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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service




“Yes, all is well,” Cisco replied and Thea nodded, she sat on the chair close to him.

“Let’s have breakfast,” Thea said and pulled a chair for herself, Thea noticed Cisco’s uneasiness throughout breakfast.

She couldn’t ask what was up with him since he left for work pretty early.

Cisco sat on the swivel chair with his eyes closed, why was the anonymous playing games with him?

He loves Thea and the last thing he wants to do is let go of her.

“I brought your coffee,” Chloe said and dropped the cup in front of him.

“Would you like anything else?” She asked but got no response.

Is he asleep? Why would he sleep so early? Is he having a problem with his girlfriend?

Thoughts ran through Chloe’s mind as she stared at Francisco, she walked closer to him and held his face.

He snapped his eyes open and she flashed him a smile but she pushed the chair away making her lose balance.

“You are not allowed to do that,” he warned. “I was just checking if you are fine,” she told him.

“Just don’t try anything Chloe,” he replied. “I can’t,” she stated.

“What did you say?” He questioned. “I love you, I never stopped loving you so I can’t sit still,” she blurted and he stared at her as if a new being was standing before him.

“Say something Cisco,” she demanded. “What do you want me to say, you know the answer to your confession,” he replied

“Your girlfriend? I loved you first,” she stated angrily.

“But you left and I love her now,” he replied. “Me leaving was not by choice, you can love me we can be together,” she moved closer to him.

“We can’t be friends let alone couple,” he replied

The door was opened by Thea and Chloe stepped away from Francisco, Thea stared at them suspiciously but brushed it off.

“Hey, hon,” Thea waved at Cisco. “Hey,” Cisco forced a smile.

“Excuse me,” Chloe glared at Thea before walking away.

“Why is she here?” Thea asked. “She works here, what are you doing here?” He questioned.

“Why does she work here?” Thea inquired. “I don’t understand your question, Thea,” he replied arranging some files.

“Why are you working with your resurrected ex?” She blurted.

“Don’t call her names,” he cautioned. “Well I can’t help it since I hate her,” Thea blurted and folded her arms under her breast.

“We are not having this discussion,” he uttered

“Yes, because you are going to fire her. I don’t want her working close to you,” she stated.

“You are jealous, that’s all,” he said with a chuckle.

“Call it jealousy name it what you want, I want the girl out of our lives,” she stated.

“What are you doing here?” He asked not wanting to argue with her.

“You forgot these,” she dropped a document on his table.

“Thanks,” he appreciated. “I’m leaving,” she informed and turned around.

“I will drive you,” he volunteered. “No, you should work. I love you,” she said and left.

A few weeks later…….

“Can I ride with you?” Chloe asked with a smile as she stood by Cisco’s car.

He stared at her for a while before nodding. “Yes!” She squealed

Chloe got into the car and keep stealing glances at Cisco but he had too much on his mind to rebuke him.

“Can I have dinner at your place? Victor is being a dickhead lately,” she said with a sad expression.

“Sure,” he replied. “Thank you,” she muttered finding him weird, he has been nice to her lately and it was strange.

He told her a few days ago that them being an item won’t work and becoming close friends won’t too.

But, it feels like he is taking his words back because he has been extra nice. If that is correct, she needs to know why he is like that.

“Is something wrong?” She asked. “Does something feel wrong?” He questioned back not sparing her a glance.

“Yes, you are weird,” she replied. “I am weird?” He asked and chuckled lightly.

“You have been agreeing to my request without argument, why is that?” She asked.

He rubbed his temple slightly and replied, “I guess I am sick of arguing with you.”

“This is not the new Francisco,” she shook her head finding his personality unbelievable.

“Is it the old?” He inquired with a smile as he glanced at her.

“No, it is a weird Francisco and it is really scary,” she replied.

He turned to face her with a smile, he patted her hair and she gasped.

Ever since she returned he has felt disgusted by her touch and now he is touching her willingly.

“Don’t be scared, I will never hurt you,” he assured.

“I am never washing my hair again and today is my lucky day,” she said happily.

“Why do you say so?” He inquired curiously despite knowing the answer to his question.

“You are so nice to me and you even touched me willingly, you freaking touch my hair! I am not gonna wash it ever!” She said out loud.

“Ever?” He asked.

“Ever,” she replied and they laughed.

“It’s nice to laugh with you,” he muttered and sighed deeply after.

She knew something was bothering him and was curious to know what it is but she isn’t going to ask.

If that thing touched his heart and made him smile at her then she doesn’t care if he is bothered every day. As long as he smiles at her.

“Thanks for the ride,” Chloe smiled as she removed her seatbelt, she stepped out of the cat first while Cisco waited for a few seconds.

He finally got out of the car and walked straight to the door, Chloe smiled sheepishly behind him.

They opened the door and met Thea and Fiona in the living room, Thea was surprised to see Chloe with him.

Didn’t he promise to fire her? Why are they together in their house?

Thea forced a smile at Chloe before standing up, Fiona greeted Cisco and he responded with a nod.

“We have to talk,” Thea said and walked past Cisco and Chloe. Cisco knew what the conversation was going to be about so he followed.

“Why is she here?” Thea threw the question at him immediately after they were by the pool.

“She is with me,” he answered. “Exactly my question, why is she with you?” She asked.

“I don’t want to talk about that Thea,” he stated and turned to leave but Thea held his arm.

“You don’t want to talk about it? Like seriously? I told you to fire that girl, I don’t like her around you. Why is that hard to do?!” She snapped.

“Look here lady, it is my company and house, I decide what happens in it. I will fire whoever I want and bring home whoever I want, you don’t have a say,” he stated angrily, meaning every word he uttered.

Thea was stunned by the seriousness and his manner of words.

“Excuse me,” he uttered and walked away.

Thea stood there motionless trying to grasp what just happened, he walked out on her and raised his voice at her because of Chloe.

“Is dinner ready, Fiona?!” Thea heard him ask.

“Yes sir,” Fiona responded and Thea followed him, she went to the dining table and sat on her spot.

The maids set the table while Chloe and Cisco joined afterward, Thea was silent throughout dinner.

She didn’t want to create a scene but Chloe made it impossible, she won’t stop smiling and touching Cisco.

Thea was expecting him to react like always but he just returned every smile and that angered her.

“Don’t you have any shame? Did you sell it all?” Thea voiced out and they both gave her the looks that asks.

‘What are you insinuating?’

“What gives you the right to touch my boyfriend as you please?” She queried.

Chloe dropped the cutters and rolled her eyes.

“He is mine, okay and I don’t think you have an ounce of right to touch him,” Thea glared at her.

“I am not yours,” Cisco blurted and the ladies snapped in his direction.

“What…., did you say?” Thea stuttered. “I said, I. Am. Not. Yours,” he repeated meaning every word he said.

“Francisco,” she called with a nervous chuckle. “You are joking right?” She asked.

“No, I mean it,” he replied.

“Are you listening to yourself? You are throwing what we have away because of this…” She trailed off and thought of the perfect name to call Chloe. “Because of her?”

“We have nothing, there is nothing to throw away,” he stated and Chloe gasped silently.

“You…. You… This is a joke, right… It is,” Thea stuttered as she assured herself.

“Think whatever you want,” Cisco blurted nonchalantly.

“Are you seriously choosing her over me?” Thea inquired as she fought the tears in her eyes.

“Yes,” Cisco blurted and there was silence, Thea didn’t want to cry but her eyes were betraying her.

Thea opened her mouth to talk but Cisco beat her to it.

“Let’s call it quit.”
T. B. C

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