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HER LAST WISH Chapter 50

HER LAST WISH Chapter 50


Zeemah Writes 📝





**Prestige High School**

“Would you ever stop staring at them?” Rylan asked Fel whose gaze was fixed on Jennie and Jacq. She’s still yet to completely get over him and seeing him all loved up with his new girlfriend almost everyday is not helping matters.
“No, I don’t think I’ll ever stop” She sigh, still not lifting her gaze off them.
“C’mon, you’re actually making that guy feel like he was your life”
“He was” Fel said.
“Gosh, Fel. It’s been quite long, just forget him, as you can see, he doesn’t care about you any longer and would you please stop staring at them” Rylan said.
“Seeing him everyday is not helping matters and no, I won’t stop staring at them” Fel said.
Ry sigh. “Really? You want Jacq to think he still owns your life?”
“He does”
“Shit” Rylan groaned. “Obviously but please don’t make the motherfucker! know or he’s gonna feel so important and even rub his girlfriend in your face more”
“I don’t care” Fel said.
“You actually look like a robot right now, talking while you fix your gaze in a direction without moving”
“I don’t care”
“Okay Robot, just listen to me and take your eyes off them ”

“Date me” Rylan said.
“What!” Fel turned to him almost immediately.
“Great, you finally looked at me” Rylan said.
She smacked her lips together, realising Rylan had said that to make her look at him.
“I didn’t say that to make you look at me, I mean it, I want you to date me” Rylan said.
“You’re crazy” Fel rolled her eyes, even though he looked quite serious, she knows he must be joking.
She resumed staring at Jacq and Jennie.
Everyone knows about their relationship now and they are popularly referred to as the ‘J’s couple’

“Yeah I’m crazy but I’m serious as well. I want you to date me, I’m going to help take your mind off Jacq and all” Rylan said and Fel turned to him again. Looking at his eyes, it was humorless and it was then she knew he was dead serious.
“What the hell are you saying? It better be a joke” She said, wishing he would tell her it was.
“I’m not joking. But it’s fake-dating of course” He said.
“I’m not interested, what made you think that in the first place and what made you think you could suggest it to me?”Fel asked knowing Rylan is never one to think in that direction not to even talk of bringing it to her.

“You, Fel. You made me think that, I’m not always cool with you staring at them all the time, you’re starting to look pathetic Fel which is very unlike you, I know your niche is spicing things up, let’s just do that, let’s make Jacq feel the heat also, let’s get him jealous, you shouldn’t suffer this alone, if anything…he should suffer it the most because he mercilessly broke your heart. I promise I’ll do my best in taking your mind off them, it’s gonna work out, trust me” Rylan said.
“No, I’m not interested” Fel refused.
“It’s just fake-dating, perhaps you’re thinking we’re going to be dating for real, no…”
“Rylan just stop this! It’s crazy, it absolutely makes no sense, it’s lame I don’t want to do this, never!” Fel looked pissed.

“Okay, I’m sorry it made you upset. I really wanted you to stop gaping at him all the time. I hate seeing you do that, I hate seeing you suffer over an unreasonable thing and that left me no choice but to think of ways I could stop it and the only idea that came to me was that. It was the only thing I could come up with, I’m sorry it’s stupid. I’ll try to think of other things” Rylan said.
Fel sigh “Thanks Rylan and seriously, I do not take that you wanted to help me for granted but the idea seems stupid. Fake-dating is never going to make me happy, I might act happy on the outside but I’ll be hurting inside”
“You can’t actually tell, you’ve never tried it” Ry said.
“I know I haven’t tried it but I know it’s not going to work, it’s lame and awkward”
Rylan sigh. “So, what do you suggest we do? I’m pretty sure you also do not want to spend the rest of your high school days staring at some undeserving scumbag”

“Wait…” Fel paused and it looked like she was thinking.
“How will fake-dating take my mind off Jacq? And I don’t think he’s gonna get jealous seeing me in a new relationship, he doesn’t love me anymore”
“Well…for context, we’re not necessarily aiming to make Jacq jealous, we’re just going to make him see you’re more than happy in this new relationship and it’s going to displease him knowing you’ve finally gotten over him. Believe me Fel, Jacq is taking great pleasure in seeing you still wallowing in the space he left in your heart, he’s more than glad you’re not completely over him, it’s giving him a great satisfaction”
“So, how’s the fake-dating going to help?” Fel asked.

