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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Services




The bar was filled with loud music and the floor was graced with dancers.

Mavis tried to make eye contact with Thea to ask if she was okay since Chloe won’t let Cisco rest, she kept her head on his shoulder and their arm interlocked.

Thea was staring at the dancers pretending to be fine while she was deeply affected, she glanced at them once in a while but no one noticed.

Not even Mavis who kept her eyes on her the whole time.

Victor groaned, “This party is boring.”

“It wouldn’t be if you didn’t tag along when you weren’t invited,” Vin stated and sip from his drink.

“I wasn’t talking to you,” Victor retorted. “Let’s dance,” Chloe grabbed Cisco’s arm.

“I never knew prostitute and manwhore runs in your family,” Mavis blurted.

“What did you just say?” Chloe Inquired angrily.

“It wasn’t directed to you but I guess it fits you,” She replied.

“Are you trying to pick a fight with me, bítch?” Chloe asked standing, she was ready for a fight.

“Bítch?!” Mavis scoffed unbelievably and stood up. “That title is meant for you, not the other way round.”

“I wonder why Victor likes someone like you?” She said.

“No wonder Cisco is in a relationship with someone else and no matter how hard you try to make yourself obvious he will never notice you because he doesn’t date prostitutes,” Mavis retorted and Vin gasped.

“W…. What?!” Chloe’s eyes widened with her jaw dropped.

“Close your mouth, you are in a bar people might think you are giving an invisible blow job,” Thea uttered and sip from her drink.

Chloe turned to face her in rage, “You both are bitçhes!” She screamed.

“Yeah, we are good bítches,” Thea replied and Cisco placed his hand on her, Thea slapped it off.

“Don’t touch me!” She warned accompanied by a glare and Cisco withdraw his hand.

“You should leave,” Vin suggested. “Why should I? These two should leave not me,” Chloe replied with her finger pointed at Thea and Mavis.

“I think you are forgetting something Sis, it is her party,” Victor pointed at Mavis, “And she is invited,” then at Thea “You can’t just throw them away.”

“That is right, you should leave you are not welcomed at my party,” Mavis folded her arms under her breast.

“I am not leaving! You both can go to hell!” She pointed at Mavis and Thea, then turned to Cisco. “You are turning against your sister because of this unfortunate bítch,” she blurted.

“You just stepped on a landmine,” Mavis muttered and jumped on Chloe, before she could think of fighting back Mavis already made her half-blind with her punches.

“What did you call me?! How dare you animal!” She growled hitting her, Chloe couldn’t fight back or open her mouth due to the pain.

No one would believe she has been training for the past five years, she was no match for Mavis.

“Cisco successfully got Mavis off Chloe while Victor helped her stand on her feet.

“How dare you hit me?!” Chloe thundered. “Do you want to get another one,” Mavis asked struggling to free herself from Cisco’s hold.

“You are going to regret this! I swear I will make you!” She screamed.

“You should leave,” Vin said and Chloe glared at him.

“Yeah, you should take your sister home Cruz this party is ruined by uninvited guests anyway,” Thea said and grabbed her bag, she walked out of the bar and Cisco let go of Mavis

He rushed after her and was lucky to catch up with her before she could halt a cab.

“I brought my car, let’s go home together,” he said and gestured at his car, she was dying to get home anyway so she didn’t argue.

She got into the car and he drive away almost immediately.

Thea didn’t say a word throughout the drive, she was lost in thought. Why was Chloe with Cisco?

Why didn’t he push her away when she was touching him? Did he enjoy her touches?

She roughed her hair and Cisco glanced at her, he was curious to know what was going on with her but too nervous to ask.

“Thanks,” Thea muttered gratefully when they got to the mansion, she went straight to her room and sat in front of the dressing mirror.

She started wiping her makeup and after she was done she went into the bathroom to have a shower.

She was getting ready for bed when she heard a knock, lazily she inquired, “Who is there?”

“It’s me,” she heard Cisco respond and she rolled her eyes, she thought he was going to wait until morning or she wished he would.

“I am coming,” she replied and went to the door after she was done, she opened the door halfway and stood in front of him.

“Hey,” she smiled casually. “Can I come in? We need to talk,” he said.

“Sure,” she stepped out of the way and he walked in, she closed the door with a frown.

“About Chloe,” he started. “I am sorry,” he apologized.

“It’s fine,” she replied nonchalantly. “Fine? Is that all you are going to say?” He asked.

“What more do you want? She just returned from the land of the dead and needs someone to direct her I get it but don’t you get it?” She asked.

“Get what?” He inquired curiously and confusedly.

She scoffed and stepped away from the door. “Are you kidding? You don’t get the fact that she is using you?” She inquired shockingly.

“Thea, I know you are mad at me but I don’t think Chloe would..” He trailed off when her face turned cold and she was murdering him with her eyes.

“You are an idiot, that girl has a little brother who can help her In the land of the living, and snooping around you is useless. She is doing that because she still loves you,” she stated while Cisco stared like a lost sheep.

“You don’t believe me, do you? You think I a just paranoid and scared of losing you, yes I am all scared because I don’t want to lose you to that ghost but you need to understand the fact that she is not trustworthy too,” she held his hand and caress softly.

Thea was right and Cisco was aware of that, but he didn’t want to admit the bitter truth.

It is going to break his relationship the moment he admits to knowing Chloe’s intentions but isn’t doing anything to get rid of her.

“Thea I am sorry,” was all he could say.

“I don’t understand why you are sorry but we should get rid of that bítch before anything,” she replied and he kissed her lips

He pressed his lips so hard on hers as he tried to fight back his tears, Chloe ruined his relationship with his brother five years ago.

He won’t let her ruin what he has with Thea, he broke the kiss and hugged her.

“I love you, okay always remember that,” he whispered into her ears.


That same night in Chloe’s house, Victor was trying to clean her wounds.

“Be gentle,” she cautioned when he pressed the wool on her lip.

“I wonder how you are going to fight the culprit with that horrible skill of yours,” Victor muttered

“That girl is the culprit,” Chloe replied aggressively.

“Stop Chloe, don’t even think of turning the tables on her,” he warned. “Turning the tables? You are blinded by love, didn’t you see her skills? Look at my face, this is proof that she tried to kill me five years ago,” Chloe retorted and Victor dropped the wool angrily in the first aid box

“Take care of yourself,” Victor said and stood up heading to his room.

Chloe stood up, “You have to set your feelings aside so that you will be able to see the truth,” Chloe stated and he stopped.

“Like you set your feelings aside for Francisco Kings?” He asked and turned to face her.

“Leave Cisco out of this!” She snapped.

“Leave Mavis out of this too! She is not the culprit for Christ’s sake! Why don’t you get that?!” He retorted.

“I will prove to you that she is a bitçh,” Chloe said and walked away.

“Lay a finger on her and I will forget the fact that you are my sister!” Victor screamed after her.


The next morning in Cisco’s mansion, he was sited at the dining table with Fiona dishing the meal.

Thea was getting dressed so it was just him, he brought out his phone and sent a message to April to get a document ready.

He was about to keep his phone away when he received a text, he tapped on it.

*Leave Thea Robert and your secret as well as Chloe will be safe*

Cisco’s heart raced faster as he read the message.

“Are you okay?” Thea asked walking closer to him and he forced a smile.
T. B. C

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