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HER LAST WISH Chapter 38

HER LAST WISH Chapter 38


Zeemah Writes 📝





“Daniel Keyes, come with me immediately” The teacher said, looking horrified.

Oh well ..

Dylan smirked and Dan felt anger bubble inside him. It took everything in him not to hit Dylan again.
He started walking alongside the teacher who suddenly turned. “Dylan, you also” She said.
It was Dan’s turn to smirk and he did it much to Dylan’s chagrin.
Dylan also walked behind them and together they all walked to the principal’s office.


“He hit me first” Dan said to Principal Henroe who sat behind his desk, watching them intently. The teacher left already after explaining to the principal what she saw.
“Dylan” Principal Henroe called…”Did you truly hit Dan first?”
“It was not intentional” Dylan mumbled.
“It clearly was” Dan contradicted.
“It wasn’t” Dylan scoffed.

“Intentional or not, you hit him first right?” Principal Henroe asked.
“Yeah” Dylan said reluctantly.
“And you returned the punch?” Principal Henroe asked.
“Yeah” Dan nodded.

“And you both would have resort to blows if the teacher hadn’t appeared?” Principal Henroe questioned further.
They both stared at their feet without responding.
“Well, fighting is prohibited in this school and you know it so you’re both going to receive the punishment for it. The penalty for hitting one another is spending hours in the school detention doing whatever punishment is assigned to you after school’s over, today and tomorrow. You both can leave to your classes and return to the detention after school’s over, the detention officer would tell you what you’re to do” Principal Henroe dismissed them.

By the time Dan and Dylan returned to class, everyone already knew what transpired. The students murmured and stared at them as they walked to their seats. The teacher presently teaching in the class ordered the noise to die down and then continued teaching.

Layla sigh worriedly, Dan’s lower lip is broken and she knows how much it’ll be hurting. She knew the two guys didn’t like each other but she had never thought they would resort to hitting each other.
“Are you okay?” She finally asked Dan.
“I’m fine” He tried to smile.
“You’re not” She said.
“Yeah, I’m not” He nodded.
Layla blink severally in worry as she stared at the wounded lip more intently, she gently placed her finger on it and he winced.
“Aw Dan…” She looked so worried.

“It’s okay, concentrate…Miss Moore looks like she’ll kick us out any minute” Daniel said and Layla reluctantly faced the front of the class, holding onto Dan’s hand. Miss Moore was indeed staring at them, she gave them a warning look before going on with her class.

Layla would never have believed she would feel this pissed towards someone and not just anyone but Dylan.
Although she saw he also had a bump on his chin but how dare he hurt Dan.


Layla and Dan were only able to go to the school infirmary during lunch break.
The nurse attended to Dan while Layla sat beside him.
He was yet to tell her what went wrong and she was so curious but even more worried.
Dan didn’t know how he was going to tell her without mentioning the note he had seen in his locker… she’s going to know he lied to her and she would get so worried after knowing the content of the note.
Still, he has to tell her anyway, he could omit the note part.

“Dan!” Anne called loudly as she walked into the infirmary.
“Hey, I’m fine” Dan said.
“Are you okay?” She asked worriedly, distracting the nurse as she checked out the wound, she sigh in relief after seeing it wasn’t so much and then quickly apologized to the nurse.
“What happened? Why did he hit you?” She asked.
“I hit him also” Dan said.
“You would never have hit him first, I know that.”
“Yeah, he hit me first” Dan said and Layla felt more annoyed with Dylan than she had earlier.
“He’s a mother fucking bastard! asshole” Anne said, looking pissed.

“Hey!” Dan reprimanded and she sigh. She is not someone to use vulgar words, infact Daniel could count the number of times she had and it’s usually whenever she feels very upset which is unlike her or whenever someone hurt him. Anne’s meekness automatically peels off whenever someone hurt him.
“I’m sorry for using such words but really?? How could he hit you first. What did you do to him? That’s unfair” She said, pissed as she paced in front of him.

