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By : Kebby NG Media Service




Back in the house, Flora stared outside worriedly, Sol walked out of the kitchen with a glass of juice.
“They are not back?” Sol asked and Flora nodded. “What could be taking them so long?” He wondered as he walked close to Flora with a glass of juice.
“Here,” he offered her the juice. “I have a feeling something is wrong, it has been eighteen minutes. The ice cream parlor is nine minute’s walk, they should have been back nine minutes ago,” Flora stated worriedly
“You worry too much, those three can be playful,” he joked but Flora was still not convinced they were playing.
“We should go and look for them,” Flora suggested and dropped the glass of juice.
“I don’t think that is necessary, they will be back soon,” Sol insisted. “Who went out?” Nora asked walking closer to them.
“No one,” Sol replied with a smile, he wanted to spend time with Flora going out in search of Nathan, Mitchell, and Davis was the last thing he want.
“Where are Davis, Mitchell, and Nathan?” Nora questioned. “They went to get ice cream nanny Nora,” Flora replied walking away from the window.
“They should be back by now, I have a feeling something is wrong,” Flora added looking worried.
“Flora! Flora!!” Nathan yell as he ran towards the mansion. “They are back,” Sol smiled.
“What took you so long?” Flora queried, she furrowed her brow when she discovered Nathan was alone.
“Why are you alone? Where are Michelle and Davis?” Flora questioned.
“Davis was hit by a car, he was taken to the hospital,” Nathan narrated breathing heavily.
“What?! hospital?!” Nora freaked. “Which hospital was it?” Flora asked
“I don’t know,” Nathan replied. “This is my fault,” Sol mumbled guiltily
“I will call ma’am Thea,” Nora said and rushed to the table.
“Come here,” Flora signaled Nathan to move closer, she hugged him while he tries to catch his breath.
Vin stepped out of his car and walked into a building, he stopped at the lobby and dialed a number.
“Are you here?” A feminine voice asked. “Yes,” Vin replied.
“Where are you,” the lady inquired, Vin turned around and sighted her.
“I can see you,” he said and watched the lady turn in a circle in search of him. “Where are you?”
“Ciara,” Vin called with a smile and the girl turned in his direction, she waved at him before walking elegantly towards him.
She is the girl from eight years ago, they became friends and now they are a couple.
“You are five minutes late,” Ciara pouted. “Sorry,” he pecks her lips.
Vin made her quit her work as a bartender, he wasn’t comfortable with her working in a bar.
He secured a job for her at Cisco’s company and he has a job too.
“Shall we?” He gestured at the door. “Sure,” she laughed.
He has been the sweetest boyfriend ever, It was hard letting go of Thea. However, he did it. He moved on and he fell in love with the loveliest woman in the universe.
Vin’s phone rang and he checked it screen to find his mom’s name. “Mom,” he called.
“Davis got into an accident, he is in the hospital at the moment,” Mrs. King informed him.
“Which hospital? Text me the address, I will meet you there,” he replied and hang up.
“Is something wrong?” Ciara asked as she noticed the uneasy expression he had.
“Davis got into an accident,” he replied. “Is he alright?” She inquired worriedly.
“I don’t know, I will have to go to the hospital,” he replied. “Let’s go together,” she suggested.
“Are you sure? You had a long day, don’t you think you should go home?” He suggested
“I am fine, let’s visit your nephew together,” she replied. “I love you,” he winked at her.
“Love you more,” she replied and they walked out of the building together.
Thea rushed into the hospital with Allison and dashed to the nurse station. “A boy was brought here, nine years of age he was hit by a car,” Thea reported breathing heavily.
“He is still in surgery,” the nurse informed after going through the chat. “Where is the surgery room?” Thea asked.
“What’s your relation to the patient?” The nurse asked. “I am his mother,” she answered.
“On the fourth floor, by your right” she replied. “Thanks,” Thea appreciated before rushing to the elevator.
Thea found Chloe sitting with Mitchell while Cisco paced around the room.
“Aunt Thea,” Mitchell called practically sobbing, she was covered in blood. Cisco and Chloe turned in her direction, she took slow steps closer and her lips tremble.
