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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services




Vin stared as the bones in his body were crushed and everything suddenly stopped, his eyes trailed from Cisco’s hand on her waist to his lips on hers and how close they were standing.

Everything was wrong, he should be the one introducing Thea as his girlfriend, not the other way round.

Thea was nervous and guilty, she wished that was not how bin found out.

“What do you think bro? She is a beauty isn’t she?” Cisco asked and Vin nodded it was as if his tongue has been tied and all he wanted to do was sit in a place and try to accept everything.

How did Thea end up with his brother? Why is he introducing her as his girlfriend? Were they dating all along or it just start?

“Vin, are you okay?” Cisco asked and he snapped into consciousness. “Yes.. I’m fine,” he replied.

“I asked a question,” Cisco reminded. “What was it?” Vin asked.

Cisco opened his mouth to say something but Thes beat him to it. “He asked a silly question, you don’t have to answer,” Thea said with a forced smile.

Vin made eye contact with her but she stared away immediately, Cisco didn’t notice the awkward silence so he kept talking.

“Will you shop with us? We can grab dinner later at my place too,” he said.

Vin wanted to decline but he needed answers so he agreed. “Sure,” he agreed.

“Cool, come with us,” he said pulling Vin along, the shopping was boring and uncomfortable for Thea

The more she tried not to talk, the more Cisco tried to engage her and Vin in a conversation.

Finally, they were home and Thea went straight upstairs and Cisco and Vin stayed downstairs.

“I’m sorry if she is acting weird but I don’t think she likes you, but why won’t she like you?,” Cisco wondered and rubbed his temple gently.

“It’s fine,” Vin replied, he contemplate telling Cisco the truth about him and Thea.

It would break his brother but it is still the best thing, he can think of. He hates keeping secrets, he could tell that Cisco loves her due to his bushes every time her name comes up.

“I…, we know each other,” Vin said and Cisco stopped rubbing his temple. “You and who?” He inquired.

“Your girlfriend, we met once,” he replied and Cisco nodded. “Is she your cure? She is the girl Allison met, isn’t she?” Vin asked.

“I don’t remember telling you about my cure and yes, she is the girl Allison met in the mansion,” he replied.

“Mom told me about your cure,” Vin replied and Cisco nodded. “So you made her your girlfriend,” Vin teased.

“Yeah, I don’t want to lose her,” he replied. “What if you stop loving once you are healed?” Vin asked.

“Then we part ways,” he replied. ‘I will wait,’ Vin thought.

“What about Allison? Dad is going to murder you when he finds out about this,” Vin said.

“I guess you didn’t notice, but I stopped giving a damn about dad’s opinion,” Cisco said with a nonchalant attitude.

“What about Allison as far as I know, she is the crazy type and your girlfriend doesn’t look like a fighter,” Vin said.

“Get a girlfriend Vin, let me worry about mine,” Cisco replied. “Sorry,” Vin muttered and stared away.

Cisco noticed something was off about him, does he know Thea more than just a friend? If yes, what does he know about her?

Vin was happy when he told him he has someone apart from Alison but he doesn’t look all excited now that he knows the person.

While in the room Thea lay on her back in her room staring at the ceiling, she was guilty about what she did.

She could see the pain in Vin’s eyes, she knew he loved her, or was that his natural way of interacting with people

He didn’t confess his love, but she is feeling guilty, she wanted to go downstairs and call things off with Cisco but why would she do that she loves him and not Vin.

‘There is only one person who has answers to my questions,’ she thought and picked up her phone.

“Hey, Mavis,” Thea said casually. “Hey, girl,” she replied with excitement.

“Where are you?” Thea asked. “At work,” she answered.

“You busy?” Thea inquired. “No, is something wrong? Don’t tell me Mr. Lover boy went to the office and you miss him,” she teased.

“No, he is downstairs with his brother,” she replied. “I am guessing something happened between you two,” Mavis said.