“It’s fine Anne, you need to see Dylan’s chin also, it’s as big as my fist, right Layla?” Dan said.
“Yes, it’s so big” Layla confirmed.
“You don’t have to lie to me” Anne sigh as she sat on the other side of Dan.
The nurse told Dan not to speak further till she completes his treatment.
“How did you find out?” Layla asked Anne.
“I was actually wondering where you both were until Jessie called my notice to the news going on in the cafeteria. I went to your class and couldn’t find you and then headed here” Anne said, gently stroking Dan’s hair with her hand.

“I’m starving and I’m sure Layla is also, let’s go get something to eat” Dan said after the nurse was done, they left the infirmary and headed to the cafeteria.
“Dan, What really happened?” Layla finally asked.
“Well…he hit me first in the hallway and I hit him back” Dan said.
“Why did he hit you?” Layla asked, looking unclear about the whole thing.
“He said he didn’t know I was the one”
“What the ….” Anne looked .
“Really?” Layla asked.
“Yeah” Dan said, not meeting her gaze and she kind of suspected he was hiding something but she quickly dismissed that thought. Why would Dan lie or hide something from her.

“And…The Punch Line…” Dan hesitated.
“Is?” Anne and Layla asked.
“We’re to stay in school’s detention after school hours today and tomorrow” He breathe out.
“What!” Anne and Layla exclaimed at the same time.
“OMG…you guys were taken to Principal Henroe?” Anne asked.
“Obviously” Dan said.


“Layla you need to leave for home, Paul will drop you” Dan said for the umpteenth time.
School is over and Layla is insisting on waiting behind with Anne till Dan is done in the school detention.
“I’m not leaving, just let me be” Layla said stubbornly.
Anne sigh…”Layla..”
“Don’t try to talk me out of it, I’m staying behind with you guys” She said, sitting on one of the empty chairs in their class. The class was completely empty now, except for Dylan who was standing by the door, waiting for Dan in complete contempt.

“Layla please…”
” You shouldn’t ask me to leave, am your friend, can’t I stay behind with you? It’s something you would do for me Dan” Layla interrupted him.
“Of course, you’re my best friend and I have no problem with you waiting behind but you’re going to be keeping Phil waiting and…you know how she is” Dan said.
“I’m gonna figure out what to tell her, I can’t leave you all by yourself” Layla said.
“You’re not leaving me all by myself, Anne would be with me” Dan assured.
“I also want to be with you” Layla said.

“I know you want to but you have things to do, you know it’d be unfair to wait here with me when you have to relieve Aria of her duties, she has been working for hours and I’m sure she’s tired and expecting you to arrive so she can leave, you know she wouldn’t be able to leave without you arriving.” Dan said and that was what made Layla start reconsidering. It’d truly be unfair to make Aria take over her shift after working for hours but then again, she wants to stay with Dan..she knows if she was in this condition, Dan would ditch everything to stay behind with her.
Aria would need to go pick Jane from school also, asides that.. it’d be unfair to make her work extra hours.
Ahhh…what’s she gonna do, her hands are tied.

“Besides, we do not know when the detention is gonna be over, it’s really okay Layla, please leave. Anne would be here” Dan said.
“I’m here Layla, he’s not going to be alone” Anne also assured.
“I’ll be fine” Dan said like he was reading her mind.
She swallowed, finally resigning…”I should at least walk you there”
“That’ll be great” Dan smiled.
They joined Dylan by the door and they all headed to the school’s detention.


Dan and Dylan sat in separate chairs in the detention center after being instructed by the detention officer to read and summarise two large books, they’re only allowed to leave after that.
It was a very easy thing for Dan to do but Dylan found it tedious as he wasn’t so used to reading.
There are also a few students in the school detention, everyone looked so bored and unhappy.

Dylan kept yawning and sighing in annoyance as he flipped the pages, he would hiss and groan and he wasn’t even done with a quarter of the first book before he started feeling sleepy.