“How long has he been in there?!” Thea questioned. “Forty minutes,” Cisco answered.
“Is he alright?” Thea inquired. “We don’t know, the doctors are yet to come out,” he replied.
“You should sit Aunt Thea,” Mitchell suggested. “I will be fine,” Thea replied.
About five minutes later, three nurses and two doctors walked out of the operating room.
Thea rushed to the stretcher and held his hand, she pecked it and tears rushed out of his eyes.
“Davis, can you hear mommy? My son open your eyes,” Thea called but he was still unconscious
“He is unconscious,” one of the doctors informed. “He is stable, right?” Michelle asked in a shaky voice as she walked closer.
“Yes dear,” a nurse replied and she nodded with tears falling out of her eyes.
“You are going to fall sick at this rate, he is fine you heard them,” Chloe said wiping her face.
“But,” the doctor said and Thea raised a brow at him. “But what?” She questioned.
“He lost lots of blood, we need a donor,” he replied. “I will donate,” Cisco and Thea uttered in unison.
“Both of you should follow me, we will run a test to find a match,” one of the nurses said and led the way.
“Can I stay with him?” Mitchell asked the doctor and he nodded with a smile, she, Allison, and Chloe followed Davis to a private ward.
“Mitchell, you should head home. You need to change your blood soak dress,” Chloe suggested but she ignored her.
“Dear, I understand that you are worried but it will be best if you come with me,” she tried to drag her but Mitchell freed her arm from Chloe’s grip.
“I am fine mom,” she replied coldly, she didn’t care how ruined her dress is all she wanted was for her brother to be fine.
Flora, Sol, Nathan, Mrs. Robert, and the kings walked in about fifteen minutes later.
“Grandma,” Mitchell ran into Mrs. King’s arm. “Oh, dear look at you,” She cupped her cheeks.
“My brother is badly hurt,” she cried. “He is going to be fine,” Mrs. King replied.
“You should go home and wash up,” Mrs. Robert suggested. “Yes, Grandma Robert,” she answer and Mrs. King took her out of the room.
Chloe frowned deeply, she has been trying to make her leave but she wouldn’t listen.
“Excuse me,” Chloe left the room too. “Mitchell,” Chloe called and they stopped.
“I will take care of her,” she held her hand, Mrs. King glanced at Mitchell and nodded.
“Stop crying,” Mrs. King wiped Mitchell’s face before heading back to the ward.
“Mitchell,” Chloe called through gritted teeth. “Yes,” she responds.
“Why did you do that?” Chloe questioned. “Do what?” She questioned back confusedly.
“Don’t play innocent with me you know what I am talking about,” Chloe rolled her eyes
“I don’t understand you mom,” she replied. “Oh, you do. I am talking about your dress, why did you refuse to change it when I told you to?” She threw the question at her, Michell stared away as she had no answer to the question
“I am your mother Mitchell and you must always obey me, am I understood?” She asked and Mitchell nodded reluctantly.
Back in the room was Flora standing close to the bed, she looked lost as her heart hurt.
“I feel like this is my fault, I shouldn’t have let them go alone,” Flora muttered feeling remorseful. “It’s fine, dear no one knows when something bad will happen,” Octavia consoled.
“He is a strong boy, he will get up soon,” Sol joked and a tear slipped from his eye.
He wiped it immediately and forced a smile but he couldn’t help seeing Davis in such a position.
Thea and Cisco are both sited in the doctor’s office, the doctor asked to see them.
“Why isn’t he getting the blood yet?” Thea questioned the doctor as he sat on his swivel chair.
“Your son can’t get the blood because neither of you can donate,” the doctor stated.
Thea and Cisco glanced at each other as the doctors’ words were unclear to them.
“Why can’t we donate?” Thea questioned.
“Where are his parent?” The doctor asked. “We are his parent,” Cisco replied.
“Is he adopted?” He asked and Thea raised a brow. “What are you talking about? He isn’t, he is my flesh and blood,” Thea stated
“Neither of you is a match and that is only possible if you aren’t his biological parents,” The doctor blurted.
T. B. C


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