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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service




“Wanna show me around? Well that is if you are less busy,” Greg said and Adrian stood up from his swivel chair.

“Never busy for a family,” Cisco replied and Greg smiled.

“I will wait here,” Octavia informed them as they walked out of the office, Chloe was still standing in the office while Octavia ignored her.

“So, how long have you known about Chloe?” Greg asked as they strolled side by side.

“Long enough,” he answered. “Why is she working here? Don’t you think it’s improper or something?” Greg asked.

“What are you insinuating?” Cisco asked and stopped with his hands in his pocket. “Are you jealous?” He threw the question at him and his eyes widened

“Jealous?” Greg repeated with widened eyes. “Why would I be jealous?” He wondered.

“Because we both loved her in the past, now she is working for me. I understand if you are jealous, but I don’t your wife will,” Cisco said and they laughed shortly.

“I am not jealous, I have Octavia and I love her, Chloe Is in my past,” he mumbled and Cisco nodded.

“I am guessing your insomnia Is cured,” Greg said and Cisco’s mind drifted to Thea.

He recalled their harsh breakup the previous night, he couldn’t sleep throughout the night because he was worried.

She would be with Mavis but her heart is gonna be shattered in million pieces, he sighed.

“Yeah,” Cisco answered. “What about your girlfriend?” Greg asked.

Knowing he was talking about Allison, Cisco replied, “Allison and I broke up.”

“Does dad know?” Shocked Greg inquired. He knew Cisco was dating Thea but he thought he has issues with Allison.

“Not yet, but he will soon,” he replied. “He won’t take things lightly,” Greg mumbled.

“Yeah, but it’s my life. It’s time I start living it for myself,” Cisco stated and Greg nodded.

Back in the office, Chloe was restless because she was curious to know what they were talking about.

“Chloe, right?” Octavia asked bringing her back to consciousness. “Yes,” Chloe forced a smile

“What is your relationship with your brother-in-law?” Octavia asked and she smirked.

“Why are you curious about that?” Chloe questioned back.

Octavia who never liked her replied rudely, “Didn’t your mama tell you it is wrong to reply to questions with questions?”

“What?!” Chloe’s eyes widened.

“You ruined his life once, and I am sure you will repeat it but guess what I will stop you,” Octavia stated with a straight face while Chloe frowned, why is she threatening her when they just met?

As if Octavia read her thoughts she smiled, “It is not a threat darling, it’s a warning.”

“Ladies,” Cisco called as he and Greg walked into the office with a smile.

“You are back,” Octavia said with a smile as she stood up.

“Yeah, little bro here needs to get back to work,” Greg said and Cisco laughed. “Why don’t we have a family dinner tonight?” Octavia suggested.

“Yeah, at our parent’s place,” Cisco agreed and turned to Greg. “We should make our relationship known.”

“I like the sound of that,” Greg nodded in agreement.

“See you tonight,” Cisco hugged Greg and then Octavia before they left.

Cisco turned around with a smile and found Chloe staring into space. “Are alright?” He asked.

But got no answer, Chloe was lost in thought. “Chloe!” He called aloud and she flinched.

“Y… Yes,” she stuttered battling her lashes. “Are you alright?” He asked.

“Yes, I was just thinking about something,” she replied. “About what exactly?” He asked and lose the button of his suit before sitting on the couch.

“You,” she blurted and he raised a head at her. “Not in that way,” she said understanding his looks.

“Then in what way?” He asked. “You know, you and your girlfriend,” she said walking closer.

“Ex-girlfriend,” he corrected and she smiled secretly. “Sorry, why did you do that? From what I noticed the past weeks you love her even more than you loved me,” she smiled.

“I don’t understand why you suddenly let go of her,” she said and stared into his eyes as she waited patiently for an answer, she sat on the couch opposite him.

“I just stopped loving her, feelings changed,” he replied simply. “Is there someone else?” She asked but was graced with silence.

She chuckled since the silence made her feel stupid, “You don’t have to answer, I am a nobody,” she muttered and stood up.

