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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services




“Another Job?” Thea asked as her brows knitted in confusion. “Yes,” Cisco answer

“What other job can I take?” She asked and he leaned closer to her, she wondered what he was up to.

He moved his hand to her lip and wipe the sauce on her lower Iip. “Will you be my contracted girlfriend?” He dropped the bombshell.

“What?!” She freaked and brush his hand off her. “What got into you? Are you sick in the head or something?” She asked and he just watch her as if she has lost her mind instead.

“Should I call Dr. Malcolm?” She talked to herself while Cisco just watched, he took the cup of orange juice in front of him and emptied the cup into his mouth

“Should we share my medicine?” She asked and he stood up. “Where are you going?” She inquired and he leaned closer before she could ask another question he captured her lips.

She was taken aback and wanted to push him away but she lost the strength to do so, she kissed him back instead.

Their tongue battled and Cisco surrendered for her, she kissed him possessively. She broke the kiss when she realized what was going on, she wiped her lips and Cisco chuckled.

“Hypocrite,” he mumbled. “Excuse me,” she said and tried to stand up but he pushed her back to the chair and made her face him

“You kissed me, which means you like me,” he stated and she rolled her eyes. “You kissed me back!” She snapped.

“Really? You were in charge of the kiss,” he said and she bit her lips, he raised her chin and peck her lips.

He moved his lips to her ear and whispered. “Be my girlfriend, Thea.”

“I’m tired, I want to sleep,” she said and pushed him away, she rushed upstairs before he could stop her again and make her admit the feelings she is not sure of.

“I’ll make you fall in love with me Thea, you will cure me properly,” he muttered and lick his lips.

Thea closed the door to her room and sat on the floor with her back rested on the door, she ran her hands through her hair as memories of how she kissed him flashed through her mind.

“What is he up to? Why will he suddenly want us to be in a relationship? Does he like me?” She asked as different questions kept popping up in her head.

“What should I do? I don’t like him, do I?”

‘You don’t like Vin either,’ her subconscious replied. ‘What if I like him and not Vin? How will Vin feel when he finds out I don’t like him?’ She wondered and stood up, she rushed to the mirror and stared at her redenned cheek

“I like Cisco but what do I feel for Vin?” She asked her reflection in the mirror. “This is driving me crazy,” she mumbled and jump on the bed.

Cisco on the other hand sat alone in the bar drinking as a memory flashed into his mind.


“What are you doing?” Chloe asked behind Cisco, he looked younger then.

“I wonder if this will suit you,” he replied raising a hairpin made in the shape of a butterfly with different colors.

“Is that for me?” Chloe asked as her eyes lighten up with excitement.

“If it suits you then it is yours,” he replied and she snatch it from him, she placed it in her hair and it suits her perfectly.

“It’s made for me,” she said and turn to face him, he smiled and she received a message on her phone.

*Chloe, just like this hairpin is made for you I believe we are made for each other, will you be my lady?*

She raised her head to meet his eyes, she loved how he stared at her and unconsciously moved closer until their lips were inches apart.


“I should not have loved you,” Cisco muttered and emptied the cup in his hand. He staggered to Thea’s room since he was tipsy, she was just coming out of the bathroom when he barged in.

“Cisco!” She screamed and his eyes trailed from her sexy exposed leg to her thigh, he licked his lips and staggered closer.

“What are you doing here?” Thea asked with her gaze fixed on him, he smirk and wipe his lips. “I’ll come to you when I’m dressed, please leave,” she uttered feeling uncomfortable with the way he looked at her.

“Don’t get dressed,” he uttered drunkenly. “What nonsense are you spewing?” She inquired holding tightly unto her towel, she was going to hurt him if he tries anything funny.

“You look beautiful,” he muttered and rushed towards her within a minute, he had her back on the bed kissing her with all his might and she reciprocate the kiss

They kissed for a few minutes before stopping to catch their breaths. “Can I go beyond this?” He asked and she bit her lip, she knew he was drunk with the way his mouth tasted but was surprised that he still respects her.

“Not now,” he answered himself and fell beside her. “I want to sleep,” he said and close his eyes.

She picked a book that was on the table lamp and started reading to him, it was a storybook so she equally enjoyed it.

She got out of bed after he was asleep, she wore her nightgown and got into bed with him. “You look cute even when drunk,” she said and he smile.

“Are you awake?” She whispered but got no response. “Are you having a beautiful dream?” She asked but got no response.

“I don’t know what this is but whatever it is, it feels wrong,” she said and peck his forehead before drifting to sleep too


Cisco stared around confused expression, he wondered how he got into the room. He flipped the duvet away and sat at the edge of the bed holding his head which was hurts seriously.

He remembered walking into the room after drinking, staring lustfully at her exposed body.

“What have you done Cisco?” He groaned and facepalm himself, he looked around the room in search of Thea but she was nowhere to be found.

“Is she mad at me? Will she quit?” He wondered and stood up, the door was opened too and She walked in with a mug.

“Good morning,” Thea greeted with a smile adding to his confusion.

“Morning,” he managed to reply. “I bought you honey water, it’s good for hangovers,” she said giving him the mug.

“Thanks,” he appreciated and turned around, he emptied the mug and turned to face her with a smile after he was done.

“Breakfast is ready, you should come downstairs,” she suggested and left her room, Cisco breathed out in relief after she was gone.

It was as if he was being interrogated for a crime he knew nothing about. “Why was she nice?” He asked no one as he walked out of the room.

‘Do you want her to rub it on your face that you almost took advantage of her?’ His subconscious asked

“I didn’t try to take advantage of her, I stopped before things could get worse and her reaction tells me she loves it,” he replied and entered the room.

‘Love It? You think that’s why she was smiling?’ His subconscious asked. “Yes, I think I have successfully replaced Chloe,” he muttered and danced into the bathroom.

He got dressed and rushed to the dining table, he pulled a chair for himself and turn to Thea who was talking to Fiona.

“Thea, breakfast is getting cold!” He yell and they noticed his presence. Fiona bowed as a way of saying good morning and walked away after she got a response, he nodded in response.

Thea sat beside him and they started having breakfast, Cisco cleared gid throat as he had a confession to make.

“Thea, I remembered getting drunk and staggering upstairs I have no idea of what happened after but I guessed I must have entered your room since I woke up there. I am sorry for the inconvenience,” he apologized.

“It is fine, not much of inconvenience was made,” she replied and are as if nothing happened.

“Thea, did I try to…” She cut him short. “Bygones will be Bygones,” she didn’t want to think about their awkward moment it makes her head hurt.

“Ok……ay,” he trailed off since he was confused as to why she is hell-bent on letting things go, it must be for him but why will she do such a thing for him.

Thea used Cisco’s laptop for study after Cisco left for work, she wanted to keep her mind off whatever happened.

She just wanted to live in reality, whatever he said or did was a drunken mistake she should get the fact that he was under the influence of alcohol.

“Fiona!” Thea called but got no response. “Fiona!!” She yells a bit louder.

The doorbell rang and a maid came out of nowhere to get it. “I’ll do that get me a glass of juice,” she said and walk towards the door.
T. B. C

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