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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services




Thea and Cisco are silent only the cutleries hitting the plate could be heard.

“You sure you still don’t want to talk about what my mom said?” He asked and she shook her head sideways.

“Stubborn,” he muttered. “Have you thought about my offer?” Cisco asked.

“What was the offer again?” She feigned ignorance when she perfectly remembered what his offer was.

“Be my girlfriend,” he reminded. “How much are you going to pay me?” She asked.

“Thrice your present salary,” he replied and she dropped the cutleries. “What…., did you say?” She stuttered shortly

“You heard me,” he replied and she stared at him as if he lost senses. “You don’t mean that do you?” She asked.

“I don’t bluff,” he replied. “What are the rules?” She asked.

“Yeah, we do everything real couples do,” he replied. “Everything?” She exclaimed and he nodded.

“Including se….x,” she trailed off. “Yes, but we are going to keep our relationship a secret from everyone except my family and your friends,” he elaborates.

“Are you kidding me?! You want me to sell my body?” She asked furiously. “No, I won’t touch you without your consent,” he replied.

“Consent or not, I am not giving you my body,” she replied stubbornly, he smirked and stood up.

He pulled her up and wrap his arms around her waist. “What are you doing?” She asked nervously and he claimed her lips, she responded immediately as if she was waiting for him.

He trailed the kisses to her jawline and then her neck, he planted wet kisses on her neck and she threw her head back in pleasure, he fondle her hair that was touching his hand.

He carried her up and she wrapped her legs around his torso, he continued kissing her neck as he walked into his room.

He placed her on the bed and took off her shirt revealing her yellow [email protected], he gently unhook it with his eyes piercing into hers.

He kissed her nipple and with his hand around her stomach, she bit her lips to stop her from moaning as he suck on her nipple.

“Cisco,” she moaned his name and he smiled, he took off her trouser along with her pant, and he smiled as he stared at the view in front of him.

He rubbed his hand against her pussy and she moaned. Cisco zipped down his trousers and removed his erected dick without her knowledge.

He insert the cap of his dick and she groaned, he moved his lips to her ear and bit her earlobe.

“Do you feel it?” He asked and she swallowed nothing as her mouth was filled with saliva. “I don’t need your consent,” he said and she snapped her eyes open.

She could feel his tip in her entrance, she tried to push him away but he pinned her hand above her head.

He played with her nipple and she tried her best not to moan but her body was betraying her. “Francisco!” She moaned and pushed her chest up trying to get her nipple into his mouth since he just licked and wipe it.

She wanted more than that, she closed her eyes as the pleasure was too much. “Starting tonight you are mine,” he said and pulled his cap away from her entrance.

He fought the urge not to go deeper, he fell beside her and returned his dick to his trousers.

He zipped up still holding her hand, he knew she was still wet and needed to relieve herself.

He decided to finish what he started so he dipped a finger into her and her body jerked up.

“Aww,” she moaned and he returned to sucking her breast, he fingered fuck her until she cum on his hand.

He pecked her lips and picked a handkerchief from the side of the bed, he wiped his hand and she started away shyly.

“I don’t need your consent to have my way, proving stubborn is useless,” he said and surprisingly she moved closer to him wanting more of his touch.

She slept off immediately and Cisco covered her with the duvet, he watched her sleep throughout the night.

He wanted to work but she would not let him out of bed, her arms were around him. She would groan sleepily whenever he tried to get out of bed so he just cuddled her all night.

“How was your night?” Cisco asked and she stared away shyly, she tries to get up but he pulled her back and cage her to the bed.

“Where do you think you are going?” He asked. “To…, mmr, my room,” she replied.

“How can you go to your room when I stayed awake all night because of you?” He asked leaning closer.

She remembered being the first to fall asleep and she scolded herself mentally. “How do you plan on making me forgive you?” He asked.

“Sorry,” she whispered and her voice aroused him. He groaned and slam his lips on hers, she returned the kiss, and his hand moved to her breast since she was naked anyway.

“I want this every morning,” he said. “What?” She asked.

“A good morning make-out,” he said and got off her, she picked her blouse on the floor and wore it on her naked breast.

“Stop giving me those lustful stares,” she scolded. “It’s not my fault you have a sexy body,” he replied.

“What is the difference between this relationship and a real relationship?” She asked.

“We don’t love each other,” he replied. ‘But I think I will love you,’ Cisco thought

“What if one of us falls in love along the line?” She asked and turned to face him. “That is fine,” he replied.

She picked up the duvet and her trouser, pant, and bra before heading to his bathroom. She got dressed and left his room.

She stood under the shower and the scenes of everything that happened the previous night flooded into her memory.

“I hate myself,” she muttered as she remembered how she moaned shamefully. She would have given him her body if she didn’t stop herself the previous night.

“What came over me? How could I be so cheap?” She wondered and turned off the shower

She wore a short free gown and packed her hair in a messy bun, she was starving since Adrian didn’t let her eat to her heart’s content.

He was already in the dining room when she got there, he was not eating but reading something on his phone.

He raised his head when he heard her footsteps, he stared lustfully at her straight fresh legs.

He has gotten a taste of her and he just wants to get more, what he did with her body was not enough

He wished he could make love to her and make her scream his name. “Are you trying to seduce me?” Cisco asked when she got closer.

“Has Allison tried to seduce you?” She questioned back. “No, I don’t think I will fall for it if she did,” he replied

“Are you indirectly calling me a seductress?” She asked. “Aren’t you?” He asked.

“I am not!” She snapped. “You don’t have to feel shy, you are my girlfriend now, remember,” he reminded her and she blush.

“I have been wanting to go out, can we go on a date?” She asked. “A date? Isn’t our relationship supposed to be kept a secret from the world?” He asked.

“It doesn’t have to be a date to the world,” she replied. “I want to visit my dad and then grocery shopping,” she replied.

“I have worked at the office,” he groaned and she pouted sadly. “Fine,” he agreed and she giggled.

“Let’s have breakfast,” she giggled and he shook his head sideways. He just successfully got himself a problem.


They have been walking around the grocery store for hours and have bought only a few things.

“What are we doing here Thea?” Cisco groaned. “Grocery shopping,” she replied.

“Is that another way for punishment?” He asked and she turned to face him, she walked closer to him and pretended to peck his lips but she ended up moving her lips to his ear.

“I don’t need your consent to punish you,” she whispered and walked away from him.

He balled his fist angrily as he watched her sway her backside. “Thea,” a familiar voice called as Cisco was close enough to her.

She raised her head and the lettuce in her hand fell as she found Vin staring at her, she could tell he was stunned.

“Vin,” she called nervously and she surprisingly feels guilty. “You are here for grocery shopping?” He asked an obvious question.

“Vin,” Cisco called when it seemed like he didn’t notice him. “Cisco,” Vin called and Thea stared at Vin then at Cisco.

“You two know each other?” She asked. “Yes, he is my little brother,” Cisco replied moving more closer.

“The one who likes reading and is in college?” She asked and he nodded.

“Do you know him?” Vin asked and Cisco wrap his arm around Thea’s waist.

“Meet Thea Robert, my girlfriend,” he introduced and lean to peck her lips.
T. B. C

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