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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



Thea stared at him confused, he was staring at something before her arrival but he is now hiding it.

‘What is he hiding?’ That was Thea’s thought as she gave him a suspicious look.

“W.., what are you doing here?” Cisco stuttered and Thea confirmed that he was definitely hiding something.

“What’s that behind you?” She asked closing the space between them.

“Nothing,” he replied and she chuckled. “Nothing? Why are you hiding your hand then?” She inquired.

“My phone,” he replied showing her the phone in his hand. “It’s just your phone,” she muttered with a disappointed expression.

He suspect her of not believing him so he added. “I wanted it to be a surprise but you ruined it.”

“Surprise? What are you talking about? Is your phone a surprise?” She asked.

“No dummy, the content on it,” he replied and used his finger to open it using the fingerprint. He showed her a document that indicate he was processing her admission.

“See? I was trying to get you into school,” he said but she frowned in return. “Aren’t you happy?” He asked.

“Don’t you know you could die for doing that?” She asked. He rubs his forehead, “I could die for getting you into school?” He asked.

“Why didn’t you tell me that? Was it your plan to get rid of me all along?” He freaked. “Don’t think too highly of yourself, only important people get eliminated,” she snapped.

“What do you mean by ‘only important people get eliminated,’ are you saying I’m not important?” He freaked.

“Are you? Just because you have lots of fans doesn’t make you important,” she snapped. “You are so energized this morning? Went to a gym in your dream?” He asked and she glared in return.

“Are you mocking me? You called me a dummy and now you are mocking me?” She queried. “Dummy? When was that?” He asked not remembering calling her a dummy.

“You did a few minutes ago,” Thea argued. “I didn’t!” He insisted.

“You are calling me a liar,” she accused. “I didn’t,” he denied. “You don’t want to study, do you? That is why you keep finding excuses,” Cisco stated.

“Excuses? I will study and prove you wrong,” she said. “Why are you here in the first place?” He questioned.

“It’s a surprise you are still at home by this time of the day,” she said with a slight frown. “Where should I be if not at home?” He asked.

“Lazy @ss,” she mumbled, he scoffed at her and asked. “Did you just call me a lazy @ss?” She started at him innocently and shook her head sideways.

“What is that?” He questioned with a frown with his finger pointed at her innocent-looking face. “What is what?” She questioned back, calmly.

“You are driving me nuts,” he uttered and ran his hands through his hair. “You are crazy? I can get you admitted into a psychiatric hospital. My mom is there you don’t have to worry about feeling lonely,” she said with a serious expression.

“I think you should get admitted not me,” he replied. “And you called me a lazy @ss, what type of employee calls his employer a lazy @ss?” He queried.

“I didn’t call you a lazy @ss but just for the record, are you one?” She asked. “What?” He exclaimed.

“You know, you might show symptoms of a lazy @ss in the future, I should know so I’d know what to do then,” she stated. “Hey!” He screamed.

“Seems like you are scared of hospitals, is there a medication you take?” She asked with her lips pouted. “Enough!!” Cisco snapped with his voice coming deeper and louder.

“Are there side effects or common symptoms?” She asked with a serious expression. “Thea Robert!!” He yelled, his veins were visible they looked like they would cut if he said more words.

Thea blink her eyes like a doll as she watched Cisco breathe heavily, sweats were almost coming out of his body.

“You look like you need another bath,” she said pointing at him. “I haven’t had my bath,” he retorted.

“I’ll take my leave now,” she said and turned around to walk away but suddenly stopped. “The next time you call me a dummy I’m going to post your picture online with # tag the billionaire is a lazy @ss, watch your words,” she winked and walked out of his room.

“I hired a problem to solve a problem,” he mumbled and brought out the picture he hid in his back pocket, he was wearing short pants.

It was a picture of an eighteen-year-old girl or something, she pouted in the picture and her green eyes made her look extraordinary.

