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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services



“Your happiness? What do you mean Vin? What are you talking about?” Thea asked as his words sounded like a parable to her ear.

“I love you, Thea, I have been in love with you since the first time we met, Thea I love you,” he confessed and tried to stand up but Thea stopped him.

“Don’t come closer,” she ordered and he stopped. Why will he suddenly confess his feelings, was it some sort of test or what?

She is dating his brother and he knows it, why is he confessing his love after finding out about their relationship.

“I know it seems a bit late but I will regret not telling you the truth,” he said.

“I am sorry Vin, I am truly sorry if I have caused you any pain but I love your brother. I know we met first but I loved your brother first,” she stated.

“He wants you because you are his cure, what if he breaks your heart once he is healed?” Vin asked, his eyes were filled with tears.

His heart was breaking and all he wanted was for them to go back to the past, he would have made a different decision. He would have confessed his feeling, she would be his if he had done that.

“It doesn’t matter Vin, what matters is that we love each other,” she replied.

Cisco who was watching the whole drama from the stairs sighed, he never went to his room he knew they were going to have a quick conversation and he wanted to know what they were going to talk about.

“Is it because I’m still a college boy and my brother is the billionaire? Or because I am younger than you? Tell me what the problem is and I will fix it, please,” he pleaded.

That was the first time he will fall in love and it was breaking him, isn’t first love suppose to be filled with amazing and sweet memories? Why is he filled with pain?

“I have no reason to lobe your brother just like I have no reason not to love you,” she replied.

“This is breaking me, Thea, I feel like a part of me is missing. I….” He trailed off as he was short of words, Thea could see the pain and anger in his eyes but it was for the best

The truth was always the right thing to say, she chose to tell him so that he would not keep his hopes up.

“Sorry guys,” Cisco apologized as he walked down the stairs. Vin wiped his tears and Thea looked away.

“Is something wrong?” He asked feigning ignorance. “Nothing is, all is well,” Vin replied with his bitter-filled eyes.

“Yes,” Thea replied. Cisco sat on the spot he stood up and asked. “Vin told me you knew each other in the past.”

Thea’s heart skipped a beat as he said that. “My brother is not the type to like or notice girls, it must have been special. How did you guys meet?” Cisco asked.

“About…. That,” Thea stuttered and glanced at Vin. “I saved her life, it was nothing special,” Vin replied instead.

“I will head to the kitchen,” Thea said and left.

“She is the girl, isn’t she?” Cisco asked after Thea was gone. “Yeah,” he replied and facepalm himself.

“You loved her,” Cisco said. “I still love her,” Vin replied.

“What are we going to do? She is my girlfriend,” Cisco stated. “She loves you, it is a dead end,” he replied with a sad chuckle.

“You are just going to give up on your feelings?” Cisco asked and turn to face him.

“I value our relationship, it is cool being her brother-in-law too, but…” He said and raised his head to stare at Cisco, he looked with pain and regret.

“I won’t hesitate to take her from you if you hurt her,” he said and Cisco nodded.

“Dinner is ready,” Fiona announced. “Tell her I had an emergency,” he said and stood up.

“Congratulation,” Vin congratulated and left the mansion, he strolled down the street as tears fell from his eyes.

He bit his lips to stop him from sobbing but the pain was too much for him to bear, he tightened his grip as he let out a loud wail.

“I hate everyone!” He screamed in his head as he continued walking, he felt stabbed countless times.

He wished the world would end and his pain would stop, he didn’t want to give up. He wanted to fight for her, he loved her and can’t order his heart to stop.

“I love you, Thea, I wished you would love me instead,” he uttered as he continued to drag his leg along the sidewalk.


“Where is your brother?” Thea asked when he was sited with Cisco at the dining table.

“He left,” he replied. Thea mouthed an ‘oh,’ and ate silently, she wanted to close her eyes and be buried deep in the water as her heartache.

After dinner, she read a book to Cisco and he fell asleep faster than usual, she sneaked to her room and got her swimming suit.

She jumped into the water and swam crazily, from one end to another hurriedly.

Vin’s voice echoed in her head as she swam, she didn’t want to hurt him but he needed to know the truth too.

She stopped swimming and let herself drown, she opened her eyes and stared at the cold water.

She swam to the surface and gasped for air, she rested her hand on the tiles and cried.

Cisco stood in a hidden place and watched her, he knew she was trying to be strong that was why he pretended to be asleep.

Thea got out of the water and walked to her room dripping wet, she didn’t notice Cisco since her mind was occupied with different thoughts.

Cisco sighed and went into his room, he got into bed and stared at the ceiling.


“Son! Where are you coming from so late….. And you look worn out,” Mrs. Kings uttered worriedly as Vin walked into the mansion.

“Hi mom,” he said and headed to his room. “Did he just ignore me?” Mrs. kings asked no one as she stared at the spot he was standing before heading to his room.

“Vincent!!” She yell and barged into his room.

“What happened out there? Why do you look tattered? Why are you returning by this time of the night?” She bombarded him with questions.

“I just want to sleep mom, let’s talk about this tomorrow,” he replied tiredly, he walked all the way home and his feet hurt.

“Tomorrow? I want to know what happened. Talk to me my son,” she pleaded. “I want to, I desperately want to but I just don’t have the energy. I want to rest mom, please leave,” he requested and his mother scoffed.

“I am not moving an inch until you tell me what happened,” she replied stubbornly.

“Leave mom! Don’t you understand!! I want to be alone! I want to get a fucking sleep!!” He growled and his mother flinched.

He rested his head on the pillow and let the darkness take over, she left his room quietly with a broken heart.

She was worried about her son but what can she do when he does not want to be helped. “What is happening to my sons?” She wondered as she sat on the bed and glanced at her husband who was sleeping peacefully.


Thea felt something wet on her neck, she opened her eyes to find Cisco behind her, she was still in her room.

“Cisco,” she groaned and he got on top of her, he claimed her lips but she didn’t kis* him back.

“Is this not part of the contract?” He asked. “I forgot our relationship was a contract,” she said In pain.

“That is because we are in love with each other,” he said and started kiss*ng her neck.

“What did you just say?” She asked pushing him off. “I love you,” he blurted.

“Why are you saying these? Why are you suddenly confessing your feelings?” She asked and he kis*d her lips.

“Because the earlier the better,” he replied. “What if I don’t love you?” She asked.

“I am ready to wait,” he replied and with that, he claimed her lips. He kissed her passionately and she kissed him back, he brought out her breast it was easy since she was in her swimsuit.

He broke the kiss and stared at her brest with love, he played with them and her nipple was hardened.

“You like my brea*t, don’t you?” She asked. “They are mine,” he replied and started sucking on her niple.

“Cisco,” she moaned as he suck on her senselessly, he moved his hand to her puzy and started rubbing her surface slowly.

“Aww,” she moaned and he dipped a finger in, he moved his finger in and out of her as she moaned.
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