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HER LAST WISH Chapter 69

HER LAST WISH Chapter 69


Zeemah Writes 📝




“Are you both not talking to each other?” Mrs. Keyes asked, noticing the strain in the way her children were relating with each other.
“I’ve been wanting to ask that too” Mr. Keyes added, sipping from the glass cup of water in front of him.
It’s quite easy to detect when their children were not on talking terms, which rarely happens.

“She’s the one not talking to me” Dan said.
“You started it” Anne frowned.
“Right but you didn’t give me the chance to apologize, you even locked the door to your room yesterday so I won’t be able to come in”
“I did that because I was so pissed at you” She pursed her lips.
“I reacted that way because I was. . kind of frustrated with you guys telling me that all the time. I’m sorry Anne” Dan said, looking as sorry as he felt.
Anne moved closer to him “I should have understood how you felt, I’m sorry, for. . overreacting”
“Nah, you didn’t. It’s fine” He assured.

“A reconciliation hug?” Anne asked and Dan nodded, smiling.
They pulled each other into a warm embrace, smiling and ended up laughing at a joke Dan whispered in her ear.

Their parents glanced at each other and then turned their attention to the movie that was on play.


“Dan, I have to leave for Nigeria as soon as possible” Layla said.

She had called him to come over to the Cafe after she’s done for the day.
They were both locking up now.
“Why? Didn’t we all plan to go together?”
“Aunt Esther is pregnant”
“Wow, great news! I’m so happy for her” Dan smiled.
“Yeah, and I. . . I really wish to see her soon, like very soon. I just have to. And yeah, we planned to visit Nigeria together but I’m so sorry, I don’t think I can wait anymore, you know I own a Visa already, even though it’s expired and I have to renew it but you guys still have to process yours and it might take some time for it to get approved. . .”
“Why do you want to leave for Nigeria so soon?”

They were walking home now.

“I don’t want to tell lies anymore, there’s a reason I have to go but I’m not ready to reveal it yet” Layla said, she has realized lies breeds more lies and she doesn’t want that anymore.
She doesn’t want her frequent lies to be what her friends remember of her.
“Oh” Dan sigh.
“I’m going to text Fel and Ry when we get home or rather video call them on Skype”

“I want to go with you” Dan said.
Layla sigh and turned to him, halting their walk.
“Believe me Dan, I feel so bad about leaving you guys behind after we all planned leaving for Nigeria together. The reason I want to leave this soon is best known to me, I wouldn’t, if I had another choice.” She paused. “If only you guys own the Visa already.” She would love for them to go with her, she wants companions, people she can laugh and enjoy the views with, someone of her own kind that she can relate to in a foreign country but she couldn’t risk waiting, who knows when whatever happen happens, not even when the symptoms are now appearing frequently.
She had to shave off her facial hair this morning, she can’t even count the amount of time she’s shaved her facial hair since the symptom started appearing, something she’s never had to do in her life suddenly became her weekly routine.

“How long will it take to renew your Visa?” Dan asked.
“Phil said it might take a week. . . Maximum, I’ll start the process tomorrow”
“I’ll start processing my Visa tomorrow also, if it gets ready in a week, I’m allowed to go with you right?”
“God! I’d be so happy but can you get your Visa approved that early?” Layla asked.
How lovely would it be if Dan could go with her, the thought of going to spend a few weeks in another country without seeing him is just. . .
“I’ll try my best to. I really want to go with you, I’m sure you do not also wish to leave for Nigeria alone, you would love to have some company but for whatever reason you do not have a choice. I’d love to try my best to accompany you because I know you would have done it differently if you had a choice”

Layla felt her throat tighten and she couldn’t help but pull him into a warm embrace.
“Hey” He chuckle, hugging her right back.
“I love you Dan” She said and even though he knew she meant it as platonically as possible, it still stirred a feeling in his heart.
“I love you right back coffee girl” He said and they both chuckle.

