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Zeemah Writes 📝




“Why do the students stare so much?” Dan asked Layla after they disengaged from the hug.
“That’s because it’s me,I’ve always been stared at” Layla said.
“Oh, i’m so honored to be sitting with a celebrity” Dan teased and she laughed loudly.
“This is a class yunno!” Chloe screamed from her seat, startling them.
She has been burning with rage since she saw them hugging.

“I’m sorry for disturbing, everyone” Layla said.
“It’s fine Layla” Most of the students said.
Chloe faced her table with a huff.
She was so mad right now.
She wants him to herself, she’s the school queen and she should date the best.
Perhaps she should find a way to move her seat closer to his.
Then she would get to talk to him more often and he would see she’s far better than that fat African!
She’s so sure Layla might be using jazz on him,why else would a good looking guy get close with an ugly person who had once bit him.
Perhaps,the jazz was in her teeth!..Chloe widened her eyes at the thought.

She turned back to look at Daniel who was smiling as he talked to Layla.
‘And now,the cutie is trapped’ she thought sadly.
She wouldn’t mind using a jazz to trap him too though.

“I told ya,they are ready to change their bad history into a good one” Sabrina said.
“Just shut up!” Chloe yelled.
“And..how’s your back?..i mean the teeth bite” Layla asked, pressing her lips together shyly.
Dan smiled. “Better, how’s your leg?”
“Healed long ago” Layla said.
It only showed a scar now,a raw one and it’s still quite painful.

“Seems,the pinkie doesn’t like you” Dan said to Layla.
“She doesn’t and i don’t like her either” Layla said.
“Obviously” Daniel smiled,he turned to the guy who wanted his attention.
He chatted with him for few minutes before turning back to Layla whom he caught staring at Dylan.

She rubbed her cheek, embarrassed when she realised Dan caught her.
“He wanted me to help him with a topic” Daniel said to Layla, referring to the boy he had chatted with for some minutes.
“Oh” Layla smiled.
She feels so excited Dan had told her,it really confirmed they were friends now.

“Do friends tell one another everything?” She asked.
“Of course,close friends tells one another almost everything” Dan said and Layla nodded thoughtfully.
Perhaps, Dylan shouldn’t be blamed.
He had told his friends about how he felt when he had kissed her just because that’s what friends should do but his friends had gone ahead to spread it all over the school.
Dylan shouldn’t be blamed,she felt so bad to have blamed him..

He might be feeling guilty to approach her,she should say hi to him later and make him know it’s fine, it’s no big deal.

“The teacher is here” Dan said.


“Hey guys, my friends wants me to eat with them today” Anne said to Dan and Layla.
Her friends do get pissed with her during the times she eat with Layla instead of eating with them and now she’s glad there’s Daniel to keep Layla’s company while she’s with her friends.
“Go ahead” Layla smiled.

“Okay” Anne walked to her friends, they went to get their lunch and then sat round the table to start eating.
She looked over at Layla and Daniel,they were eating already, chatting in the process.
Anne smiled.

“Your brother is so good looking” Jessie smiled admiringly.
“And i heard he’s intelligent also” Kate said.
“Of course Dan is just perfect” Sarah added,chewing her fries,she’s the closest to Anne and she has been to her house severally,she had known Daniel even before he resumed Ocean high School.
“He’s so friendly too,i said hi to him and he replied with a smile. God,i almost melted” Jessie grinned.
“He replies every other person the same way, don’t feel too special” Kate rolled her eyes, she’s the sauciest of them.

“I know right,you don’t have to point it out to me. At least I’m one of those he smiled at” Jessie hissed.
“Anne,you should tell him to eat with us some other time. I want everyone to see how lucky we are to be your friend,they should get jealous when they see we’re closer to your brother than they are. I bet everyone would want to join our group of friends” Kate smiled.
Sarah sighed and shook her head at Kate’s thought.
Kate uses her flat mouth to spill unreasonable talks most times.

