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HER LAST WISH Chapter 52

HER LAST WISH Chapter 52


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Buddy, come pick me up” Layla said to Dan on the phone after they were done for the day in the Cafe.
“Oh, I guess you’re feeling up to it. Great.” Dan smiled.
” On my way” He said before disconnecting the call.
It’s 4:19 and she was almost home. She was walking alone, Phil had not visited the Cafe today.

Yeah… It’s Saturday again so soon, the weekdays had passed doing the usual.

“Hi Phil” Layla said, walking into the living room.
“Hi, you still going to the party?” Phil asked.
“Yeah, do you want me to do anything for you? I don’t necessarily have to be there by that exact time” Layla said.
“No, you can go on and get ready”

“Alright” Layla headed to her room and went to take a quick shower..

After freshening up, she tended to her skin and then opened her wardrobe to pick an outfit.
She settled for a brown ripped crop top and a black leather knee-length skirt with a thigh high slit.
After adjusting the cloth to look good on her body, she walked to the living room.

“How do I look Phil?” She asked.
“Good, get my makeup kit from my room, your face needs a little touch up” Phil said and Layla smiled, she loves it whenever Phil offers to make her face radiant.

Dan knocked just after Phil was done with Layla’s make up, Layla loved it. It doesn’t even look like she had make up on, so simple yet highlighting.
“Thanks Phil” She smiled.

“Come in Dan” Phil said.
Dan walked in, looking so good in his cream colored sweatshirt and matching joggers.
Layla has finally come to the conclusion that Dan looks good in anything.


“Hi Phil” He greeted.
“Dan, how have you been?” Phil smiled, it’s no secret how much Phil likes Dan.
She asks about him more than she does the rest of her friends.
“I’ve been good, how have you been also?” Dan asked.
“Good, return the kit Layla so you both can leave, you’re running late already” Phil said.
Layla smiled at Dan in greeting and quickly went to drop the kit back in Phil’s room.
She walked into her room and picked a purse that looks well paired with her outfit, she dropped her phone in it, picked the invite and the present she’s to give Chloe and then walked out of her room.

“I’m ready” She said, getting to the living room.
Dan was still conversing with Phil and he got to his feet as she appeared.
“We’ll get going now Phil” He said.
“Alright dear, make sure you both don’t stay out late” Phil said.
“Alright Phil” Dan said.

They walked out of the house and Layla suddenly felt shy, Dan wouldn’t stop staring at her and it’s making heat rush to her face.
He smiled, like he’s enjoying making her feel this way. “You look beautiful”
“Thank you” She said. “You look good also, you actually look good in anything”
“Shit, is a guy meant to blush? asking for someone” He said and she chuckled.
“Where’s Paul?” She asked as they got to the car.
“I’m driving” Dan said.
“Oh okay”
“I wouldn’t like to keep him waiting by the car while we have fun”
“That’s very thoughtful of you” Layla said.
“Of course, I’m the most thoughtful of all” He boasted.
“Urgh…” Layla rolled her eyes and they laughed.
He opened the car door for her and she hoped in.
He got in while she fixed her seatbelt, he fixed his also and then started the car.


“Happy birthday Chloe!” Dan and Layla wished Chloe over the blaring music. Handing her the presents they had for her.
“Thanks so much guys, thanks for coming” Chloe shouted so they could hear her.
She was in this simple looking sleeveless silk pink dress and she looked so good, her face all made up, glowing with happiness written all over it. Including her friends.
“I hope you guys are having fun?” She asked.
“Yeah, we are” They said and they were indeed having fun, it seems as though Chloe intentionally rented this huge hall knowing almost half of the school will be at her birthday party, they’ve participated in games and the ones they didn’t participate, they watched and it was so fun.

They’ve danced and eaten, and right now they were both holding a glass of drink each.
From the hall decor to the settings, the meal, the gigantic cake and the grand entrance of the birthday girl..it just clearly shows Chloe’s from an extremely wealthy home, it’s so glaring.

“You look so beautiful” Layla said to her.
“Thanks Layla” She smiled.
Chloe walked over to other people after taking few pictures with them.
Everyone looked to be in a full celebration mood, most people spilling across the dancefloor.
“Dan” Layla heard the familiar voice and she saw Dylan walk up to them.
They both exchanged greetings and he kind of said hi to her also.
“You both come, there’s great fun going on over there” He said.
“Really?” Dan’s face lit up.
“Yeah” Dylan said.
Dan glanced at her and she nodded, they followed Dylan to a corner of the hall and realised, there’s truly great fun going on there.

Most of their classmates were there, organising games, drinking and a few dancing naughty.
Dan joined the game the guys had organised and Layla had to join the girls game also. In minutes, they were having great fun in their respective teams but that didn’t stop them from checking up on each other.
The only time the games were put on hold was when the birthday girl wanted to cut her cake.

The rest of the day passed in an utmost fun atmosphere and they were a bit sorry to leave when it was finally time.