“You shouldn’t have caused trouble if you will be not be able to own up to it” Dan said, not raising his head from the book, he was almost done with the first one..
“Just shut the fuck up okay?” Dylan said through gritted teeth, resisting the urge to yell, he doesn’t want the officer to add to his punishment, he’s even yet to get out of this one and to think they’ll be coming back tomorrow…ahhhh.
“Did you drop that note in my locker?” Dan asked, raising his head from the book.
“I did and it feels so good to have bruised your goddamn lip, it’ll make your damn mouth run less” Dylan snarled.
Dan smiled and started summarizing the first book.

By the time Dan picked up the second book, Dylan was already fast asleep.

Dan picked up Dylan’s books after he was done with his and quickly flipped through it.
He knows Dylan’s gonna leave here late into the night if he doesn’t get help. Other students were starting to leave and he would have left also if he hadn’t picked up Dylan’s books.
He hurried because he knows Anne is out there waiting for him.

He sigh after he was finally done with Dylan’s.
He placed the books and summaries back on Dylan’s desk and then poked him in the cheek to wake him up.
It took several pokes for him to finally open his eyes.

“So, I woke you up to say goodbye, enjoy your time here, I’m done with mine” Dan smirked, getting on his feet.
Dylan’s eyes widen, he looked round the detention room and realized there was only a student left asides Dan and she was preparing to leave also.
Fuck.. and he’s even yet to get to a quarter of the first book.. he’s so screwed!
“Continue reading, time is far spent” Dan said,still smirking as he packed his things.
Dylan felt like punching the smirk off his face but he had better face the books so he’ll get out of here also.
He glared at Dan before turning to the books.

Ah..he must have slept so deeply to be seeing things, he rubbed his eyes and prepared to pick up the book again.

Did he do this before falling asleep?
Nah, he hates reading, he would never even have finished the two books and then summarised it that soon, besides..this isn’t…his handwriting.
He stared on in confusion wondering what happened. Could it be…

He glanced at Dan who winked at him before walking towards the door.
Could Dan have helped him?
No, Never, not even after what had transpired between them.

But who did?

Before he slept, other students had looked so preoccupied with their own punishments to even help any other person with his.

“Did you do this?” Dylan found himself asking Dan who was about stepping out.
“What?” Dan asked, acting oblivious.
“This” Dylan raised the summaries, he doesn’t know why he’s asking Dan this. Dan would never have helped him. He would have gladly taken pleasure in seeing him lag behind in his punishment.
“Nevermind” He quickly added.
Dan nodded and walked out.

“He did” Dylan heard someone say.
He turned to the last girl remaining.
“What?” He asked, not quite getting her.
“He helped you” She said, packing up her books.
“What? Who?”
“Dan helped you complete your books and then summarised them after he was done with his” She cleared.
“What?” He asked again, astonished.
“You still don’t get it? Ahhh” She rolled her eyes before walking away.

Dylan sat there for a while, flummoxed.
He finally got up, walked out and submitted the notes to the officer who went through it thoroughly before letting him go.

He got to the school park and saw there was no car left there except his, which means Dan’s gone.
His driver stepped out to open the car door for him.
He stepped into his car, still so surprised.


“You should call Layla back after we get home, she called a dozen of times” Anne said to Dan.
They were in the car, almost home.
“I definitely will” He smiled.
“Ah, she’s calling again already” Anne chuckle as she handed the phone to Dan.
“Hey, Dan speaking” Dan said, smiling as he picked the call.
“Dan!” Anne heard Layla shout happily from the other end and she smiled.

She watched Dan chat away with Layla and wondered when they were going to realise their feelings for each other.
It’s just too obvious and glaring.


“Arrgh…So tired” Layla said to herself as she walked into her room..
She dropped her tote bag on the bed and sat, breathing fast like she just finished doing a very tedious work, meanwhile today wasn’t stressful a bit.
She’s starting to feel fatigue more often now.

She pulled her phone from her phone bag and text Dan.
She knows he would help her get her mind off whatever is starting to brew.

“Moremi” Her phone pinged as Dan replied and her face lit up.



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