“If you want him to join us sometime,i hope you know Layla would be coming with him” Anne said, knowing Kate is among the people who doesn’t like Layla.
She gets most pissed at Anne whenever she eats with Layla and would refuse to speak to Anne and Anne being the cool girl she is would go ahead to talk to her anyway.
Kate hissed. “Does she have to come with him?”
“If you don’t want her to,then i won’t be joining you guys to eat because there’ll be no one to eat with Layla” Anne said.
“Why are you so obsessed with this girl?” Jessie wondered aloud.
“She really needs to be asked that question!” Kate said, raising her voice.
“Hey! Do you have to make your foul spit spill out of your mouth to my food just because you’re talking!” Sarah said crossly at Kate.
“That was a stupid thing to say! My saliva is not foul and i don’t spill it when i talk!” Kate said.
“Oh,my sight wasn’t clear right?”
“Probably” Kate raised her brow.
Sarah pushed her fries away angrily.
Kate drew it close and continued eating from where Sarah had stopped.

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As serene as Anne is,one wouldn’t know she has crazy friends.

“I won’t be surprised if you had intentionally done that just so you could eat my fries. Stupid foodie!” Sarah said.
“I’m not cut for you at the moment. Anne,you really need to answer that question” Kate said, chewing the fries and making delicious sighs just so to piss Sarah off.
Sarah huffed.
Anne passed her remaining fries to Sarah.
“No,I’m good,you don’t have to do that” Kate said.
“I’m done eating already, you can have the rest” Anne said, gulping water.
“Thanks Anne” Sarah smiled, giving Kate a ‘i-won’ look.
Kate ignored her and turned to Anne.
“Anne, you’re yet to answer our question,why are you so obsessed with that girl?” She asked again.

“Maybe because everyone else avoids her, perhaps if she wasn’t been avoided by everyone,i wouldn’t have felt the need to always move close to her” Anne said.
“I don’t know her offense exactly,why do people hate on her so much” Sarah shook her head.
“Stop talking like you didn’t once hated on her too!” Kate rolled her eyes.
“I did because i was so dumb to have believed Chloe’s slandering” Sarah said.
“But now..it’s clear to everyone Chloe tarnished Layla’s image just to make everyone hate her” Anne added.

“Yeah and any reasonable person should have stopped hating on the poor girl having realised that” Sarah said and Kate glared at her.
“Whatever..just make your brother eat with us some other time” Kate said.
“But how come your brother is so close to her just a day after resuming? Is obsessiveness in your blood? Or could the girl be using jazz! Oh my God! Yunno she’s African” Kate said and Anne laughed.
“Layla is using no jazz, she and Dan met before now” Anne said.
“Oh, no wonder they are so close” Jessie said.
“Yah” Anne said.

They chatted about other things as they ate.
“We’re officially friends now,i want you to tell me more about yourself” Dan said.
Layla smiled. “Okay”
They were done with their lunch, and then decided to wait and chat before the bell rings.

“I am Layla Moremi Williams, partly African. My father Michael Ajagun Williams is Nigerian, from the Yoruba tribe which automatically makes me a Yoruba too. My mother Celine Marton Williams is American which makes me partly American too, I’m sixteen,I’ll be seventeen in two weeks time…”
“Wow, Moremi” Daniel smiled, interrupting her and there was this feeling inside of her when he mentioned Moremi.
He’ll be the first person,the first friend of hers to call her by her native name.
It stirred a feeling in her that she didn’t even knew existed.

“Did i get the pronunciation?” He asked hopefully.
“I can’t say,you pronounced it the way i did and I’m not so sure i got the pronunciation correctly myself, if you’re so determined to get the pronunciation correctly, you’ll have to listen to my aunt pronounce it over and over”
“I don’t mind,i love the name” Daniel said.
“So much” He smiled.
“Thanks” Layla smiled “Should i tell you the history behind it?” Layla asked.
“Yes please” Daniel said eagerly.
“Okay..Moremi was the queen of ile Ife Kingdom,Osun state. Nigeria..” Layla started with smiles.
“Wow” Daniel said, intrigued by the story.
“That’s one hell of an intriguing story,it captivated me” He added, it made him love the name more.
“Yeah,there are so many intriguing histories in Africa. My father named me Moremi because he also loved the name and wanted me to be the best of myself” Layla said.

“I would love to start calling you by your native name, Moremi” Dan announced and Layla’s eyes widened.
“Yeah,i had thought Layla was a beautiful name not until i heard Moremi. I love it,maybe because it’s uncommon. I’ma gonna stick to that name” He said.
“Do you have..to do that? People are gonna..” Layla was saying.
“I don’t have to care about what people would say,as long as I’m happy doing what i want” Daniel said.
“Wait.. don’t you love your native name?” He asked.
“Of course i do,so much” Layla said.
“Are you probably bothered that calling you by your native name would remind people that you’re African and they’ll start hating on you and avoiding you again?”
“No,i don’t care if anyone avoids me. I have you and Anne now”
“Good, okay i get it that we’re in an environment where they are not used to the name”
“Exactly” Layla said.
“How about i just stick to Layla then and call you Moremi whenever i feel like.”
“Fine” Layla smiled.


