at the mention of her name.
“Not yet”
“Why?” She ask,with a raised brow.
“Chill..I’m waiting till it’s Friday”
“Whyyyyyyy” Fel drawl with furrowed brows.
“Isn’t it okay?”
“It’s not, you should invite her sooner so she’ll shuffle it within whatever plan she already have for Sunday”
“You really want her to come, don’t you?”
“Of course i do” Fel smile. She really likes Layla.

“Okay.. okay, I’ll do just that” He nod, almost rolling his eyes.
“Good Boy” She tease and he finally roll his eyes.

Felia laugh.

“Pies anyone?” Anne ask loudly through the door.
Dan and Fel look at each other in horror, knowing how bad Anne’s pies always taste. They both scurry under the blanket, holding their laughter.

“Pies anyone??” Anne ask again and they know she’ll be coming in soon.
“We’re sleeping” They both shouted and ended up bursting into a rib-aching laughter.



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