“Well… Now you know he derives great satisfaction in seeing that you’re still suffering from the break-up, I think getting into a new relationship, being affectionate and happy with another person right in his face will make him realise you do not care about him anymore, therefore upsetting him. Believe me, even if he doesn’t love you anymore it’s going to hurt him, a part of his ego will still get bruised and he would start getting uncomfortable with seeing you happy with another person, that’s when we would rub it in his face more like he’s presently doing with Jennie. The only difference is that they are in a real relationship and ours would be fake” Rylan explained.
“Hmm, how long have you been thinking about this?” Fel asked.
“Well it might come as a surprise but I only just started thinking about it recently” Rylan smiled, feeling proud of himself. Fel is obviously impressed.

Fel smiled. “I think I like that, he should also get displeased as I do whenever I see him all loved up with Jennie. But…” She glanced at Rylan.
“Well, it does not necessarily have to be me, we can just get a guy and fill him in on the details, the reason I suggested myself in the first place is because I know you’re comfortable with me and you trust me enough to know I’ll be discreet enough about the fact that it’s fake but we do not trust other people, we’ll be more bothered if they’ll reveal it or not than planning about ways to make Jacq feel the heat, therefore making everything not really slap hard”
“You’re right but I wasn’t even thinking about it being you or not because I know if I eventually agree, it’s gonna be you, what I’m bothered about is that I want to be genuinely happy, I really want to get over Jacq but doing what you’re suggesting won’t give me that”

“Right, would you give me time to think of a better plan?” Rylan asked.
She nodded “Yes Rylan”
“You’ll be fine okay?” He assured and she nodded.

They heard Jacq and Jennie laugh loudly from their seat, playing and loved up as always.

Rylan cleared his throat, wishing he could knock Jacq right in the middle of his head. He glanced at Fel “You don’t have to be bothered by that”
“You know what? I’m in Ry, let’s do that” Fel said with a determined look.
“What?” Rylan asked.
“C’mon, the fake dating. Let’s do it” She said.
“No, if you made that decision from what just happened now, then I’m not doing it with you”
“Rylan! I made this decision solely on my own, well, to be sincere they kind of fueled it but I was actually thinking of doing that, they only helped me finalize it and you dare not say you’re no longer in when you’re the one who suggested it in the first place” She shouted at him.
“Arrgh! Fel you really need to do this because you want to and not…”
“Well..I’m doing it because I want to, if I do not want to.. nothing is going to influence my decision and you know me well enough to know that” Fel cut in.
“Okay” Ry sigh. “But you said you wanted to be genuinely happy and you really want to get over Jacq. Do you think that’s going to help? I don’t want you doing what you might later feel bad to have done ”

“Believe me Ry, I’m sure I’m not going to have any regrets! The only regret I’m going to have is not doing this! Let’s do this Ry. I know it might not make me genuinely happy or completely get over Jacq but it’s better than nothing! Rather than sitting here all the time, dejected while I watch Jacq and Jennie, I should make him feel the heat also, that’s going to atleast give me some satisfaction, it’s better to do something than nothing. I know the plan is lame and stupid but it’s fine to be stupid at least for some time” Fel chuckled.
“Why did this plan suddenly appeal to you?” Rylan asked suspiciously.
“Because you’re right! My niche is spicing things up. I wonder what happened to that Fel, besides, things are starting to get boring, I want to have fun and I know this is gonna be fun!” Fel said excitedly.
Rylan smiled, Fel really wants to do this.

“So when do we start?” She asked.
“Tomorrow” He said.
“Okay boo” She said and they laughed.

**Ocean High School**

“Hi guys, you both are invited to my birthday party, make sure to attend” Chloe said to Dan and Layla, handing them an invite each, smiling happily.
“Woah, great” They both accepted the invites.
“Layla I forgot to get your contact yesterday, if you don’t mind” Chloe said, stretching her phone to Layla.
“Oh, I definitely don’t” Layla smiled as she punched in her number on Chloe’s phone.
“Okay! You’ll receive my text soon” Chloe said, moving to other people with two of her friends behind her, Layla wondered where the last friend was, they always moved everywhere together.