“Okay,so Moremi..continue please” Dan smiled.

“I lost my parents and only younger sibling, and now I’m staying with my aunt, Philia who owns the coffee shop we first met” Layla said.
Dan stared at her,struck by what she must have gone through losing both parents and only sibling!
Coupled with how she had been treated in school and yet she’s still standing firmly on her feet.
God! She’s so strong.
He doesn’t think he can survive loosing his parents and Anne, he can’t even imagine his life without them.
Her pathetic life at this young age almost brought tears to his eyes and he’s more determined to protect her.

“I’m so sorry about that Moremi” He rubbed her hand affectionately, staring at her with pity.
“Com’on it’s fine, I’m over it. It happened long ago” She smiled and he knows no matter how long ago it was,the pain will always be there.
“I’m so sorry once again, starting now..you have me and Anne okay? We’ll always be there for you” He said reassuringly and she nodded.
“Thanks Dan,thanks so much” Layla said.

“Okay..i should continue” She smiled.
He likes that she smiles often,it makes her more endearing.
“I have relatives in Nigeria,Lagos State..”
“Really?” Daniel smiled.
“Yeah, Aunt Esther,she’s my father sibling and her son David,asides my parents,they are the only ones who calls me by my native name and well you too” Layla smiled and he smiled too.
“They are my father’s only relatives that i know of and i love them so much,they are still one of the best people i know,I’m so happy to have them in my life or i would have broken down completely. I do call them frequently when i still have my mum’s phone with me” Layla said.
“And you don’t anymore?” Dan asked.
“I do but not as frequently as I’d love to”
“Why?” Daniel asked.
“The phone is not in my possession anymore,it’s in Philia’s”
“You don’t have a phone of your own?” Dan asked and Layla shook her head.
He sighed “I was thinking of getting your contact so we could chat over the weekend”
“Ah,I’m sorry to have disappointed you” Layla laughed.
“It’s fine,but the phone in Philia’s possession shouldn’t stop you from not calling them regularly, Philia should give it to you whenever you need it,it’s your mum’s phone and…she’s not supposed to take it from you in the first place” Dan said.

Layla shrugged..” I guess it’s because she’s always busy with the phone, doing business and all”
“Oh” Daniel sighed.
“Yeah,so that’s all you should know about me,at least for now”

“My turn” Daniel sat up properly, clearing his throat.
Layla laughed..”You look like you want to deliver a very important speech,all you’re missing is a well ironed suit and a microphone”
Dan laughed too.

“I’m Daniel Keyes,a full American, seventeen years of age,i love getting along with people,i love making friends,i hate bullies and backstabbers. My parents and Anne are the people i love most in the world,i have a lot of friends but there are two special ones and now they are three. I don’t make someone my special friend that quickly because being ‘special’ to me means i really like you and to really like you,i would have studied you,it took years for me to have those two special friends but there’s this particular particular person that i feel it doesn’t have to take years to make her one,i don’t know what she did to me” Daniel said and Layla blinked profusely.
Dan smiled. “Do you mind knowing their names?” Daniel asked.
“Of course i don’t” Layla said.
“Felia Summers,Rylan Whitney and..Layla Moremi Williams” Daniel said and the bell rang.

Layla stared at him numbly,not getting up.

“C’mon,let’s go to the class” Daniel smiled, pulling her up. He knew she was surprised,if not shocked.


“Get into the car,we will give you a lift” Anne said to Layla who was about leaving after bidding them bye.
“Yeah, we’ll give you a lift” Dan said.
“Don’t bother” Layla said.
“We want to” Dan said.
“My house is a bit far” Layla said.
“Isn’t your house around the coffee shop?” Dan asked.
“Yeah” Layla nodded.
“Our house is farther, miles after your coffee shop,so get in” Dan said.

“Hm,i insist don’t bother, i’ll take the bus. Bye” Layla waved running off before they could stop her.
“Coffee girl, see you on Monday” Dan shouted after her and she laughed.

He was about turning with Anne,to head towards the car when Dylan stopped him.

