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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service





Chloe’s jaw dropped as she watched the couple have a staring contest, Thea looked scared and confused at the time while Cisco’s emotion was expressionless

“You are breaking up with me?” Thea asked an obvious question. “I want you out of my house this moment,” he stated coldly and Chloe glanced at Thea who was trying to fight back her tears.

“You mean it,” Thea chuckled and a tear dropped on her cheek.

“Fiona!” Cisco called and she rushed in. “Go to Thea’s room, and help her pack her stuff,” he uttered maintaining eye contact with Thea.

“Sir?” Fiona was surprised. “You heard me,” he glared at her and she went upstairs.

Thea reluctantly followed Fiona upstairs, in a few minutes her bags were packed and Fiona helped in carrying them out of the mansion.

Chloe stood beside Cisco whose face was void of emotion as she left.

Thea stood outside the house as tears streamed down her cheek, everything felt like a nightmare.

A nightmare she would wake up from soon, she held tightly onto her bag as she took slow steps down the road.

With the hope, that Cisco would run after her and tell her it was a joke.

When her dreams were not coming through and thought of where to go, she reached for her phone.

Thea searched the internet for Allison’s home address and she was fortunate to find it earlier than she thought.

She didn’t want to bother Mavis, she has done enough for her. Her mom would be discharged soon and they need a place to stay and she needs a job.

Allison can help her with both, they both had their differences in the past but that is settled now.

“Thanks,” she paid the cab man and took a deep breath before moving closer to the door.

She pressed the doorbell and it was opened immediately by Jonny, Allison’s assistant.

“Excuse sir, is Allison in?” She asked. “Who are you?” Johnny asked.

“Let her in,” Allison who heard Thea’s voice spoke and Johnny stepped out of the way for Thea.

Allison’s eyes widened at the sight of the bags, “Are you escaping?” She questioned.

She walked closer since she was standing by the stairs, she leaned on the pillar and folded her arms under her breast.

“I wish I can,” Thea chuckled. “Why are you here with bags?” Allison questioned.

“Can I at least sit down?” Thea asked. “Yeah,” Allison replied.

“Get her a glass of water,” Allison ordered johnny who dashed into the kitchen.

“Cisco broke up with me,” Thea blurted. “Are we in April?” Allison asked.

“I am not fooling you, I know it’s hard to believe I am still trying to believe it too,” she muttered

“Why? Did you guys fight?” Allison inquired moving closer, she now sat on the couch.

“I don’t know, his ex-girlfriend showed up and he started acting weird. Stupid me I should have known he still loves her, I should have seen this coming,” she sobbed and Allison hugged her to herself.

Allison was curious and wanted to ask more questions but she couldn’t, Thea was in great pain, and explaining how she got hurt would not be the sweetest story at the moment.

“Here,” Johnny gave Allison the glass of water. “Prepare a bath for her and a guest room,” Allison ordered and he nodded.

“I am here for you,” Allison assured


“Aren’t you going to work?” Octavia asked as she met Greg in the house after dropping Flora at school.

“Are you sick? You look down,” she muttered moving closer, she placed her hand on his forehead to check his temperature.

“You are fine,” she said and he held her hand with a chuckle. “Are you pulling my legs?” She asked.

“I dare not,” he replied and pulled her to his lap. “What is wrong?” She asked staring at his face.

“I want to apologize to Cisco,” he blurted. Octavia was surprised, that was the last thing she expect him to say.

“Cisco as in your brother?” She asked. “Yes, my little brother,” he responds with a chuckle.

“What has gotten into you? Are you on drugs?” She asked still finding him hard to believe.

“No, why would you think that?” He laughed. “Because you are acting weird, you hate Cisco. You don’t want to talk about him or hear anything related to him but now you suddenly want to apologize, don’t blame me for having negative thoughts,” she stated.

“I don’t blame you,” he replied. “So what got into you?” She asked.

“I realized the truth, and I realized I was wrong for blaming my brother because he was innocent,” he uttered sadly

“Innocent? Was he guilty of something?” She asked.

“No, but I foolishly thought he was,” he chuckled lightly. “What was that?” Octavia asked curiously.

“It’s a secret,” he replied and poke her nose. “I want you to come with me, will you?” He requested

“Of course, this is what I have always wanted,” she replied and stood up from his lap.

“Let’s go,” he held her hand as they walked towards the door.

Greg was slowly changing, he realized he was being a dickhead. He wants to turn a new leaf and make it up to those he has wronged.

The ride to Cisco’s company was short for him since his heart was pounding fast throughout the drive.

“I am here,” Octavia assured him when and saw how nervous he was.

“Thanks,” he appreciated and peck her forehead, they stepped out of the car and informed the receptionist who they wanted to see.

She placed a call to April, Cisco’s secretary and she gave the order to send then in

“You may go in,” The receptionist informed and they smiled at her before leaving.

Greg kept tapping his feet on the ground due to how nervous he was, but thanks to Octavia who held his hand throughout.

“Good morning, we are here to see Francisco,” Octavia said to April with a smile.

“He is in his office,” she replied with the same enthusiasm. Greg flashed her a smile before they walked into Cisco’s office.

“Give these files to…” Cisco trailed off as his eyes met with that of his big brother, Greg stared at Chloe pretending to be surprised.

Chloe did the same while Octavia watched confused, she knew Chloe and she thought she was dead just like everyone.

But, she is standing healthy in her brother-in-law’s office, how come she is alive? Was the question that popped up repeatedly in her head.

“Gregory,” Chloe called startled. “Chloe, you… You are alive,” Greg stuttered, the fact that he was nervous about Cisco’s reaction to his sudden apology helped his action

“Yeah,” Chloe replied with a smile. “What brings you here?” Cisco asked.

“Umm… I….” Greg stuttered while Octavia smiled at Cisco.

“Can she excuse us,” Octavia requested with her gaze on Chloe, Chloe furrowed her brows angrily?

“Give this to April and fetch coffee for my guests,” Cisco said handling a document over to her

She took it reluctantly before leaving, Cisco turned to Greg after she was gone.

“So, what brings you here?” He asked. “Greg has something to tell you,” Octavia replied and motioned for Greg to go on.

“I am sorry, little brother,” Greg apologized with his head bowed.

Cisco was amazed, that was the least of his expectations. He sat motionless while the couple waited anxiously for his response.

“Francisco,” Greg called but he was still not moving. “Say something, your silence is killing me,” he added.

Greg sighed when no reaction was got from him. “I understand if you don’t want to forgive me, I did and said lots of horrible things to you. I am willing to wait, I will wait until you are willing to forgive me.”

Cisco smiled softly and asked, “Why are you doing this?”

“Huh?” Greg raised his brow confused. “You just apologized, why are you apologizing? I…. I don’t understand,” he uttered.

“This is so confusing, I know but I need you to trust me,” Greg replied.

“It has been six years Greg, you ignored and made hate myself for six years,” he shook his head sideways. “You apologizing is just sudden.”

“I know but it’s better late than never, I know it is hard for you to believe me but I am a changed person and I regret all I did. I want things to go back to the way they were,” Greg said and the door opened.

Chloe walked in with a tray, she placed it on the table and placed the two cups in front of Greg and Octavia respectively.

“Thanks,” Greg appreciated. “You are welcome,” she smiled at him

“We are cool bro, I never hated you,” Cisco blurted and Greg’s eyes widened. “Thank you so much, I really appreciate it,” Greg smiled.

“I am happy this day is finally here!” Octavia literally screamed as she watched the brothers smile at each other.
T. B. C


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