Dan drove Layla home after they’ve had enough fun, they were one of the few people that didn’t want to party into the night.
“I had so much fun” Layla smiled as Dan drove her home, the night felt so cool and peaceful, the breeze gently massaging her face..it’s just bliss for her right now.
“I had so much fun also” Dan said.
“And the highlight of the day was when her father presented her dream car to her, damn it, it was so sweet” Layla smiled.
“Yeah and the car actually cost a whooping amount of money, it’s a badass car, Chloe sure has a good taste” Dan said.
“Obviously” Layla said.

“Woah, time is actually far spent” Dan said after glancing at his wrist watch.
“Is Phil going to scold you?” He asked.
“I don’t think so, she hasn’t started calling me yet which means I’m not so late.”

Layla wished Phil would have sorted out dinner, all she wants to do when she get home is freshen up and have a good night sleep.
She still has to go to the church and then Dan’s tomorrow to study..


“I expected Chloe’s birthday to be the talk of the school” Layla smiled as she and Dan walked through the school hallway heading towards their lockers. There were students in different groups hanging around the hallway and most of their discussion was about Chloe’s grand birthday party and the expensive gift her Dad gave her.
Dan nodded “it’s worth talking about”

They got to their lockers and dropped their bags.
“You’re attending statistics class this morning right?” Layla asked Dan.
He nodded and she sigh, pressing her lips together.
As much as she loves history class, she still feels Dan’s absence.
“Okay, see ya” she said.
“Will be back soon” Dan said, picking his textbook.
“I’m not counting on that” She raised her brow.
Dan being so intelligent that at the end of the class, students ask him to re-explain some equations to them and by the time he’s done attending to each of them, time will be far spent. Although Layla doesn’t mind, she only misses having him beside her in class.
“C’mon, I’m serious” He said.
“Okay, go quickly” She said.
“See ya” He smiled, she smiled back at him and watched him leave.

She picked her history textbook and headed to the class.
The students aren’t as many as they would on a normal day where they do general classes.

She headed to her seat, dropped her textbook on the table before sitting.
Waiting patiently for the teacher who takes them history, she’s actually always looking forward to her history classes, Mrs Lisa is just the best history teacher that has ever taught her, she wishes Mrs Lisa was every student history teacher so the wide-range misconception about history class being the most boring class would be cleared off.

“Hello class” Mrs Lisa walked into the class in smiles as always.
She’s a beautiful mother of four and an excellent teacher who takes time in breaking down every piece of history to them and always making it as interesting as she can.
She’s just one of her best teachers..
“Good morning Mrs Lisa” The students chorused, almost everyone looked happy to see her..

The class started.


Layla sat, deliberating if to go meet Dan in his class or not, they were done with their class and she enjoyed it as always, she’s pretty sure Dan is done with his also, probably just attending to some students.
Well, she should just wait till he comes, going there might distract him.
She picked her textbook and started going over what Mrs Lisa had taught.

A soft knock on her desk made her raise her head, she saw Dylan standing by her desk.
He didn’t say anything and he looked everywhere but her face.
“Hi” She said nervously, wondering what he wants.
Back in the days she was still into Dylan, she would have gotten overexcited as he stood in front of her desk and her heart would have almost burst open but…seriously she felt close to nothing now.

Dylan is also in the history class with her. Then, she would always look forward to the class knowing there’s no Dan to reprimand her for staring at someone else while a teacher is teaching, she would look forward to the class and get so excited when it finally comes just so she could stare at Dylan to her heart content.

“Is there anything wrong?” She asked when Dylan still wouldn’t say anything, he was still not meeting her gaze.
“Yeah” He mumbled.
“Really? What is it?” She asked sitting upright. She was so curious as to what Dylan has to say, the last time she checked they were not really in good terms, after the last almost-heated exchange they had, they had not really spoken to each other. And she’s actually not happy with him after realising how much he had manipulated her.
So Dylan being in front of her desk now, looking like a scared cat is just something she cannot quite comprehend.

“And would you please look at me? Looking everywhere else but me is kind of odd and uncomfortable for me” She said.
“Well… It took a lot of courage to actually walk up to you Layla, I’m here to apologize and knowing how much I’ve wronged you is making it quite hard to look at you. I’m ashamed” He said, swallowing hard. He was looking at her now.
Layla sigh. “Here, sit”
“Thank you” He said, sitting on Dan’s seat.
Layla remembered what had happened the last time Dylan was on Dan’s seat, she knows that isn’t gonna happen today though, the guys are now friends.

“Well…if you want to apologise because you couldn’t reciprocate the feelings I had for you, then you shouldn’t, it’s not your fault you couldn’t like me” Layla said.
“Well .. that’s not what I want to apologise for. I’ve wronged you so many times actually but you just couldn’t see it because of how much you were into me.” Dylan said.
“Well…I saw it later on. I realised how you were always talking down at me, taking advantage of my feelings for you. You would basically walk up to me and propose anything like you were so certain I wouldn’t refuse you just because of how aware you were of my feelings for you. You even used me to unnerve Dan multiple times. ” Layla said and Dylan looked more ashamed than he had when he first approached her table.
She knew everything, he doesn’t know if that made it easier for him or harder for him. Maybe both.