“Woah, it’s next week Saturday, will you be able to attend?” Dan asked Layla.
“Really? Saturday?” Layla checked her invite and sigh.
“Well..it’s by 4:30pm and don’t you close by 4pm on Saturdays now” Dan said.
“Well, yeah but you know Saturday’s work is extra, I might be tired by the time we’re done”
“Oh that’s right”
“But if I still feel up to it, I’ll call you to pick me up”

“Let’s visit the library after lunch today” She said to him.
“Okay” He grinned and laughed when she hit him on the shoulder.


Dan plugged in his headphones as he sat opposite Layla in the library, he was not interested in reading so he decided to do music instead.
He scrolled through his playlist and finally settled for one of the romantic songs. He clicked on it and it began playing.
He started moving his head slowly to the rhythm of the song, he noticed Layla’s eyes widened but it quickly returned to normal so he thought she had done that subconsciously.
He felt the song wasn’t loud enough and then increased the volume.
Yeah, it’s good now.

For some reason, they were allowed to use headphones in the library because of people who understand things better by listening rather than reading but so many students took advantage of that and listened to songs in the library instead and well..he’s one of them.

He nodded and sang along quietly to the song while he watched Layla read, he noticed she was grinning hard and he knew it was probably what she was reading.
He was feeling the song more now and was starting to tap his feet into the floor in sync with the beats.
He was startled when he suddenly saw the librarian appear in front of him, glaring, it was then he also noticed everyone’s gaze on him, he glanced at Layla wondering what was going on and she was grinning so hard now, obviously trying to stop herself from laughing.

His song was still playing and he deliberated if to pause it or not, he can hear whatever the librarian says even without pausing it.
“Daniel Keyes, if you would please leave the library, listening to songs in the school library is prohibited, you’re distracting other students with this act” The librarian said.
“What the hell? I’m using my heapho…” He was saying when he realized his headphones had not been properly plugged into his phone, the song has been playing to everyone’s ears, they’ve been listening to the song with him all along and he’s pretty sure they must have watched him nod his head in rhythm to the song, tap his feet on the floor like a toad and gently swayed his body to it. Everyone must have watched him open and close his eyes like a dying animal as he enjoyed the song.
And even worst, the song was filled with naughty romantic words.
Wow! Perfect.

How many people must have laughed at him.
Wait…is that why Layla was grinning.

He turned to her and she burst out laughing alongside some other people in the library.
He bit his lower lip, this girl knew all along and refused to tell him.

He glared at her as he stood up and she laughed harder.
He walked out of the library in embarrassment and Layla wouldn’t stop laughing to herself as she continued reading.
“Oh yeah, baby kiss me while I sleep !!” Layla sang as she walked out of the library and saw Dan was waiting for her.
She closed and opened her eyes, nod her head, tap her feet on the floor as she sang mimicking Dan as she got closer to him, she’s trying so hard not to laugh.

“Don’t come closer, beast mode activated” He said, trying his best to really look like a beast.
“Shit, really?” Layla said, pretending to look scared, now laughing as she continued mimicking him. She started running even though she knew it was pointless, he would catch up with her in seconds. He did.
She laughed hard as he pressed her against the wall.

“How could you do that to me? Argh” He groaned, reminiscing the embarrassment.
“If only you didn’t also mock me about going to the library only when exam is near. I would have alerted you immediately that your headphones isn’t correctly plugged to your phone. Tit for Tat” She stick out her tongue, giggling.
He frowned and gave her a soft knock on her forehead.
“Ouch” She pouted as she rubbed her forehead.
“Is it painful?” He asked worriedly.
“Very painful” She lied.
“Really? I’m so sorry” He said, looking as though he felt bad as he gently rubbed her forehead.
“Just joking!” She laughed and he sighed.
“You’re so silly”
“Yeah right” She said.

Realising how close their body was, they quickly gave each other space, both looking quite embarrassed.
The bell rang, stopping them from drowning in the awkwardness further, they both walked towards their classroom hand in hand.



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