“Chloe,” he muttered and peck the picture, he was processing Thea’s admission when his mind drifted to what Greg’s said.

He brought out a book from his drawer, on the book were lots of love stickers, he opened it and took the picture of the girl.

He walked to the window as pain and fears engulfed him, he was lucky to be holding his cell phone when she walked in.

“Did you hear her voice when she spoke? It sounded cool, don’t you agree? I am addicted to her, her whole being not just her voice, but she is crazy,” he spoke to the picture and chuckled at his words.

“Cisco!” He heard her yell. “Insane,” he mumbled and return the picture to where he took it, he went into the bathroom afterward.

He heard Thea chat with someone as he walked down the stairs, a girl was backing him while Thea was facing his direction.

“Have you eaten? The maids prepared a lot,” Thea said. “Nope, but where is Mr. Kings?” The girl asked.

Thea raised her head to find him staring at them, he was just a few feet away. “Right behind you,” she replied and the girl turned out to be Mavis.

“Good morning Mr. Kings,” Mavis greeted. “Morning…. Miss…,” he signaled to Grace to tell him her (Mavis) name but she turned to Fiona who was standing right behind her.

“Sadly, you don’t remember my name but I won’t get tired of telling you, my name is Mavis, M. A. V. I. A,” she spelled it for him.

“Mavis,” he repeated with a smile. “Join me and the king’s ancestors for breakfast once you are done with your smiling competition,” Thea said and walked away, Fiona followed immediately.

“How have you been coping with her?” Mavis asked as thru walked to the dining room. “You bet she’s a lot to handle,” he replied and they giggled.

“Are you holding a feast?!” Mavis exclaimed with her jaw almost dropping. “Calm down bestie, you don’t wanna faint at the beginning,” Thea said picking up the cutlery.

“You guys are going to eat this alone if I wasn’t here?” Mavis asked. “Yeah,” Thea replied.

‘Birds of the same feather sure flocks together,’ Cisco thought and took a seat beside Thea.

Mavis wouldn’t stop talking throughout the day, she asked Cisco numerous questions and he tried his best to reply to her calmly.

“Let’s play a game!” Mavis suggested. “I’m not a game person,” Cisco said.

“You have to play with us,” Mavis insisted. “He is a nerd Mavis, but he is going to play if it is scrabbling,” Thea stated.

“Nerds are boring,” Mavis mumbled. “That isn’t true, I’m not a nerd and I do play others games apart from scrabbling,” he said.

“You sure? Mavis isn’t good in educating games but naughty games,” Thea informed him. “I’m not backing out,” he replied firmly.

Thea and Mavis made eye contact and nodded their heads. “Truth or dare!” They said in unison and he regretted agreeing to their plan.

“Thea you are up,” Mavis said after spinning a bottle. “Truth,” she replied simply.

“Do you have a crush?” Mavis asked. “Yes,” she replied frankly, Thea spined the bottle and it pointed at Cisco.

“Truth,” he replied knowing choosing dare is digging his own grave. “Ever had séx?” Thea blurted.

“What?!” He exclaimed in terror. “His expression says it all,” Mavis started rubbing her temple.

“I know right, I can’t believe he’s not a saint-like he claimed,” Thea said. “I never claimed to be a saint,” he snapped.

“If you are not a virgin then Allison isn’t either,” Mavis mumbled. “What?” Cisco furrowed his brows.

“She used an answer to solve a question,” Thea replied and winked. “I…, I,” he stuttered.

“Is he incompetent in bed? Is that why she is breaking up with him?” Mavis asked. “I’m not sure, but it could be,” Thea replied.

“Do you think he will date someone else after her?” Mavis asked. “Will Allison spill his secret after their break up?” Thea asked.

“It will be irresponsible of her to do that,” Thea mumbled. “Stop talking as if I’m not here!” Cisco snapped and they stared at him as if had grown horns

“Do you have an ex?” Mavis asked and the room turned quiet.
T. B. C

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