“We are an item now and we make out,” Thea blurted and she gasped. “You what? I knew this was going to happen! You are the best friend in the whole wide world. Tell me when the baby shower is, I am automatically her godmother,” Mavis rushed her words and Thea wondered why she didn’t run out of breath.

“Slow down Mavis, we make out not to have sex,” she corrected. “It’s going to happen anyway, my baby is going to be a woman,” Mavis giggled and Thea pictured her dancing in her (Mavis) office.

“I’m confused Mavis, I need your help,” Thea cried. “What’s the wrong girl?” Mavis asked worriedly

“You remember Vin?” Thea asked. “The rich boyfriend, don’t tell me he confessed his feelings and you don’t know who to choose,” Mavis guessed

“No, his full name is Vincent Kings,” Thea blurted. “Vincent Kings….. He is Cisco’s brother?” She gasped.

“Yes, Mavis,” she cried. “You are in a love triangle? And it happens to be two Kings brothers, this is amazing!!” Mavis exclaimed.

“No, it is horrible!” She snapped. “Why?” Mavis asked.

“I am in a relationship with Cisco and I feel guilty when I see Vin, I don’t understand,” she stated.

“Why do you feel guilty?” Mavis asked and Thea got out of bed, she walked towards the door and leaned on it.

“I don’t know girl, what if…” She trailed off. “Don’t tell me you love him?” Mavis asked.

“I don’t know,” she replied. “Answer my questions and we will get the answer we seek,” Mavis said and Thea nodded as if she could see her.

“How do you feel when you see or think about Cisco?” Mavis asked. “I’m not sure, but I feel excited, butterflies in my stomach, my heart beat faster. I love his touch and I just don’t get enough of it,” she explained.

“And Vin?” Mavis asked. “I am happy too but I don’t feel butterflies and, I think he is just a closer friend,” she replied.

“You just answered the question, you are in love with Cisco and you had a crush on Vin,” Mavis stated.

“Had?” Thea asked. “You don’t like him anymore, if you do you would not have agreed to date Cisco,” she replied.

“Why do I feel guilty? I feel like I am doing something wrong Mavis and it’s eating me up,” she replied.

“Because you have a soft heart, Vin is in love with you and he is hurt you are dating someone else. You are just sharing in his pain,” she replied.

“I guess,” Thea mumbled. “Cheer up girl, let Vin decide for himself,” Mavis said.

“Now tell me when is the…” Thea hung up on her.

“Such a rude girl,” Mavis uttered at the other side of the line.

“I should just act as if nothing happened, we had nothing serious going on anyway,” she concluded and opened the door.

She met the brothers chatting when she got downstairs.

“Hey,” She said and waved awkwardly before sitting on an armchair. “Are you okay?” Cisco asked.

“Yes, I’m sorry I left without a word,” she apologized and glanced at Vin whose facial expression was unreadable.

“Dinner is almost ready,” Cisco said and Thea glanced at him. “I have something to take care of,” he said and excused himself.

Thea was feeling uncomfortable with the silence and she decided to start a conversation.


“So,” Vin and Thea said in unison.

“You should start,” Thea said and he nodded.

“You are my brother’s cure,” he started and Vin nodded. “How long have you been living with him?” He asked

“It’s been a while now,” she replied. “How long have you guys been…., together?” He asked with a short stutter.

“A few days ago,” she replied playing with her fingers.

‘She was the reason Cisco couldn’t make it to Thea’s party, I was late,’ he thought sadly.

“He is the boss you talked about?” He asked. “Yes,” she answered.

“Are you happy with him?” Vin asked. “I don’t understand your question,” She replied.

“You can always break up with him if you are not happy,” he said and she chuckled.

“Your brother will be heartbroken if I leave him and his condition will worsen. Do you want that?” She asked.

“I’m not sure but I want you to be happy,” he answered. “What if my happiness lies with your brother?” She asked.

“Then we will talk about my happiness,” he replied.
T. B. C

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