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🔥Love Can’t Be Bought)

By : Kebby NG Media Service




Vincent was sited on a bench, not too close to the sidewalk. He sighed and stared at his phone, he was waiting for Thea’s call.
He has been calling her number for a while but she hasn’t been picking up, he stood up with his hand in his pocket.
“Why aren’t you picking up my calls Thea?” He mumbled as he stared at the running cars, he turned back to sit on the bench but a girl bumped into him so hard that they both fell on the floor.
Vin’s head happened to hit the bench as he was falling. “Ouch,” the lady moan in pain while Vin struggled to stand up.
“Are you alright?” The lady asked still on him. “Maybe I will feel better if you get off me,” he groaned and she stood up in a rush.
“My apologies,” she bowed slightly, Vin sat on the bench with his hand on his head. He was in pain, he closed his eyes as he silently moan in pain.
“I am sorry,” the lady apologized and sat beside him. “Can I see it? Where does it hurt?” He inquired worriedly.
“My head, obviously,” he raised his voice slightly at her, he was in severe pain but she was not helping by inquiring about useless stuff.
“Sorry, let me see it,” she urged. “And what?!” He snapped and the lady was stunned, she was wrong for bumping and hurting him no doubt but he should be nice. It was not intentionally
“I just want to help,” she muttered. “I don’t need it,” he replied sbd stood up, checked his phone, and smiled that it was in his pocket.
He would have murdered him if his phone got scratched, Vin held his head in pain. The pain was nearly unbearable for him.
“It would be great if you stopped by a clinic, you could have broken bones for all we know!” The girl screamed after him but he simply rolled his eyes.
“What am I going to do? I can’t walk with this, it is going to take about twenty more minutes before I get to my car,” he mumbled as he dragged his feet along the sidewalk.
“This is annoying,” he muttered, he walked to his car and his happiness knew no bounds when he saw a pharmacy.
He rushed towards it and hurriedly into state his complaint. “Good evening, sir,” the lady greeted with a smile.
“Evening, I hurt my head,” he turned his back to face her, and she leaned closer and examine it. “Oh, there is a slight cut, please come with me,” the lady walked him to another part of the pharmacy
He was sitting still while the Lady treated his wound, he hissed silently in pain until the lady was done
A bandage was wrapped around his head and he was given some pain relievers, he appreciated the lady and left the pharmacy after paying.
“That looks good on you,” the lady who had bumped into him earlier laughed. “What?” He inquired with a frown.
“The bandage suits you,” she replied. “Is that all you have to say after almost breaking my head?!” He questioned.
“I apologized but you shunned me, I thought this would be better,” she replied. “I didn’t mean to hurt you.”
“Did you follow me?” He questioned. “Yeah, I felt guilty and you dying on my watch is the last thing I want,” she replied.
“Did you follow me to make sure I was okay or to mock me?” He asked walking closer to her
“I had no plan of mocking you but you are such a cocky guy, I apologized but you are still mad at me. I don’t understand what more you expect me to do, take you to the hospital?” She asked and he scoffed
“Well, I want to do that but you won’t let me,” she replied. “You are annoying, now step away from my car,” he ordered.
“Your car? This is your car?” She pointed at the car with her eyes widened in bewilderment.
“Yeah, I have somewhere better to be,” he said and pushed her slightly away from the car, the girl watched him drive away.
“No wonder he’s got some ego, he is rich,” she mumbled and scoffed. “What if he is rich? He is still annoying, or did he dislocate his brain when he fell?” She wondered as she walked away.
Vin stopped in front of the broadcasting company, he was about to step out of the car when he sighted Cisco speaking to Thea.
“Why is he here?” He questioned no one as he burned in fury, he wanted to step out of the car and drag her away from him but that would lead to unnecessary questions.
Thea nodded at what he said and got into her car, he helped her close the door and stepped away. Cisco had a smiling face as he watched her drive away, Vib diverted his gaze from the car to Cisco.
“Are they back together? Why is he smiling?” Vin wondered as he watched Cisco get in his car too and he drove away.
Vin sighed and drove after Thea, he overtake her on the road and she had to step down.
“Is he blind?” Thea wondered as she walked towards the car. “Hey,” she said and Vin stepped out of the car.
“Vin,” she called surprisingly. “Why did you do that?” She questioned but he gave no reply, he marched towards her and pulled her into a kiss.
Thea was surprised she tried to free herself from his grip but he was too strong, the more she tried to push him away the stronger he held her.
He stopped kissing her and her palm made a contact with his cheek. “What was that?!” She queried in rage.
“Why would you kiss me? Have you lost it? Huh?” She questioned angrily. “Why can’t I kiss you? Why can’t I hold you? Why does it have to be him all the time? Why can’t you notice me too!?!” He cried.
Thea was stunned, she took slow steps backward. Why is he suddenly blurting nonsense? Did he get his heart broken?
“Why can’t you consider my feelings too? I love you, Thea, I love you so much but I hide the truth because I don’t want to burden you with my confession,” he cried and she felt sorry for him.
“I consider you and always prioritize you while you always treat me like a pile of garbage!”
“I am sorry,” Thea felt tears in her eyes too, she was clueless that he still loved her. She would have been careful if she knew but she was clueless.
“Sorry? Do you think sorry is going to cut it? I want you, Thea! I want you to love and smile at me just like you do for him, he has hurt you repeatedly yet you still have a place in your heart for him. Why is he different? What makes him different? Answer me!” He roared and she flinched.
She has never seen him that angry, his heart is broken and it is her fault. “Vin,” she called with slow steps closer to him.
“I don’t want to hurt you, but you keep hurting me,” he walked back to his car and drove away furiously.
“What have you done Thea?” She mumbled as she watched the car.
She got into her car too and drive home, she was exhausted when she got home
She was physically and emotionally down, all she wanted was to have her bath and sleep.
She is going to talk about the suspension tomorrow, her mom is going to scold her and that is not going to help because she is hurt as it is.
“Why do you look gloomy?” Allison questioned as she walked into the living room.
“A rough day,” she replied. “Good evening mom,” she greeted Mrs. Robert who was watching the TV.
“Eat something you look famished,” Mrs. Robert suggested. “Yeah,” she mumbled.
Allison served her and she ate quietly, she couldn’t get her mind off the brothers. Why has she gotten herself into trouble?
“Vin dropped by today,” Allison informed and Thea dropped the spoon.
Vin was sited in a bar, he has not placed an order, he stared at others instead.
His head was hurting a lot and he guessed it is because he cried, he was hoping Thea would call to find out if he was okay but he checked his phone numerous times no call came through.
“I really mean nothing to her, it was in at first and it will always be him,” he mumbled and signaled at the bartender to come closer.
“Tequila, a bottle,” he informed. “I thought you weren’t going to drink,” the bartender said as she turned to get his order.
“But, is it alright for you to drink with an injured head?” She asked and dropped his order, he got to see her face and he frowned.
T. B. C

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