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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service





Thea and Cisco has been in the room for two hours, Thea was exhausted and ended up dozing off.

Cisco knew the sleeping position was not comfortable for her, but he was scared of her getting mad at him so he just watched.

It has been twenty minutes and she has not woken up, Cisco summon up and went to sit beside her. He rested her head on his shoulder and she slept peacefully.

He smiled when he saw the satisfaction on her face, the new position was more comfortable.

‘What happened to us? I try to understand how we ended up like this but it’s just too hard to figure out,’ he thought as he took her hand and caress it softly.

‘When all was lost, I had you. When life felt like hell you made it heaven. You were the only person who understood me, but I… I pushed you away due to my stupidity. I am stupid, I am an idiot, I have done nothing to deserve your love and I won’t force you to love me. However, I will keep loving you and hopefully one day in the future I will rekindle your love for me. I will fight for us, I will do everything for you and Davis. I promise,’ he pecked her hand and a tear slipped out from her face.

“I am sorry Thea,” he uttered with an apologetic expression, Cisco rested his head on the wall while Thea enjoyed her sleep.

After fifteen more minutes, the door was opened and a guy walked in with a box, he was there to keep files.

Cisco smiled and tapped Thea repeatedly, she groaned as she opened her eyes.

“The door is opened,” Cisco informed her and like magic, she snapped her eyes open.

“The door!’ She screamed and the guy noticed them, he turned in their direction and his jaw dropped.

“Miss Robert, oh, mine Mr. Charles has turned the company upside down in search of you,” the guy blurted and Thea sprang up.

“That was a joke… Right?” Thea asked in fear, she knew Mr. Charles was going to notice her absence and was expecting the worst but it is kind of scary now that the worst is here.

Cisco stood up too and turned to nervous-looking Thea, “Is it your boss? The same boss I met with two years ago?” He asked.

“Yeah, why are you asking?” She questioned back. “It is kind of my fault that you were stuck here, so I think it will be better if I speak to him,” he suggested

“It is not kind of,” she corrected him. “It is your fault, but I won’t let you take responsibility or I will be indebted to you.”

She turned to the guy who just stood there enjoying the view, it’s not every day you get to see a couple of fight.

“fights is Mr. Charles?” She inquired. “Pardon,” the guy was caught unaware.

“Oh, this way,” the guy led the way and Thea followed not glancing at Cisco, she was mad at him.

She was clueless about why she is so filled with rage, but she just want him out of his life. Maybe his life is too complicated for her likeness.

“I am sorry, Thea but I won’t stay away,” he muttered and walked out of the room, he walked straight to the elevator and brought out his phone.

He had his phone with him, he lied because he wanted to spend more time with her. He was happy he lied, though she is mad.

His time with her was amazing, he checked his call logs and discovered he has five missed calls from his mom, seven from Chloe, and one from the businessmen he was with earlier.

“Shít,” he curses when he remembered he was in a meeting, it has been three hours. They must have left and that is going to cost his family billions.

Cisco ran out of the elevator and was overwhelmed when he sighted them still sited in the exact spot he left them.

The urge to run towards them overridden him but he kept his cool and strolled towards them with one of his hands in his pocket.

“Gentleman,” he smiled at them and they returned the warm smile which made him breathe in relief.

“I hope you have decided,” he uttered as he sat in his previous sit. The businessmen glanced at each other with a smile and nodded.

“Thanks to you, we had enough time to make a decision and ao reread the contract, we understand the benefits and disadvantages of working with you,” he paused and made eye contact with his colleagues who urged him to go on.

Whereas, Cisco was nervous. The look and statement told him the same thing, he is going to turn down the offer.

“We have decided to work with you!” The guy blurted while Cisco stared with a blank expression first, he never expected them to work with him.

He stood them up, he was the worst CEO a few hours ago. “You are partnering with us,” he asked to be sure and they nodded.

“Thank you, I appreciate your courage and I assure you this is going to be the best decision of your life,” he assured and they shook hands.

“Do you have the contract here with you or we drive down to your company tomorrow?” The other man asked.

“I have it, just make sure you have a pen,” he joked and they laughed, they signed the deal and he shook hands with them.

Cisco escorted them to their car, he smiled childishly after they left. “Today is the best day of my life,” he danced.

He suddenly stopped and his expression was sour, he remembered Thea was in trouble with the CEO.

“Is she alright?” He wondered with a guilty heart


They stood in front of Mr. Charles’s desk, while Mr. Charles faces the window getting a good few of the city.

“Aren’t you going to say something?” They asked, she explained herself immediately after she entered his office but he has not said a word.

“It is fine to scold me, suspend me and spank me if necessary but don’t fire me,” she pleaded.

She still got no response from him, she sighed, “I will assume I am suspended,” she concluded.

“Just tell me for how long and I will be out of this room,” she assured with a fake smile, she doesn’t want to be suspended. She just wants to be scolded.

“Why shouldn’t I…” He turned to face her and she wondered nervously what he was going to say. “Why shouldn’t I fire you?”

“Why will you choose to fire me of all the options?” She rolled her eyes but it was oblivious to Mr. Charles.

“Why do you want to fire me?” She asked out loud. “Because it is the easiest option for me,” he replied and sat on his chair.

“Don’t be like that, show a little Mercy. I have my mom and son to take care of,” she gave him a pleading eye.

“Take your son to the orphanage and your mom to the elder’s home. They will care for them freely,” he suggested and Thea murdered him with her eyes.

“Why do you have to be so hard to deal with?” She mumbled. “I am not hard to deal with but you are,” he replied.

“Just have mercy, Mr. Charles. This once, I promise to be good after this,” she assured with her palm glued together

“And if you are not?” He inquired with a smirk. “Umm… I… You…” She stuttered.

“I can…” He waited for her to finish his sentence, he was the cruel man he is making her dig her grave.

She shut her eyes tightly and summoned up the courage in her. “Fire me,” she blurted.

“Why should I fire you?” He asked. “If I repeat the same mistake or worse, don’t hesitate to fire me,” she responded.

“Good, you are suspended for two weeks,” he ordered and she nodded, she walked out of his office feeling like a ghost.

Why does he have to force her to make such decisions, why can’t he be nice for a minute?

She is going to clear her desk the next time she makes a mistake, it would be useless begging him.

She walked into her office with a gloomy face and met Cisco sited on her chair, she frowned deeply.

“Why are you here? Don’t you know you are the last person I want to see?” She asked as she stood by the door.

“I am sorry Thea,” he apologized. “Yeah, that is what you say after messing things up. But guess what, your sorry means nothing!” She retorted.

“I know you don’t love me and you hate me but I will not give up on you,” he stated and she felt tears prick her eyes.

She blinked her eyes repeatedly, why should she cry for this punk he does not deserve it.
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