“Anne,go into the car,I’ll come join you” Dan said.
“Okay” Anne said, walking away.
“Hi” Daniel said.
“Hey” Dylan said, giving him a piercing look.
“You want anything?” Dan asked after few minutes, getting uncomfortable with the silence.
“What’s with you and Layla?” Dylan asked.
“Oh” Daniel smiled and then laughed.
Dylan stared at him with furrowed brows.
“You like her?” Dan asked.
He knew with the way Dylan had glared at him in class that he probably likes Layla.
“It’s rude to answer a question with a question” Dylan said, irritated with Dan’s behavior.

Seeing Dan resume Ocean high pissed him off badly, he hates having someone to compete with,he was the king of the school not until this guy came along, stealing every attention from him and even Layla who can’t do without staring at him is now so occupied with the new guy that she now rarely spares him a glance.
The girl who was so obviously in love with him,the girl who had almost collapsed when he complimented her hair,she had danced happily and he laughed from where he watched.
The most annoying part is the new guy even turned out to be more intelligent! the girls do not care about him any longer,they are all focused on Dan now.
It irks him so much,he wishes Dan would disappear.
He’s taking everything from him!


“Well..Layla is my special friend, there’s nothing going on with us,you’re free to go ahead with her” Dan said.
“Go ahead with her?” Dylan laughed.
“Ye..ah, don’t you like her?” Dan asked.
“Like her?” Dylan snorted.
“It’s rude to reply a question with a question” Dan stated Dylan’s words to him and Dylan bit the inside of his mouth angrily.
He hates the fact that this guy here unnerves him without even trying to.
“And why did you say ‘like her’ with such a disgusting look, like..she’s not human or not worthy to like” Dan said.

“Thats because you really need to know i do not like her,i don’t even have a tiny bit of feeling for her. She’s cool for a friend though” Dylan shrugged like he was considering it.
“Not liking someone romantically shouldn’t warrant that look, of course everyone is free to turn down whomever they don’t want to be romantically involved with,it doesn’t have to be such a big deal. I heard you embarrassed her after a kiss. C’mon that’s bad of you. It’s petty for real” Dan said, resting his back on a car.
Dylan hated that Dan maintained a normal look, his emotions wasn’t visible on his face and that annoys him so much.
He had planned to unnerve Dan but he’s the one being unnerved instead.
“Are you trying to force your own opinion on my decision? I have the right to make whatever decision i want” Dylan said.

“Of course you do, everyone does but there are some decisions that lacks sanity,for example, why would a sane person compare a human lips to a dead log of wood and you even added it wouldn’t lit up if ignited by a wide burning fire. I’m not questioning why you felt that way but going around to tell everyone..that is lame,even if you hadn’t felt anything while kissing her,even if that moment wasn’t special to you,even if your own lips was too dumb to feel anything, you should have at least cared about her feelings. You don’t even know if she held on to that moment like gold,you don’t know how much the kiss meant to her. You knew those words would hurt her and you still went ahead to say it! Is that how much of a petty asshole you are?” Dan asked, expecting an answer like it was any normal question.

Dylan glared hard at him, wishing he never approached him in the first place.
He would never have believed Dan would render him speechless,he had approached Dan so prepared and now there’s nothing left to say.
Everything he had planned to say,the words he had planned to unnerve Dan with erased completely from his head.

“Well..i wasn’t expecting an answer for that anyway but you really need to answer this question..You claim not to like her,why then did you approach me asking what relationship we have together?” Dan asked and Dylan determined not to let Dan have the last words braced up for an answer.
“Because she needs to be protected from assholes like you! You’re a fake! You’re faking that friendly behavior of yours just so to be loved”

Daniel laughed. “I was right,you’re so petty, who fakes a friendly behavior… do you do that? that’s bad,you should change your ways if you’re guilty of that. Anyway, you’re so lucky i’ve not resumed Ocean high when you hurt Layla but now you’re not so lucky anymore,hurt her and get to face me. I just hope you’re well trained in taekwondo,that was my specialty in Prestige high school” Daniel grinned wickedly and Dylan wouldn’t lie he got shivers.

“Layla is my special friend and i go all the way for my special friends so Dylan,be careful” Dan said.
“Please” He added, before walking away.
He was keeping Anne waiting,he would have loved to speak more sense into Dylan.

Dylan stared at Dan as he got into the car,the car drove off almost immediately and he released the breath he didn’t know he was holding.

“What the fuck!” He screamed angrily.


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