“Thank you” She held his hand after the hug was disengaged.
“Geez, there we go again” He sigh.
“C’mon, I have to thank you”
“Alright. You have, and it’s fine even if it wasn’t really necessary, but put it in hold, you’re notorious for thanking someone without stopping” He teased and she hit him playfully on the shoulder.
“I really hope your Visa gets ready by then though, I’m already excited at the prospect of you going with me”
“I hope so too, I’ll try”


“I can’t believe you guys will be going to Nigeria without us, really?” Fel whined.
“I’m not sure yet, I hope my Visa gets approved within a week…” Dan said. They were Skyping with Fel and Rylan shortly after they got home.

“I’m so happy for Aunt Esther though, that’s a great news” Rylan smiled.
“Yeah, we have to call her later to congratulate her” Fel smiled.
“I’m sorry guys, I know we initially planned to leave for Nigeria together but. . .”
“It’s fine Layla, you have your reasons” Fel said.
“And we know you wouldn’t do that if you had a choice, whatever your reason is, make sure to tell us when you’re ready” Rylan said.
“I will”

“I’m not actually that bothered though because I know we are all going to visit Nigeria together some other time. And guys,” Fel paused. “Can you hold on on going to see the Moremi statue till we all go together, it’d be nice for us to create that memory together”
“I agree” Rylan said.
“Of course, we will do that” Layla smiled, although she knew that time might probably never come but she hadn’t lied when she said they were going to do that, she had hoped.
“That’s cool” Dan nodded.
“Is that a promise?” Fel asked and Layla hesitated before nodding.

“We miss you guys already” Dan said and Layla nodded in agreement.
“We miss you too”
“I can’t believe if you guys finally get visit Nigeria, we won’t see one another physically until after three weeks!” Rylan’s eyes widen.
“Geez! Can I cope with that” Fel sigh.
“As long as I’m with you and Dan is with Layla, we should all be able to cope”
“I guess”
“I hope Dan is able to get his Visa approved quickly enough, so he gets to accompany Layla. It’d be better if you they both leave together”
“Yeah, I hope so too” Layla glance at Dan who smiled at her, she returned his smile and Fel and Rylan quickly exchanged a look.

“How about you get a tourist visa, I guess that’s quite easy” Ry suggested.
“Wow, didn’t even think of that” Dan said.
“Or you could get a Visa on arrival” Fel said.
“He’s still going to need to get a Visa approval letter, hopefully he’s able to do that within a week” Rylan said.
“I should get to it as soon as I get home” Dan said.
“I hope you guys are having fun there?” Layla smiled.
“Rylan has been a pain the head as always” Fel grimaced.

“How many fights have you guys had since you got there?” Dan teased.
“You all know how troublesome Fel is, I can’t count the number of times we’ve been at each other’s neck”
“You’re the troublesome one” Fel scoffed.
“You’re more troublesome than I am”
“That’s not true”
“Dan, who’s more troublesome?” Rylan asked.
“Fel” Dan said, ignoring the look Fel sent him. He blew her a kiss, grinning.
“Layla, who’s more troublesome?” Fel asked.
“Rylan” Layla said and laughed when Rylan rolled his eyes at her.

“Are you guys still a couple? I mean fake couple of course?” Dan asked out of the blue.
Fel and Ry exchanged glances.
“Are we?” Fel sheepishly asked Ry.
“I guess so”
“It’s not like Jacq is there to show off to” Dan said.
“I actually forgot all about it until you asked” Fel said.
“I guess that means we’re not in one anymore. We can continue when we resume” Rylan swallowed.
“Yeah” Fel nodded.
“Really?” Dan sigh.
Fel and Rylan exchanged looks again.

