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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service





Everyone was dumbfounded, the room was silent. Mavis blinked repeatedly as she tried to fathom what going on.

“Someone says something, you all make it feel like I have grown horns,” Thea uttered with a nervous chuckle.

“Congratulations,” Victor said and Thea smiled at him while Mavis glared.

“I am going to murder Francisco king,” Mavis said.

“He doesn’t know,” Thea cut in. “What?” Allison and Mavis gasped.

“I wanted to tell him but I couldn’t,” she replied. “Wait, how long have you known?” Allison asked.

“About a week now,” she replied. “Why didn’t you tell him? Did you have a plan of being a single mom?” Mavis questioned.

“No, but now I am going to be one,” she replied with a sad smile. “It’s won’t be easy, being pregnant and working,” Allison said.

“I will manage,” Thea replied. “I think you should tell Cisco, he is going to take responsibility,” Victor suggested.

“No, she is not doing that I won’t let her, we are going to keep the baby away from that monster,” Mavis protested.

“He is not a monster, he might have broken my heart but he is still my baby’s father,” Thea defend him and Mavis stared at her with her widened eyes.

“What are you going to tell your child when he or she asks about him? How will you work with your baby bump?” Allison asked as she remembered how hard it was for her.

“Or what will you tell aunt?” Mavis added.

“I will figure it out, I am sure I can work with my baby bump. I can handle it,” she smiled.

“It won’t be easy Thea,” Allison stated worriedly. “Thea is strong, it will be easy peasy,” Mavis said as she caresses Thea’s hand.

“No, it won’t be,” Allison disagreed. “Why do you keep thinking the worst, have ever been in her condition?” Mavis asked

“Yes, and which is why I can tell how hard it’s going to be,” she answered.

“You had a child?” Mavis asked finding her hard to believe.

“Yeah, she did,” Thea answered.


Octavia sat beside Flora on Flora’s bed, her legs on Octavia’s lap as she helped her wear her shoe.

“Is something happening tonight? Are you gonna make an announcement?” Askes curious Flora who couldn’t help but notice the blush on her mother’s face every second.

“Why do you ask?” Octavia questioned back and poke her nose.

“Your cheeks are all red and it is unusual to have dinner at grandparents’ house, so I am guessing we are celebrating something or about to celebrate,” she answered intelligently and her mother smiled.

She was right, it was a special occasion. The two brothers reconciled after years of enmity, isn’t it worth celebrating?

But, she was not going to tell her not yet, it would be a surprise package.

“We are celebrating nothing, princess,” Octavia replied. “Why do I find that hard to believe?” She asked and Octavia pocked her nose.

“You asked too many questions.”

“It is normal to be curious mom,” she replied as she sat up, Octavia was done with her shoe.

“What happens to the curious cat?” Octavia inquired. “Not all curious cat dies mom, some get answers,” she replied.

“See you outside,” Octavia pecked her cheek before leaving her room.

“It won’t kill you to tell me what’s going on!” She yells.

“Hey,” Greg held Octavia’s waist and peck her cheeks. “I will just get my purse,” she said and rushed into the room.

It was scary and exciting, Greg has become more romantic and as much as she prayed it to continue she didn’t want to get used to his new side.

Change is constant and she wouldn’t want to get hurt when it happens, Octavia checked herself out in the mirror again before going out to meet her family.

“You are just as mean as a mum,” Octavia heard Flora accuse Greg, it seems like she demanded to know the purpose of the dinner but he didn’t tell her.

The little girl was dying of curiosity, Octavia walked past them with a smile.

“See you later Naomi,” Greg bade her farewell while Flora reluctantly followed


The same night in Cisco’s house, he was getting dressed in his room while Chloe worked in his living room downstairs.

She claimed the work was too much to be done within the working hours so she followed him home.

Cisco checked something on his phone as he walked down the stairs, Chloe was busy trying to solve some data.

“Are you done?” Cisco’s handsome voice made her raise her head, she smiled at the handsome guy in front of him.

She swallowed hard as she wished she could touch him, she wanted to jump on him and kiss him crazily.

He was too hot to resist, her hands unconsciously moved up intending to touch his face though he was standing far from her.

“Chloe!” He shouted her name and she snapped back to consciousness.

“Are you alright?” He asked. “Yeah, I am fine,” she replied embarrassed, she hates herself at that moment for not being able to control herself.

“I asked if you are done,” he repeated his question and she glanced at the documents, she was almost done in less than ten minutes she will be but she doesn’t want to leave this handsome guy.

“No,” she replied sadly. “I’m afraid you will have to finish everything in your house,” he said and her eyes widened.

Her house? She doesn’t want to go home, she won’t be able to get any sleep without him by her side.

“I can’t do that,” she blurted. “Why?” Cisco inquired.

“You know… My house will be a distraction. I have to stay here,” she answered.

“Oh,” that was all Cisco muttered, he went back upstairs and after a few minutes, he was back.

“I am leaving for the dinner party, and I can’t let you stay in the house all alone,” he started.

“No…. It’s fine, don’t worry about me, I will just work and when I am done I will go home,” she said.

“You can leave that,” he motioned at the document. “Uh, you want me to leave this?” She asked to be sure she heard him.

“Yeah, come to the dinner party with me,” he said and her eyes widened, her dream just came through.

That night is no doubt going to be the best in five years, she is going with him to have dinner with his family.

“But if you want to finish this you can stay,”

“Stay? I don’t wanna stay,” she cut in and he raised his eyebrows at her, she faked a smile. “What I meant was I will come with you.”

“Okay,” he replied simply and walked towards a table, he picked up his car keys and turn to her.

“Let’s go,” he said and she stood up with a smile, they walked out of the mansion and to the car.

The ride was quiet because it seemed Cisco has a lot on his mind, he kept a straight face and gave no reply when Chloe tried to start a conversation.

She almost regret going with him, she missed the old days. He noticed her without her trying to get his attention, she never stopped loving him if that horrible incident had not happened they would have been married.

“My dad might be annoying, just ignore him,” Cisco told Chloe who nodded Immediately.

She has been waiting for him to speak to her anyways, they stepped out of the car and walked into the house.

Greg was chatting with Mrs. Kings while Octavia helped in setting the table and Flora was with Vin, Mr. Kings was in the room.

Greg informed him of the development between him and Cisco, he was happy at the same time sad.

He tried to reach Allison but she was not picking up his calls, he sent her messages but none was read let alone reply.

“Uncle Cisco?” Flora called more like a question as Cisco walked in with Chloe behind him.

“Why is she here?” Vin mumbled but Flora heard him so she decided to help.

“Who is she? Are you getting married? Is that the big thing?” She asked at a time.

“Calm down my love, she is just a friend,” Cisco replied as they got closer, Chloe was hurt by his reply but she hid it behind a smile.

“Is that the new way of saying HI?” Cisco asked and she rushed into Cisco’s open arm.

“You smell nice, remind me to steal this perfume the next time I visit you,” she said and Cisco laughed.

“Hi, I am Chloe,” Chloe introduced herself with a smile.

“So, we are having dinner together,” Flora said as they walked towards the couch.

“Did she just ignore me?” Chloe scoffed inaudibly. “Mom,” Greg excused himself and walked towards Cisco.

“Francisco,” he called with a smile and they hugged.

“My eyes are seeing things,” Flora mumbled and rubbed her eyes.
T. B. C


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