Easier in the aspect that he doesn’t have to reveal everything he did, she said it already, she knew it all already, it saved him the shame of revealing the terrible things he had done to her.
But it’s harder in the aspect of her already knowing how terrible he was all along, looking at him with the eyes of a horrific person that he actually is, and hating him to have done such to her.

He was at loss for words, what could he say?
He had planned to reveal how much of a manipulative jerk he had been to her and then apologize afterwards. He didn’t expect this.

God knows how much courage it took him to approach Layla. Is he just going to keep mute and then leave when he gets tired of keeping mute?
If he should leave, knowing Layla is aware of how much of a terrible person he is, he might never gather that courage to walk up to her again.
He’s wronged her so much and he should apologize, sitting and mopping like a rabbit isn’t going to help him!!

“I’m glad you already know how terrible of a person I am. Layla, I’m sorry, saying I’m sorry actually sounds dumb even to my own ears because sorry is not even enough. I’ve not been the nicest to you, I used you as a tool to always unnerve Dan just like you said, there are also a lot of times I took advantage of your feelings for me, please pardon me, starting the day I referred to your lips as a dead log of wood. I admit I’m a terrible person to you, please forgive me, I’m changed now, I’m on the path to becoming a better person. You don’t have to forgive me right on this spot, you can take your time, and I’ll wait patiently till whenever you want to.” He said, finally breathing.
“God, I’m so glad I finally gathered the courage to apologize to you, I feel better and at peace now.” He sigh.

Layla sigh. “Well… It will be unkind not to forgive you after admitting your fault and asking for forgiveness. I won’t lie that it really hurt me after realizing you for who you are but it’s all fine now, we’re cool Dylan”
“Am I forgiven?” Dylan asked.
“Of course you are, I see no reason why I would refuse to forgive you”
“Are you for real? You’ve forgiven me? So soon?” Dylan asked in complete surprise.

Layla chuckled “Is forgiveness supposed to take a lot of time?”
“Well…I..i..tho.. thought..” He stammered. “I just didn’t expect that but really…. you’ve forgiven me?” He asked again, in disbelief.
“C’mon Dylan,I wouldn’t say I have forgiven you if I haven’t. You’re forgiven, for real”
“Wow” Dylan sigh. “Thank you so much. Thank you, thank you Layla” He looked really glad.

“And stop painting yourself as a terrible person, you are not anymore, you’re becoming a better person, and that’s the mindset you should have” Layla said.
“Alright Layla, thank you. I’m so glad right now” He smiled.
“I’m glad also, seeing people turn for better makes me happy. Keep it up Dylan, making such decision is not easy and I find it admirable”.
“It’s all thanks to Dan” Dylan smiled.
“Right” Layla nodded and “you also played a major role in it, no matter what Dan would have said to you, if you hadn’t been willing to change, you wouldn’t have”
“I guess so”

“Hii, is this some reconciliation I’m seeing?” Dan asked, smiling as he approached them.
“Dan” Layla smiled and Dylan noticed how her face lit up on seeing Dan.
Is this really the person Dan claimed does not have feelings for him?
Damn…this is so clearrr!
“Hey, how are you?” He pinched her cheeks softly.
“I’m fine” She said holding his hand.
“I wasn’t late, was I?”
“You were right on time. I hope you didn’t ditch the students for me?”
“Of course not, you know I wouldn’t do that”
“Right” She nodded.

“Dylan” Dan patted his shoulder in greeting.
“Thanks for showing us the ‘fun corner’ at the party” Dan winked and they laughed.

“Oops, I hope I’m not distracting you guys, you seem to be in a conversation when I walked in” Dan said, trying to ignore the pinch of jealousy he was feeling, he knows Dylan finally summoned courage to apologize to Layla and from the look of things, she already forgave him. He knew she would, she likes Dylan and he’s sure she would be so happy now that they’re cool. He’s going to tell Dylan later to actually go ahead with Layla if he wants to, although it’s really going to hurt him but he knows it’s going to make Layla happy.
“No, we’re actually done. Layla forgave me” Dylan smiled.
“Oh Cool” Dan nodded.

“Thanks so much Layla, it really means a lot to me. I’m glad we’re cool now” Dylan said, getting to his feet.
“I’m glad also.” Layla smiled.
“See ya” He smiled at the both of them before walking to his seat.

“How was class?” Layla asked as Dan took his seat.
“Great, I bet yours was awesome also”
“Yes” Layla smiled.
“And I’m glad all feuds has been resolved”
“Same here, it feels so good to be cool with everyone”
“Right” Dan said.


~~Layla, I had to go on a vacation, I’m sorry for not informing you before now, I’ll be back soon. I trust you to take care of the house and Cafe.

Layla read the note Phil had dropped for her for the third time and everything about it screams that something is not right.

No, something is wrong. Very wrong.
A vacation? All of a sudden?
She hadn’t even noticed Phil pack or prepare for a vacation.

Do you not prepare for a vacation?

She quickly picked her phone from her bag and dialled Phil’s number.

Panic starts to set in when Phil didn’t pick up at the fourth ring.



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