“What if there is?” Cisco asked and she stopped. “What if I broke up with her to be with someone else? Will that make me a horrible person?” He asked with guilt.

“No, that only makes you human,” Chloe replied with an assuring smile, and April walked in.

“Sir,” she called and noticed the tension in the air. “I will come back,” she added but Cisco stopped him.

“What is it?”

“There is a proposal that needs your signature and you have a lunch meeting at K restaurant with Mr. Goodfrey.”

“Okay,” he replied and gestured for her to leave.

“I will help you get ready,” Chloe said and left too.


Thea sat by the window staring at the quiet street, she was lost in thoughts or should I say memories.

She kept thinking about all she and Cisco shared, the love, care, and all but it is all gone.

It went down the drain within a blink of an eye, she wished she could turn the hands of time.

Allison is in the kitchen baking cake, and Thea has refused to talk about what happened.

She has been quiet and it was killing Allison, she wanted to help but she didn’t know how.

“Miss Thea, Miss Allison asked if you would like a cup of tea,” Jonny said and she forced a smile.

“Thanks but I am fine,” she replied. “Okay,” he muttered and turn to leave but the doorbell rang so he went to get it.

“Good afternoon, ma’am,” Jonny greeted Mavis, Allison contacted Mavis when Thea would not talk to her.

“Is your boss in?” Mavis asked and Jonny nodded, he stepped out of the way for Mavis to walk in.

“Mavis, what are you do…?” The rest were uttered in her mind as Mavis pulled her into a bone-crushing hug.

“How did you know I was here?” She inquired. “Allison called me,” Mavis replied and Thea raised her head to see Victor.

“He is here too?” She asked and Mavis let go of her. “Are you guys back together?” Thea asked.

“No, never,” Mavis denied immediately. “I am going to kill Francisco kings,” Mavis uttered in rage.

“Don’t do that,” Thea cautioned her with a sad smile. “Why not? How dare he break your heart when it was your first love, I feel like murdering him and that sister of yours,” Mavis turned to Victor. “Should be skinned alive.”

“Allison gave you the details, I guess,” Thea mumbled and Allison walked out of the kitchen with flour in her hair.

“Yeah, I can’t let you commit suicide in my house,” she joked but kept a straight face.

“I never knew you had some good in you,” Mavis said turning to face Allison.

“I don’t,” she replied. “Why are you wearing an Apron? Are you cooking?” Mavis asked

“Yes, I am baking,” she answered. “Celebrities know how to bake?” Victor chuckled.

“Who is this handsome dude?” Allison asked. “He is yours,” Mavis replied and sat on the armchair near Cisco.

“I am nobody’s property,” Victor blurted. “He is kidding,” Mavis said and Victor shook his head sideways in disbelief.

“Aren’t you supposed to be at work?” Thea asked Mavis. “Yeah, but my best friend is important. Why didn’t you call me? What was your plan?” Mavis queried.

“I didn’t want you to worry, I needed Allison’s help,” she replied. “You need my help? How?” Allison asked

“I need a job, mom will be out of the hospital soon, I need a job and an apartment,” she informed her.

“I can help with that too,” Mavis pouted. “I know but it will be a burden, you have lots of things to deal with I don’t wanna add to your problems,” she replied and Allison felt like tearing up.

That was the first time she will witness a strong friendship and she wished she had something like it.

“I will help in the best way I can,” Allison assured. “Thanks,” Mavis appreciated.

“I will help too,” Victor said and Mavis gave him a strange look. “Come on,” he widened his arm and Mavis stared away.

“Cake Is done ma’am,” a maid reported. “Bring it to the dining table,” Allison said and Mavis dragged Thea to the dining table.

The cake and juice were placed on the table and Thea watched as they all feasted on It.

She smiled weakly as she remembered she was keeping a secret from them.

“There is something you guys need to know,” Thea said and they all turned to her.

“I… I am pregnant,” she blurted and Mavis dropped the spoon while Allison’s jaw dropped.
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