“You guys make sure to have fun in Nigeria okay” Fel said and it was so obvious to everyone that she was trying to change the topic.
“We definitely will”


“Aunt Esther, Dan might be coming with me” Layla said to her Aunt on the phone as she walked into her room.
“Oh my God, David! Daniel is coming with Moremi” Aunt Esther said excitedly to her son who squealed excitedly in the background.
Layla smiled. “Hold on Aunt, it’s not certain he would be coming”
“Eh? But you just said he will be coming na”
“It’s not certain”
“Ehn Ehn. Why?”
“He doesn’t own a Nigeria Visa yet and he’s only going to come with me if he can get it in a week which I don’t think is possible”

“Ehn, wait for him till he gets it na so you guys can come together”
“That’s the thing, I can’t wait Aunt. If I could renew my Visa immediately, I would get a flight ticket and be on my way right now”
“Really? Why do you want to come so soon, I understand that you might be excited to be finally visiting Nigeria but you’re not someone who wouldn’t wait for your friend to process his Visa, you love them and would do anything for them, so what’s wrong?”
“You are right, I have my reasons but I won’t like to share it now”
Aunt Esther sigh. A part of her has been worried about Layla since they left Las Vegas, the feeling that something is wrong with her niece is unwavering and she has asked Layla severally that she can confide in her but she kept insisting nothing is wrong.
She prays for her every day though. She knows God is going to take care of whatever is bothering her.

“Whenever you’re ready to talk, I’ll always be there okay?”
“Okay Aunt” Layla sat on her bed.
“Fel and Ry called me today to congratulate me and you won’t believe those two fought over the phone” Aunt Esther laughed.
“I’m not surprised” Layla chuckled.
“They are not quite happy they won’t be able to come with you, they didn’t even tell me Dan will be coming”
“Yeah, that’s because it’s not certain yet”
“I hope he would be able to though”
“I really hope so too, it’d be nice to have a company”
“Yeah, Femi wants to say hi to you o”
“Put him on the phone” Layla smiled. It’s always a pleasure speaking to her Aunt’s husband.

“Oyinbo mi (my white girl)” Femi said and Layla chuckled.
“Mr. Femi, how are you?”
“I’m fine o, you don’t kuku ask of me, if I did not ask to speak with you now, that’s how you would have ended the call speaking to your Aunt alone. Hm, it’s not good o”
“Ah, I’m sorry. To be honest it skips my mind that you’re now off work for a month, I’m always thinking you would be away at work, that’s the reason I do not ask to speak to you but I do ask of you, you can confirm from Aunt Esther”
“You see! It’s Esther that caused all this o, she just said she do forget to relay your message to me. Look at her face like baby(doll) own. . .”
“Limme jhoor” Layla heard her Aunt say in the background and smile.

“A big congratulations to you Mr. Femi” Layla said.
“Thank you Remi, and how are you doing?”
“I’m fine, very fine”
“Thank you for always making my wife feel better, she told me how much you assured her yesterday, I’m really thankful dear, may God bless you too”
“You’ll finally be coming to Nigeria, you don’t know how happy I am, I’ll finally get to see my Oyinbo. You know I’ve never seen you physically, just your pictures. I can’t wait”
“I can’t wait either” Layla smiled happily.
“And I’ll even get to teach you how to pronounce my last name”
“Aunt Esther will finally stop mocking me” Layla pouted.
Aunt Esther laughed “It’s the both of you that know”

“I hope your friend is able to get his Visa approved though, so you both can come together”
“Oh, you heard”
“Yeah, the phone is on speaker”
“I hope so too”
“Although I’ve never spoken to any of your friends but I know each of their names because Esther and David are always talking about them and I also can’t wait to meet them,” He paused. “Oh, I guess I’ll speak to you later Moremi, I need to attend to a customer”

“Hey” Aunt Esther resumed the call.
“I hope you’re not going through much stress, that won’t be okay for the baby”
“Ah, no o. My husband is not even allowing me do anything stressful. He’s the one that helps me sell now sef, I just sit in the shop”
“That’s great, I can’t wait to arrive also so I would assist you in any way I can”
“Thank you my love.” Aunt Esther smiled.

“I want to speak to Dave”
“As if you know he has been standing beside me since that he wants to speak to you. Oya take, your aunt wants to speak to you”
David collected the phone happily… “Aunt Moremi!”
“Dave, how are you?” Layla smiled.

Minutes passed, they were still on the phone.


A week and two days later, Dan and Layla were on the plane to Nigeria.


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